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Arla’s eyes remain on Europe following Dutch deal

As Arla Foods drives ahead with plans to bolster its operations in whey and finished dairy products, the group says its latest acquisition highlights wider interest in the markets of...

Arla finds partner to expand into US protein market

Arla Foods has announced plans to form a definitive partnership with a start-up company called Green Meadows Foods in the hope of capturing a leading share of the North American...

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Arla profits fall after 2008 disappointment

European cooperative Arla Foods said that the 2008 financial year ended was not satisfactory after it reported net profit was €46m below budget for the period as consumers look to...

Arla propels permeate, lactose development with new business unit

Arla Food Ingredients is sharpening its focus on the potential of permeates and lactose, with the establishment of a dedicated business unit to develop more products.

Arla faces farmer wrath over new year price chop

A leading European dairy cooperative has announced it will return prices paid to its farmer members to rates similar to before surging values recorded in mid-2007, risking further wrath from...

Arla aims for cost and taste ice cream protein potential

The ingredients arm of Scandinavia-based cooperative Arla Foods predicts there is further potential ahead for ice-cream innovation as it launches a new range of proteins it claims can reduce processor...

Arla introduces new generation of whey permeate

Arla is raising the bar on whey permeate functionality with a new range said to have flavour profile and low hygroscopy, attributes that will make it easier to use in...

Arla thinking functional in global reshuffle

Arla Foods says that innovation towards healthier products and ingredients combined with a major pushes for its whey protein operations will dominate the future direction of its European and global...

Arla, Fonterra sticking to scandal hit Chinese dairies

Two of the world’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of dairy goods have moved to play up their commitments in China as the legacy of the ongoing melamine scandal continues to...

Arla ready to pay price over organic milk needs

Cooperative Arla Foods says it is looking to increase the supply of milk from its member farmers to tackle growing concern over organic supply, particularly in its Swedish and Danish...

Arla adopts local focus on global consumer markets

Arla has announced a reorganisation of its consumer operations in eight markets including simplifying its business model in the Middle East, where a second boycott of its products is in...

Arla UK deal targets process push

European cooperative Arla Foods says it will form a new joint venture with its UK arm to step up investment in its processing operations within the country.

Arla beats Lactofree TV challenge in UK

Danish dairy and ingredients giant Arla Foods has defeated a challenge to the way it was marketing a lactose-free milk in the UK.

Arla's emissions pledge reflects dairy eco concerns

Arla Foods say it will aim to cut 25 per cent of its current green house gas (GHG) emissions from its entire production and distribution cycle by 2020, in line...

Arla counts the kroner after exceptional year for milk

Arla Foods has reported a sustained level of profit despite a turbulent year in the milk markets after treading a fine line between paying its members more for their milk...

New briefs: Dean Foods, Arla and kosher cheese

This week, Dean Foods fails to profit form full year sales improvements, Arla moves to expand cheese production in the US, and Willi Foods finalises an agreement to produce kosher...

News briefs: Arla, Global Dairy Conference and Danone

This week, Arla Foods increases payouts to its UK dairy farmers, Athens is picked to host the second Global Dairy Conference in March and Danone may have further expanded its...

Arla targets UK dominance in organic spreads

Arla Foods is launching an organic alternative for its leading spread brand in a bid to become market leader of the burgeoning segment.

Briefs: Arla Foods, Fonterra and Parmalat

This week, Arla Foods re-brands its cheeses in a profitability drive, Fonterra begins to experience the benefits of higher milk costs and Parmalat responds to an ongoing Italian antitrust enquiry.

Arla finds way to process more protein from whey permeat

Dairy co-operative Arla Foods continues to expand beyond its native European market by stepping up investment in Argentina for the production of whey powders.

Arla benefits from UK dairy boom

The UK division of dairy cooperative Arla Foods is expected to exceed last year's record earnings, the company said this week, in announcing the group was doubling its profit forecast...

Arla offloads cheese import arm

Arla Foods will further reduce its stake in the cheese market with the announcement today of the sale of its Delimo import arm to France-based Lactalis.

Arla cuts cheese to ease supply burden

Arla Foods is to cut cheese production by 6,200 tonnes until the new year in a drive to better deal with a dwindling global supply of raw milk.

Payouts and organics on the rise for Arla

Arla Foods is to step up both the amount of payouts to its suppliers and organic production in an attempt to adapt to a rapidly changing global dairy market.

Arla sells yoghurt top cups division

Arla Foods announced yesterday the sale of Crispy Food International, a leading producer of "cereal tops" for dairy breakfast foods, to Denmark-based Koff.

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