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Danone beats Unilever and Nestle in food category dominance

Dairy giant Danone comes out top of the list for category dominance in the European food sector, followed by Unilever and Nestle, according to a new report.

Danone withdraws marquee probiotic health claims (again)

Almost a year to the day after Danone first withdrew submissions for its best-selling probiotic yoghurts from the European Union health claims system, the French dairy giant has pulled its...

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Analyst tips Danone to be well ahead of expectations

Bernstein Research analyst Andrew Wood has predicted that Danone will easily beat consensus expectations when it reports Q1 sales tomorrow.

Danone invests €10m to reorganise French production

Danone is reorganising production in France to improve facilities at its factories and give each a more specific mission.

Danone: EFSA is damaging reputation of scientific peer review process

The president of Danone Baby Nutrition (DBN) says European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claim assessment methodologies are threatening the reputation of the scientific peer-review process and sections of the...

Danone improves sales on "reset" yoghurt prices

Price cuts have helped Danone recover from a dip in dairy sales at the start of the year to report a healthy increase in fourth quarter sales.

Danone resubmits Actimel probiotic immunity health claim

Ten months after it withdrew its marquee probiotic submissions from the European Union health claims process for reconfiguring, Danone has fully re-entered the game by lodging a tweaked dossier for...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects Danone’s infant immunity prebiotic claim

Danone Baby Nutrition says the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) failed to engage in “direct scientific dialogue” in the lead-up to the agency’s scientists handing it a negative opinion for...

Danone's nutrient enriched yoghurt boosts satiety, study

Low-fat dairy yoghurt enriched with protein and guar gum fibre can significantly reduce short-term appetite, claims a new study.

Danone to take full control of South African yoghurt venture

Danone has bought out its African joint venture Danone Clover for just under €100m to focus on growth opportunities in the region.

Dispatches from NI Health Claims Conference 2009

Danone seeks clarity on claims timetable

Danone is calling for a clear health claims regulatory timetable to be implemented over the next few weeks because the current lack of clarity is “restricting the competitiveness of businesses”,...

Danone resubmits marquee probiotic gut health claim

Danone has resubmitted an article 13.5 gut health claim for its flagship probiotic product, Activia, to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Sales success for new Danone bone health yoghurt

Early sales figures for Densia yoghurt suggest that Danone has found a winning niche in the bone health market.

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Danone and Yakult confirm probiotics research grants

The Global Probiotics Council (GPC) has announced two $50,000 grants for young researchers in the field of probiotics.

UK censors Danone probiotic TV ads

The voluntary UK advertising watchdog has told Danone to cease broadcasting TV adverts that stated its one-shot probiotic drinking yoghurt, Actimel, could boost the immune system of children.

Danone kills beauty yoghurt but comeback likely

Danone has killed the Essensis beauty yoghurt worldwide blaming lower consumer spending but the dairy giant remains convinced of beauty food potential.

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Danone-backed Yakult expands in India

Distribution of probiotic one-shot drinks is broadening in India, with a major push occurring in cities like Mumbai, as disposable Indian incomes rise, and more people take an interest in...

Danone: Everyday gut problems eased by probiotics

Daily consumption of a probiotic fermented milk product may improve gut health and well-being in women with everyday digestive problems, says a new study from Danone.

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Dannon’s new coupons program based on proof of purchase

Dannon has launched a coupons program which requires customers to provide proof that they have already purchased a particular quantity of its products before the money-off coupons are issued.

Danone to resubmit EU probiotic health claims

Danone, the French dairy giant, will resubmit withdrawn gut and immunity probiotic health claims to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), after receiving guidance from the European Union’s head science...

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Danone results suggest “the worst is over for dairy”

Danone has reported solid sales and margin growth for the second quarter, prompting an analyst to declare that “it appears that the worst is over for dairy volumes”.

Pre-, probiotics combo may reduce food allergy: Danone study

A supplement combining a prebiotic fibre and a probiotic strain may reduce allergic responses to cow’s milk, when used in conjunction with small amounts of whey, says a new...

Danone’s bid for €3bn cash rocks stocks

Danone has surprised traders with the announcement of a €3bn rights issue in a bid to reduce debts and have cash to hand for acquisitions.

Danone bins EU probiotic gut health claim submissions

French dairy giant Danone has withdrawn the EU health claim applications for its market leading probiotic yoghurt products Activia and Actimel.

Report stresses price importance for Danone sales strategy

Danone’s financial outlook implies tough times may be ahead for dairy producers, with the company facing stagnant organic sales value growth despite some resurgent demand, suggest analysts.

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