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Danone launches new kids brand in India

Danone has launched a new brand of fortified, milk-based products for children throughout India.

Danone launches ‘green plastic’ packaging for its drinking yoghurt brand

Following the launch of Danone’s ‘green plastic’ plant-based bottle for its drinking yoghurt brand, the firm said it plans to roll out the packaging in other European countries.

Dairy volumes down for Danone

Danone saw a decline in sales volumes for its key dairy segments as it hiked prices up in response to soaring commodity costs.

EFSA rejects Danone and Yakult probiotic appeals

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims panel says there are no grounds for alteration of its rejection last year of probiotic health claim dossiers submitted by Danone and...

Danone explores recycling for PLA with NatureWorks

Danone is working with NatureWorks and WWF on a new recycling option for PLA after the French dairy switched to the bioplastic for its Activia yoghurt in Germany.

Danone debuts probiotic yoghurt Activia in 69th country: Australia

French dairy Danone has built on its 2010 joint venture with Australian co-op Murray Goulburn by belatedly launching its €4bn global selling probiotic yoghurt Activia on the market there.

Danone leads yoghurt packaging towards bioplastics

Danone is taking a lead in the use of bioplastics for yoghurt packaging as higher volumes promise to make prices more attractive, according to European Bioplastics.

Danone partnership helps boost Dairygold’s profit by 60 per cent

Danone’s decision to select Dairygold as its key supplier in its expanded Infant Formula Facility Global helped boost the ingredients supplier’s annual profits by 60 per cent to €18.9m last...

Danone's Russian dairy buy helps boost sales by 20 per cent

Danone’s new Russian dairy acquisition helped drive up Q1 sales by 20 per cent, the fastest quarterly growth the company has seen in three years.

Danone to begin major project with Ukrainian milk producer

Ukrainian argi-food business Astarta is starting “a large-scale joint project” with French dairy giant Danone in milk production and processing.

Danone ups guidance for 2011 but warns of commodity price hike

Danone has upped its sales revenue guidance for 2011, encouraged by a positive pricing performance in the last quarter. But the French dairy giant warned of a 6-9 per cent...

Danone, Yakult roll out new probiotic grants for gut health

Danone and Yakult are handing out another $100,000 for research into the role of probiotics and gastrointestinal microbiota in health and wellness

EFSA health claim opinion

Danone: EFSA Actimel diarrhoea claim rejection is "incomprehensible"

Danone will contest the diarrhoea health claim rejection for its Actimel drinking yoghurt handed to it by the European Food Safety Authority this week.

EFSA gut/immune health meeting

Danone tells EFSA: Health claims “learning experience” is too costly

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has repeatedly emphasised that the 2006 EU nutrition and health claims regulation is a learning experience for everyone involved – from its health claims...

News in brief

Danone and Unimilk finalise Russian dairy merger

Danone and Unimilk have finalised the merger of their fresh dairy businesses in Russia and other CIS countries, creating a new entity with annual sales of about €1.5bn.

News in brief

Danone to buy YoCream for $103m

Danone has signed an agreement to acquire YoCream, the leading producer of frozen yogurt in the US, for $103m.

Danone targets emerging markets for continued growth

Emerging markets will be the target for continued growth Danone announced yesterday, as Asian markets contributed significantly to the company’s 15 per cent growth.

Danone develops framework for optimizing probiotic-based functional foods

Mapping how the gut microbiota respond to probiotic strains may help produce a framework for “evaluating and optimizing probiotic-based functional foods”, say researchers from Danone and Harvard.

Danone rejects high-dose bone yoghurt launch in France

Danone has decided not to roll out its high-dose, calcium-fortified bone health yoghurt Densia in France after a disappointing trial in a small French town.

Yakult Danone India expands probiotic operations

The Indian joint venture between Yakult and Danone established in 2005 to bring Yakult probiotic drinks to the Indian market is expanding with Bangalore targeted as the point of entry...

Danone to sell stake in Wimm Bill Dann Foods

Danone has agreed to sell its minority stake in Wimm Bill Dann Foods for €470m following the decision to link up with Russian rival Unimilk.

Danone: Health claim uncertainty not to blame for share price shake

As Danone’s share price continues to fall three days after its half year results were released, the company cites several potential reasons for the dip but insists that health claims...

Danone backs probiotic juice with ProViva investment

Global probiotics leader Danone has paid an undisclosed sum to Swedish dairy Skånemejerier for a 51 per cent stake in its probiotic juice brand, ProViva.

Danone remains cautious despite strong sales growth

Despite reporting a 6.9 per cent increase in organics sales in its Q2 results, Danone remains cautious in its outlook for the rest of the year.

Danone: We axed Shape satiety yogurt because of the taste

Danone finally ditched its Shape Feel Fuller for Longer yogurt because it could not get the taste right, but insists it still believes there is a market for products promoting...

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