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The truth behind food labels

With food scares, health concerns and sustainability issues playing heavily on consumers' minds - and influencing their shopping habits - the humble food label has never played a more important...

Isoflavones for bone health depends on other factors

Factors such as a women's weight or calcium intake may play a vital role in the extent to which soy isoflavones can improve bone health among postmenopausal women, suggests new...

Lithuanian dairies in line for EU export subsidies

Dairy producers in the Baltic State of Lithuanian are in line to receive up to €20 million in EU export subsidies for products exported to third countries, the country's Institute...

Soy isoflavones show no impact on health in older women

The increasingly popular supplements of soy isoflavones do not seem to help lower cholesterol, improve bone mineral density or benefit brain function after menopause, new research suggests.

Sensus confirms prebiotic effect of low-dose inulin

Dutch ingredients firm Sensus has carried out new research to prove the prebiotic effect of native inulin at only 5 grams, allowing food manufacturers to make prebiotic claims on a...

Danone launches new, magnesium-rich milk drink

French firm Danone, one of the world's top ten food and drink companies, has launched a novel dairy concept on the Belgian market this month.

Soy drinks boosting Asian sales

The health benefits of soya are boosting sales of soy drinks in south-east Asia, says a new report. Although the market is currently dominated by Asian players, the scope is...

Guidance for new trans fat rules

In 2003 Denmark banned trans fatty acids from food products over fears that these hydrogenated fats could contribute to heart disease. The rest of the EU as yet has no...

Soybean protein reduces body fat in women

A Japanese study finds that soybean beta-conglycinin may help to maintain a healthy body fat ratio and serum lipid levels in healthy women.

New innovations in texture

A new report on optimising food texture and rheology has been published to help food manufacturers achieve the specific qualities consumers are looking for, reports Anthony Fletcher.

Investigation of health claims on milk

A new trial will test whether a milk marketed as healthier than most others available does indeed lower cholesterol.

Danisco steps up probiotics presence with European dairy launch

The first dairy food range in Europe containing Danisco's Howaru probiotics has been introduced in Slovenia by one of the region's top dairy product manufacturers Ljubljanske Mlekarne.

Probiotics targeted for growth under new Danisco cultures unit

The new cultures unit at Danisco looks set to become a powerful force in the probiotics sector, gaining additional strains and entrance to new markets with the acquisition of Rhodia...

Calcium supplements may protect against cancer

Daily calcium supplements may protect against colon polyps, particularly the advanced type that go on to become cancer, according to research published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute .

Calcium supplements can lower risk of advanced colon polyps

Calcium supplements, previously shown to cut the risk of colorectal polyps, appears to have the greatest effect on advanced colorectal adenomas, considered to be most strongly associated to invasive colorectal...

Soy benefits without the taste issue?

Australian scientists say that adding soy to low-fat dairy foods may offer consumers some of soy's health benefits without the strong taste that many find unappealing.

Health claim for Skane cholesterol-lowering cheese

Sweden's voluntary health claims code has approved a claim for a cholesterol-lowering cheese made by dairy firm Skanemejerier.

Kerry adopts heat sealer from Packaging Automation

Kerry Foods, a leading supplier of value-added foods to major supermarket chains, has installed a PA2016 heat-sealing machine, equipped with modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) capability, at its production plant in...

Recombined milk products set to grow

The need to allay consumer belief that recombined milk products are inferior to traditional dairy products, is an area that the recombining industry needs to address, according to a recent...

Fonterra making progress on new milk ingredients

Dairy ingredients giant Fonterra says a new joint venture, set up to search for novel health ingredients in milk, has already identified a number of bioactives, currently waiting for patents.

Dutch group increases stake in lactoferrin producer

Netherlands-based Pharming has increased its stake in Australian company ProBio and is now hoping to accelerate the commercialisation of recombinant human lactoferrin in Asia, writes Phil Taylor.

Infant formula playing a role in adult disease?

New research appears to lend weight to the theory that rapid growth in infancy, boosted by enriched infant formulas, might increase the risk of heart disease and stroke later in...

New probiotic tablet from Chr. Hansen

Probiotics in capsule form have been around for a few years, as dietary supplement manufacturers seek to take advantage of the growing awareness of their beneficial effect on gut health....

Healthy Belgium proves good launchpad for new probiotic applications

Valio is to launch its probiotic cheese in Belgium, the first country outside its home market, where cheese is a fast-growing new application area for the health-promoting bacteria, writes Dominique...

Campina targets "on-the-move" consumers

Campina, the international dairy group, is to repackage two of its most popular beverages in PET bottles. The container is supplied by the packaging group Amcor, and the move highlights...

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