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Anti-stress supplement to enhance dairy cattle immunity

A feed supplement for dairy calves has been developed by the US Agricultural Research Service (ARS), which it claims will help lower stress levels during transportation - a costly problem...

New PET label film offers more labelling flexibility

Toray Plastics claims that its new PET label film gives label converters the opportunity to achieve superior silicone adhesion performance, to streamline processing and to tap new markets.

Unilever selects Kliklok for pro.activ project

Unilever Best Foods Netherlands has installed a packaging system that combines cartoning with an automatic product feeding system to handle the special pack design of its Becel (Flora) pro. active...

Unilever seeks approval for ice structuring protein

The food code in Australia is under review as food maker Unilever Australia calls for approval of an ice structuring protein (ISP) used to make ice cream and edible ices.

Ilapak targets cheese processors at Interpack 2005

Packaging firm Ilapak is targeting cheese processors with an innovative range of packaging solutions at this year's Interpack show in Dusseldorf.

Chr Hansen pushes high volume cheese production technology

Chr Hansen plans to use this year's Cheese Industry Conference to showcase the technology that it believes can improve production for high volume manufacturers, Philippa Nuttall reports.

Organic milk given "cooler image" revamp

In an attempt to shake off the British organic farming industry's drab, old-fashioned image, the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative (OMSCo) has revamped its organic milk line, launching Altogether Better -...

Whey-based film promises cost and environmental savings

Scientists in the US have discovered a new way of use dairy byproducts to preserve fresh foods, a discovery that could save money and lead to less packaging waste. Anthony...

Milko repackages yoghurt products in curved cartons

Swedish dairy Milko is set to re-launch its low-fat fruit yoghurt drinks using new standard Diamond Pure-Pak Curve cartons from Elopak.

Valio extends Evolus brand to Spain and Portugal

Dairy products designed to lower blood pressure are being introduced in Spain and Portugal this month under new licensing deals with Finnish functional dairy firm Valio.

Antibacterial sealers developed from innovative new compound

Two European firms have come up with a range of sealing rings for the dairy industry designed to minimise the presence and effects of bacteria and microbes.

Fonterra develops waste-reducing recyclable labels

Fonterra has developed a label that can be recycled along with the plastic wrap that goes around pallets of goods in order to reduce the amount of waste that is...

Alto launches bottle capping system Down Under

Alto Plastics has been working with Kapiti Fine Foods (KFF) to launch a new premium double-seal capping system to keep bottled milk even fresher and leak free.

New meat alternative on market has roots in low-fat milk

New applications for milk derivatives open up as Dutch dairy giant Campina designs meat alternative prepared from low-fat milk and seaweed extract.

Arla increases Danish cheese processing capacity

Arla Foods has installed five 12,000 litre-capacity Damrow Double 'O' cheese vats at its production facility in Bov, Denmark.

Thermo expands range of contamination service

Thermo Electron, which has developed a specialised unit to help food manufacturers in the UK deal with contaminated product batches, is moving into the packaging sector.

CLA-rich meat, milk to compete with functional foods

Meat and dairy products with higher levels of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) could be available in just three years, say scientists at the Rowett Research Institute in...

Organic toddler investment to build up future brand loyalty

Rachel's Organic, a leading UK organic dairy manufacturer, has launched an organic yoghurt range targeted towards the toddler market, but is this just a sales-boosting gimmick or a rather shrewd...

Bravo! starts to ship new fortified milk line

Bravo! Foods International has announced that it will begin shipping its new branded fortified milk drink to retail grocery, convenience and independent stores at the beginning of February.

Chr Hansen launches new culture for low fat buttermilks

Meeting the challenge of organoleptic changes when fat is removed from low fat formulations, Chr Hansen launches a new culture to improve texture in sour cream and buttermilk, writes Lindsey...

UK firm installs double-knifed cheese tower

UK-based The Cheese Company has invested in a cheese tower capable of a throughput of up to seven tonnes per hour - something that the manufacturer claims is a first...

APV launches new bulk butter packing line

APV has launched a new range of bulk butter packing lines that it claims is ideal for small, medium and large-scale carton filling applications in the dairy and food industries.

Tetra Pak remodels novelty ice cream coating system

A Tetra Pak subsidiary has found a dipping and coating solution for novelty ice creams, which it hopes will eliminate sub-standard ice cream coatings - welcome news for ice cream...

Dairy ingredients supplier selects special mixing equipment

Adams Food Ingredients, a subsidiary of leading Irish dairy firm Kerry Gold, has installed a new mixing vat which will allow it to halve production time for the manufacture of...

Virtual labelling solves dairy packaging problem

A UK company claims it has found a solution which eliminates the need for costly, adhesive labelling on dairy product packaging, Tom Armitage reports.

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