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Arla recovery fails to stop profit drop

Arla UK ended its three-year strategic plan with a three per cent drop in full year profits, after higher selling prices failed to save the dairy group from high input...

Arla expands in Finnish milk

Scandinavia's Arla Foods has bought nearly a third of Finnish dairy company Ingman Foods, as consolidation continues to run apace in the European dairy sector.

Europe's Arla eyes US dairy expansion

Arla Foods has indicated it will continue to expand aggressively on the US speciality cheese sector after a successful 2006, holding up European dairy firms' push for added value markets...

Arla sues Wiseman in UK price fixing dispute

Rows over dairy price fixing allegations in Scotland took another twist this week, after Arla Foods UK revealed it would sue rival Robert Wiseman to recoup lost revenue.

Arla Foods set to reel in UK subsidiary

Dairy firm Arla Foods Amba has entered into talks with its British subsidiary to buy out the remaining 49 per cent of the company it does not already own.

Ditching doorstep delivery prompts Arla revival

Arla Foods UK said it had seen a significant improvement during its second half, helped on by the sale of underperforming doorstep milk business to rival Dairy Crest.

Arla using cheese to conquer America

Americans are eating Danish havarti cheese faster than Arla Foods can make it for them, the firm has said, helping it to build a better foothold across the Atlantic.

Middle East boycott hits Arla profits

A boycott across the Middle East on dairy products made by Denmark's Arla Foods has hit the group's profits in the first of half of the year, it has announced.

Dairy Crest buys Arla's Express Dairies in UK

Dairy Crest has signed a deal to buy the doorstep milk delivery business of rival Arla Foods UK, claiming the prospect of cost savings outweighs falling demand in the sector.

Consumers snub Arla's Mini30 milk

Arla Foods is scrapping its lower calorie Mini30 milk in Denmark only six months after the product was launched, because consumers do not like the taste.

Arla re-starts cheese production for Middle East

Arla Foods has re-started cheese production for the Middle East dairy market, but warned the move did not represent significant progress in beating the boycott there.

Arla signs speciality cheese deal

Arla Foods has bought up speciality cheesemaker Tholstrup in its native Denmark, as the group looks to expand its cheese export business amid rising competition.

Arla, Danisco swallow Denmark's EU subsidies

International food giants Arla Foods and Danisco got more subsidies from the EU than anyone else in their native Denmark last year, says a new report, adding yet more controversy...

Arla UK under fire over milk price cuts

Arla UK announced it would make more controversial cuts to farmgate milk prices and fine producers for churning out too much milk, as cost pressures on the dairy industry intensify.

Boycott legacy hits Arla comeback

Uncertainty continues to hang over Arla Foods in its key Middle East dairy market, after it said sales there have been slow to recover from a region-wide boycott against its...

Arla UK sees red as costs soar

Soaring input costs have claimed Arla Foods UK as their latest victim in Britain's dairy industry, sending the group into the red for its first half.

Private label bites back at Arla milk brand

Arla UK's Cravendale milk brand has seen its strong growth stunted by cheaper, supermarket milk in recent weeks, reminding processors how easily private label could destabilise branded dairy growth in...

Arla chief adds to UK milk debate

The UK dairy industry could profit from a drop in milk production, said the chief executive of Arla UK on Tuesday, enabling the industry to add value and raise earnings...

Wiseman, Arla show UK dairy recovery

Early signs suggest a recovery on Britain's dairy market as both Arla Foods UK and Robert Wiseman halt the margin rot with brand development and price rises.

Arla dairy creeps back in Middle East

Arla Foods has said the boycott on its products in the key Middle East dairy market was slowly lifting, thanks to its dominance in certain areas of the Middle East...

Can Arla beat the boycott?

As Arla Foods begins on the long road to recovery in its Middle East dairy markets, delves into the nature of consumer boycotts and the effects they may have....

Arla says boycott losses to hit €53m

Arla Foods says a boycott on its dairy products in the Middle East will cost it at least €53m this year, as the firm tries to remain positive about the...

Arla signs organic milk deal with Lidl

Dairy group Arla Foods has signed an organic dairy supply deal with discount retailer Lidl, as big food firms increasingly move in on rising consumer demand for organic food.

Court fines Arla for abusing market position

A Danish court has fined Arla Foods €670,000 for abusing its dominant position on Denmark's dairy market, further jeopardizing the group's public image in the country.

Middle East recovery could take years, warns Arla

Arla Foods said its future on the key Middle East dairy market was in jeopardy, after the group stopped production for the area amid a widescale boycott on Danish products...

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