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Aloe vera-enriched low-fat yoghurt


The herbal extract aloe vera, more commonly used in cosmetics, is increasingly being added to foods, with the latest innovation from German dairy company Onken in the form of an aloe vera-enriched low-fat yoghurt.

Now available on the UK market, Biowild Aloe Vera, combines extracts from the aloe vera plant with Onken's blend of live bio cultures.

Onken claims the Aloe Vera plant contains many essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and calcium. Taken internally, it is believed to strengthen the stomach, stimulate the immune system, as well as helping to detoxify the body.

"This is an exciting addition to the Biowild yoghurt range. The combination of vivid packaging and a refreshingly unique tasting yoghurt makes Biowild Aloe Vera another innovative new product from Onken," said Julie Plant, general manager. "Consumers are looking for healthy products that give them a sense of well being. Biowild Aloe Vera meets this emerging consumer trend."

The product fits with the current trend observed by Datamonitor, which highlighted the growing use of what it calls 'skingestibles' in a new report . While Onken is not marketing the skin benefits of its new product, other manufacturers, especially in the drinks sector, are beginning to promote personal appearance through their products. Datamonitor says this blurring of what were once distinctive product categories will continue as the health trend drives innovation in foods.

US aloe vera producer Aloecorp and its sister company Unigen have both upped their presence in the European market this year, demonstrating the growth in the plant extract.

Onken is currently developing additional flavours to add to its Biowild range and plans to launch these early in the new year.

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