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Fonterra confirms NZ speciality cheese review

Fonterra has confirmed to that it is undertaking a review of its New Zealand speciality cheese business Kapiti, but was unable to reveal whether any specific plants were earmarked...

'Rapid growth' in Indonesia drives new Fonterra plant for quicker response to market needs

Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings says that 'rapid growth' of around 50% forecast for dairy products in Indonesia means that the firm plans to build a new blending and packing plant...

Runaway dairy demand sees Fonterra boost Chinese milk supply

Fonterra has opened its second farm in China and said it plans to build a further three to service massive consumer demand in nearby Beijing and the country at large.

Fonterra outlines ‘three-V’ plan to stay ahead of competitors

Fonterra has identified “volume, value and velocity” as key areas to contend with growing customer demand in the dairy industry.

‘Price battle’ hits Fonterra consumer sales in Australia, NZ

A retail price war in Australia and New Zealand hit Fonterra’s consumer sales hard in the first half of 2012, while the firm said a strategy refresh will see it...

Fonterra unveils first new processing site in 14 years and ‘key megatrends’

Fonterra plans to build a second milk drier costing NZD $300m at its Darfield site, citing higher milk production levels and increased demand from the Middle East, Southeast Asia and...

War whispers and strong NZ dollar lead Fonterra to cut payout forecast

A stronger New Zealand (NZ) dollar, higher levels of global milk production and uncertainties on international markets – including a potential Middle Eastern conflict – has led Fonterra to lower...

Fonterra ‘cross-leverages’ infant nutrition expertise to capture senior nutrition trend

New Zealand dairy processor Fonterra has told that it is working to cross-leverage its scientific expertise in infant health and nutrition – in areas such as probiotics – to...

Fonterra presents probiotic and dairy lipid research in Moscow

New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra has presented what it claims is significant research showing that its proprietary probiotic strains reduce childhood disease and childhood allergy rates, while the addition of...

Fonterra butter recall vital to protect brand synonymous with New Zealand dairy, expert

Fonterra’s recall decision concerning 410,000 packs of butter was the right thing to do, and action to this front to protect its brand image was crucial, according to a top...

‘No reports of injury’ says Fonterra after massive butter recall

Fonterra has recalled 410,000 packs of butter after consumer complaints about the presence of ‘fine metal objects’, and has moved quickly to limit fallout from the incident.

'Our competitors will be laughing all the way to the bank': Fonterra savages mooted milk regulation changes

Dairy giant Fonterra has reacted angrily to New Zealand (NZ) government proposals that its member farmers provide more milk to competitors, insisting the move will ‘line foreign pockets’ and ‘handcuff’...

Tumbling dairy prices up in latest Fonterra Global Dairy Trade auction

The majority of internationally traded commodity dairy products traded in the latest Fonterra Global Dairy Trade auction event sold for higher prices, arresting a series of price slides dating back...

Row erupts over Fonterra’s plan to ship NZ school milk

The New Zealand Green Party says that Fonterra’s plan to supply free school milk should be undertaken by the New Zealand government rather than ‘profit-driven companies’.

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Fonterra admits 'mixed' results on sustainability

The world's largest dairy processor Fonterra claims its 10,500 dairy farmers are delivering results from a sustainability standpoint, but admits that more work needs to be done.

Greenpeace slams Fonterra over alleged ‘climate crime’

NGO Greenpeace New Zealand (GPNZ) has attacked Fonterra’s continued use of controversial palm oil co-product, palm kernel expeller (PKE), as a supplementary dairy farm feed.

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Fonterra welcomes measures to liberalise Asia-Pacific dairy trade

Fonterra has welcomed the recently released 'broad outlines' of the so-called Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) to liberalise dairy trade within the Asia-Pacific region.

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Fonterra chairman announces plan to step down in 2012

Fonterra chariman Sir Henry van der Heyden has announced his intention to step down from his current role at the New Zealand co-operative's annual meeting in 2012.

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Fonterra ingredients MD resigns

The managing director of Fonterra's Global Ingredients and Foodservice (GIF) division, Andrei Mikhalevsky, has resigned and will leave the business by the end of the year.

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Developing world dairy boom is sustainable: Fonterra chairman

Fonterra chairman Henry van der Heyden believes that the current dairy boom in China and India that has underpinned rising prices for products worldwide will continue.

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Fonterra fears NZ $20m daily milk loss due to massive gas leak

Fonterra says it fears it will lose around NZ $20m of milk a day after it was forced to close 15 of its 17 processing sites on North Island, following...

Fonterra recalls cheese products

The New Zealand-based dairy giant Fonterra has announced a recall of its cheese products that are being sold in the Australian market, it said in a statement issued this week.

'Record' results see Fonterra secure ingredients for overseas success

Improved performance within Fonterra’s ingredients businesses worldwide has seen the firm announce a record turnover of NZ $19.9bn (€11.6bn) in 2010/11.

NZ carbon tax will damage dairy competitiveness, Fonterra warns

Dairy giant Fonterra is concerned that applying ‘carbon costs’ to New Zealand's agriculture sector will make it harder for dairy firms to compete and push production to less emission-efficient countries.

Whey more potential in protein market, claim new partners Fonterra and First Milk

European food and sports beverage makers are set to benefit from a new dairy ingredients joint venture, which is aimed at increasing whey protein manufacturing capacity in Europe as well...

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