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Western spreads launched in accession 10

The market for fats and spreads in eastern Europe is rapidly diversifying, whilst rapidly expanding. Furthermore the latest product launches from the Mintel databases in this segment indicate that functionality...

GRAS for olive juice supplement

California-based CreAgri has had its olive oil antioxidant supplement recognised as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Spreads market boosted by 'healthy' launches

The market for fats and spreads in Asia Pacific is evolving rapidly, with increasing numbers of launches concentrating on the low fat and fortified products. The latest look at the...

Arla achieves cheese processing efficiency

Denmark-based Damrow, part of the Carlisle Process Systems (CPS) group, has installed an 18,000-litre enclosed cottage cheese vat (ECCV) at Arla Foods' production facility in Skovde, Sweden.

Low-cal dairy fat replacer rolled out in Europe

Starch and starch derivatives supplier Cerestar has designed a new maltitol syrup application targetted at European dairy makers looking to cut the calories in their health-positioned product range, notably fruit...

Krones pushes packaging technology

Packaging and bottling systems provider Krones has developed a new high-speed packing tray capable of running at up to 100 cycles per minute and a new PET-Asept Filling System for...

ADM taps into low-carb market

The growing popularity of the low-carb diet among US and UK consumers is squeezing supplies for speciality ingredients used by food makers to target this new market and driving ingredients...

Size reducing ice cream ingredients

Canadian supplier of food processing equipment Quadro has come up with equipment to reduce the size of high-fat ice cream ingredients (chocolate/pralines) for use in premium ice cream products.

Isolated soy protein may help diabetes sufferers

Adding isolated soy protein to men's diets could help reduce problems experienced in the advanced stages of type two diabetes, according to a small study by researchers at the University...

New phytosterol cleared for EU use

A new phytosterol ingredient, said by its Swedish manufacturer to represent the 'second generation' of phytosterol ingredients, has been given the go-ahead for use on the European market.

Scientists call for calcium, vitamin D fortification

A US cancer prevention expert says that if government required calcium and vitamin D to be added to foods, it could achieve a 20 per cent reduction in colon cancer...

GM ingredients on EU labels rare, survey finds

Food makers working on the European stage today are matching consumer concerns over genetically modified organisms, largely selecting non-GMO ingredients for their food formulations, highlights a new survey.

Kraft Foods aims for energy and environmental efficiency

Kraft Foods has commissioned an innovative food wastewater treatment facility at a US cheese plant, which it claims will reduce waste by more than 90 per cent, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Nestlé adopts Alcoa shrink labels for Canadian market

Nestlé has launched a range of milk products in Canada, packaged in Alcoa Flexible Packaging shrink labels.

Food allergen labels tighten in US

Food makers operating in Europe shortly face new labelling rules for food allergens on food labels, and as the US cleared its own new rules yesterday, manufacturers present in the...

Food labels, comments on EU changes

The government-backed Food Standards Agency (FSA) has called for comments and views on the European Commission's intention to review community legislation on labelling.

The truth behind food labels

With food scares, health concerns and sustainability issues playing heavily on consumers' minds - and influencing their shopping habits - the humble food label has never played a more important...

Isoflavones for bone health depends on other factors

Factors such as a women's weight or calcium intake may play a vital role in the extent to which soy isoflavones can improve bone health among postmenopausal women, suggests new...

Lithuanian dairies in line for EU export subsidies

Dairy producers in the Baltic State of Lithuanian are in line to receive up to €20 million in EU export subsidies for products exported to third countries, the country's Institute...

Soy isoflavones show no impact on health in older women

The increasingly popular supplements of soy isoflavones do not seem to help lower cholesterol, improve bone mineral density or benefit brain function after menopause, new research suggests.

Sensus confirms prebiotic effect of low-dose inulin

Dutch ingredients firm Sensus has carried out new research to prove the prebiotic effect of native inulin at only 5 grams, allowing food manufacturers to make prebiotic claims on a...

Danone launches new, magnesium-rich milk drink

French firm Danone, one of the world's top ten food and drink companies, has launched a novel dairy concept on the Belgian market this month.

Soy drinks boosting Asian sales

The health benefits of soya are boosting sales of soy drinks in south-east Asia, says a new report. Although the market is currently dominated by Asian players, the scope is...

Guidance for new trans fat rules

In 2003 Denmark banned trans fatty acids from food products over fears that these hydrogenated fats could contribute to heart disease. The rest of the EU as yet has no...

Soybean protein reduces body fat in women

A Japanese study finds that soybean beta-conglycinin may help to maintain a healthy body fat ratio and serum lipid levels in healthy women.

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