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Osmosis cuts Fonterra's milk transport costs

A reverse osmosis machine capable of extracting excess water from milk is expected to significantly cut transport costs for New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra.

Nestlé baby milk recall begins due to concerns over packaging ink

As Nestlé recalls two million litres of baby milk in four European countries due to a packaging problem, the company is attempting to calm consumer fears that their children were...

Texture analyser gets the measure on soft foods

A gel analyser can help food companies and laboratories measure the texture of butter and cheese products, sauces, doughs and baked goods, vegetables, meat products, candies, yogurts and puddings.

Tetra goes retro with re-introduction of classic package

Tetra Pak is going retro by reintroducing its namesake four-cornered packaging, one that turned the Sweden-based company into an industry powerhouse.

Chr Hansen tour targets probiotics growth

Chr Hansen's latest Magical Sensory Tour is designed to bring innovative products to customers and underline the company's ethos that ingredients can be fun and imaginative.

Novozymes, Chr Hansen alliance launches first new cheese enzyme

A next-generation enzyme solution that increases mozzarella yields for dairy firms is the first major launch to emerge from ground-breaking collaboration between top ingredients firms Chr Hansen and Novozymes.

Danone to launch probiotic Activia in US

The French dairy group will launch its successful Activia probiotic yoghurts in the US at the start of next year as American consumers catch on to the benefits of 'friendly...

Danisco unveils new flavoured cheese cultures

A tutti-frutti-flavoured cheese culture will be launched by leading ingredients firm Danisco as flavour becomes increasingly important for dairy firms looking to add value to their products.

Tetra Pak launches low temperature ice cream innovation

Tetra Pak's new low temperature ice cream solution, utilising the firm's patented microform technology, could revolutionise the sector.

New Poland will still fight EU sugar reform

A new centre-right government in Poland is unlikely to curb the country's strong opposition to EU sugar reforms as Commission representatives look for common ground to break the 'no' camp.

Mini-pilot dairy test equipment scales up

UK-based Armfield has launched a larger version of the company's miniature-scale dairy research equipment, allowing bigger batches of test products to be made.

Zero-calorie gel cuts fat content by 50%

A zero-calorie natural fat replacement gel made from insoluble corn bran fiber promises to replace between 25 and 50 percent of the fats typically used in food preparation.

Chr Hansen, Tetra Pak project removes obstacles to probiotic beverages

Probiotics supplier Chr. Hansen has developed a new, flexible formulation system for adding probiotics directly to finished products.

Kraft Foods takes on Russian cheese sector

Kraft Foods, one of the world's largest food producers, has begun selling melted cheese in Russia and has an aggressive expansion plan to become a leading player within seven years.

Leak tester allows package contents to be reclaimed

A flexible, repeatable leak test system allows the contents of damaged packaging to be reused and for the return of seal-tight products to the processing line.

Get cubed with side pouring package

Superfos is telling dairy companies to get cubed, as the company launches packaging it says saves palleting space when compared to round rivals.

One-Shot deal delivers faster milkshake system

UK equipment supplier One-Shot will tap in to the growing trend for flavoured milk and juice drinks by launching a new system to make smoothies and milkshakes cleaner and faster.

Tate & Lyle spears low-fat yogurts

A new ingredients substitute system could help yoghurt makers meet thedemand for low-fat products.

Novel 'flavour straw' adds value to plain milk

A new, patented straw that adds flavour to plain milk as you drink through it will be launched across the world in a novel attempt to reinvigorate milk consumption.

Tate & Lyle targets US ice cream market

Tate & Lyle has launched a new ingredient solution for low- fat, no-sugar- added ice cream for the US market and vowed to continue its ambitious expansion plans.

Sainsbury's stocks functional milk in UK

New milk drinks fortified with vitamins are to be sold by Britain's third biggest supermarket, Sainsbury's, as functional dairy continues to break into the UK's mainstream food sector, writes Chris...

DSM backs innovations with consumer insight

A company's ability to communicate the advantages of a product can be critical to its eventual success, a lesson that DSM Food Specialties has clearly taken to heart.

Ultrasound technique offers faster, safer dairy processing

Ultrasound technology, set to be piloted in dairy processing by Australian food scientists, offers cost-savings to producers by drastically improving the speed and hygiene of ultrafiltration, writes Chris Mercer.

Avure's high pressure system speeds up process

Sweden-based Avure's latest high pressure processing system for the food industry is one of the biggest innovations in food technology this year, according to market analyst Frost & Sullivan.

Food analyser measures fat, protein

A new food analyser from NIR Technology Australia uses near infrared transmission spectroscopy to measure the components of a broad range of foods.

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