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Quest launches new dairy ingredients system

Innovation pushed from flavour firms operating in this competitive sector brings food developers new opportunities to improve the final product as ICI flavour subsidiary Quest International, streamlined in May this...

Competition in xanthan market sees jobs go

Increasing competition on the xanthan gum market leads Danish ingredients firm Danisco to cut jobs at the recently acquired Rhodia Food activities in France.

Oxygen scavenging packaging cuts spoilage

A new range of oxygen absorbents promises to help dairy processors and cheese manufacturers better protect their products from spoilage.

Danisco flavour range to complement low-carb dairy products

Danisco has taken up the low-carb, low-sugar baton and run with it, developing a line of flavours aimed at food manufacturers developing artificially sweetened and reduced sugar beverages and dairy...

Ice cream packaging concept to lure impulsive UK consumers

A UK firm has come up with an innovative packaging and processing solution that will allow smaller retailers to create their own branded ice-cream products at the point of sale...

Gum to assist cocoa suspension in dairy beverages

Gellan CP Kelco, bought by JM Huber last month, has launched Kelcogel HM-B gellan gum, a hydrocolloid system designed to provide suspension of cocoa and minerals in ready-to-drink dairy based...

Lifeway Foods spreads range with gourmet cream cheeses

Kefir producer Lifeway Foods is branching out from functional foods for which it is best known and has created a new line of cream cheeses.

Chr Hansen adds natural blue to the portfolio

Danish colours firm Chr Hansen has launched its first natural blue food colour onto the market, targeted at food makers looking for alternatives to the synthetic blues currently used in...

Tetra Pak set to profit from emerging dairy drink market

Tetra Pak has launched what it describes as a low investment carton packaging solution ideal for manufacturers looking to penetrate lucrative new chilled beverage markets.

Multibene to enter US food market

An innovative technology that allows for the addition of both plant sterols and minerals to foods has won the backing of leading US food manufacturer General Mills, which has licensed...

San Miguel relaunches Magnolia ice cream

San Miguel Corporation has relaunched the Magnolia ice cream brand in the Philippines after a five year absence from the market. The move is seen as part of a bid...

Butter Buds eyes organic sector

In line with growing consumer demand for organic products, Butter Buds Food Ingredients has introduced a certified organic line of natural butter, cream and cheese concentrates.

Lurpak enlists help of salt producer to boost flagging sales

Arla Foods, the Danish-Swedish dairy co-operative, has announced an unexpected trade alliance with a traditional Danish producer of sea salt, in a bid to bolster flagging sales of its Lurpak...

Iodine-rich ice cream to hit Russian shelves

A new ice cream product enriched with iodine is to be launched in the New Year by Russian dairy group MiasoMolTorg JSC, the first product of its kind on the...

New food tester achieves high-speed analysis

NDC Infrared Engineering has launched an updated version of its at-line analyser Infralab 710, designed to achieve accurate measurement of multi-component food parameters.

Novozymes and Chr Hansen link up for new cheese enzyme project

Cheese makers could enjoy a rise in yields as Danish enzyme giant Novozymes links up with cultures leader Chr Hansen in a joint project to develop new enzymes for cheese...

Danisco pectin targets soy beverages and drinking yoghurts

Number two pectin player Danisco rolls out a line extension for new gains from its Grinsted pectin range that targets food and beverage makers looking to spear the growing sports...

Elopak curves up the packaging market

Leading Norwegian dairy TINE has launched Smak, a range of three lactose-reduced milks, using Elopak's new Pure-Pak Curve cartons with Pure-Cap UE screw caps.

Bravo! consolidates fortified milk range in Masterfoods deal

Bravo! Foods International, a manufacturer of vitamin-fortified flavoured milks, has signed a licensing agreement with the confectionery and snack food division of Mars, Masterfoods USA, to produce, market and sell...

Campina conjures up bottle for international drinks expansion

Campina, the international co-operative dairy company, has revealed how it plans to expand sales of its dairy-based beverages arm - with the introduction of a uniform line of bottle packaging.

Fonterra taps into low-carb diet fad

Fonterra, New Zealand's multinational dairy co-operative, has jumped on the low-carb bandwagon by launching a strain of milk protein designed to produce new low-carb yoghurt. But is all this hype...

Chr Hansen developing blood pressure lowering bacteria

Scientists from Danish company Chr Hansen say they have developed a lactic acid bacteria that may lower blood pressure when added to yoghurt and other foods.

Growth in yoghurt fuels innovative launches

Yoghurt has long been a favourite food in central and eastern Europe, so it is not surprising to look at the latest launches in the region for that category and...

Epi Ingredients adds yoghurt powders to portfolio

The continuing popularity of yoghurt - and in particular its health benefits - has led to a raft of new product innovation as companies in market sectors outside the dairy...

TIC extends organic range

With the market for certified organic products continuing to grow, demand for organic hydrocolloids has also expanded - prompting the leading supplier of hydrocolloids to the US food industry to...

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