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Cheddar cheese added to Fonterra trading platform

Fonterra is adding the cheddar cheese products, milk protein concentrate and rennet casein, to its globalDairyTrade auction.

News in brief

Fonterra and Nestle abandon Chilean subsidiary tie-up

Fonterra has revealed that a proposal to merge its Chilean subsidiary, Soprole, with the fresh dairy operations of Nestle Chile has been scrapped.

Could be “best year ever” for Fonterra as firm posts $293m half-year profit

Dairy giant Fonterra is heading towards its “best year ever”, according to the firm, which reported a strong $293m half-year net profit.

Fonterra releases draft rules for global auction

Fonterra has published draft rules, developed with global dairy firms including Arla Foods and FrieslandCampina, to govern the opening up of its online trading platform to outside companies.

Fonterra goes public on search for new CEO

Fonterra has revealed that its CEO Andrew Ferrier intends to step down in the second half of the year provided a suitable successor can be found.

New year price spike prompts Fonterra to raise payout forecast

Fonterra has raised its forecast payout to farmers for 2010/2011 following big increases in milk prices at its auctions over recent months.

Fonterra opens new European HQ in value-added ingredients push

Fonterra has opened up new European headquarters in Amsterdam. Koert Liekelema, general manager for Europe, explains how the move will help the New Zealand dairy grow its value-added ingredients business.

Fonterra advises need to identify dairy proteins in foods

An allergy scare involving the functional food product Whole has prompted Fonterra to advise manufacturers to communicate more prominently the use of dairy ingredients in foods.

Fonterra invests in UHT milk processing capacity

Fonterra has completed an NZ$8m investment in its UHT milk processing facilities in Auckland in a bid to meet growing demand in Asia and the Pacific.

Earthquake update: Fonterra escapes major damage

New Zealand’s largest exporter of dairy, Fonterra has managed to escape any major damage from the earthquake that hit the country on Saturday.

Prices rebound at latest Fonterra auction

Prices at the Fonterra globalDairyTrade auction have rebounded after two successive months of decline, suggesting renewed firmness in the market.

Fonterra gets embroiled in Chinese dairy scare

Fonterra has insisted that the New Zealand-based dairy is 100 per cent confident in its products as one of its Chinese customers faces an investigation into tainted milk claims.

Fonterra reports slide in auction prices

Prices at the Fonterra globalDairyTrade auction have fallen sharply for the second month running, prompting the dairy to warn farmers of a lower than forecast payout.

Fonterra reports sharp dip in dairy prices

Fonterra has revealed that prices were down sharply at its latest auction, as concerns about supply, which had fueled recent price increases, eased.

Fonterra’s new deal for Australian dairy producers

More money for dairy producers, paid earlier in the season to ease cash flow problems are the aims behind a new incentive payment from Fonterra Australia.

Fonterra prepares for sharp organic dairy growth

Fonterra expects to see the organic side of its dairy ingredients business grow 140 per cent over the next five years.

Danisco and Fonterra broaden scope of probiotics deal

Danisco has signed a deal that will allow the ingredients supplier to sell two probiotic strains developed by Fonterra to a wider food and drink audience.

Fonterra reports price jump and reveals new plant plans

Fonterra has unveiled provisional plans for a major new milk processing plant in New Zealand and reported a surge in dairy prices as production eases.

Fonterra sticks by improved milk price forecast in trading update

Fonterra has claimed that ingredients prices are recovering and market confidence is returning as a group of US senators accuse the New Zealand-based co-op of holding a virtual monopoly of...

News in brief

Fonterra welcomes farmers from collapsed organic co-op

Fonterra has offered to sign up the famers left stranded after the recent collapse of the New Zealand Organic Dairy Farmers Co-operative (NZODFC).

Fonterra traces musty flavour defect in dairy drinks

Fonterra research has found that a musty flavour defect in beverages containing calcium caseinate is due to tainting by TBP and TBA, which likely to be caused by contamination in...

Fonterra reveals expansion plans in China

Fonterra is planning to build two new dairy farms in China as the company struggles to keep up with increasing demand.

Martek signs omega-3,-6 supply deal with Fonterra

Omega-3 specialist Martek has signed an agreement with Fonterra to become its sole source supplier of DHA and ARA for infant formula and milk drinks aimed at young mothers and...

Fonterra drops Anchor brand share in UK

Fonterra has sold its remaining 25 per cent stake in UK joint venture Arla Foods Fonterra (AFF) to majority owner Arla Foods.

Fonterra invests in growing Malaysian market

Fonterra has completed a NZ$12m plant expansion in Malaysia as the dairy market in the country grows in sophistication.

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