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Arla Foods to offer country of origin SMP at GDT auction

By Mark Astley+


Arla Foods to offer country of origin SMP at GDT auction

The country of origin of Arla Foods skimmed milk powder (SMP) will soon be specified for bidders on the GlobalDairyTrade (GDT) platform, the European dairy giant has announced.

Form 15 April, bidders on the New Zealand-based GDT platform will be able to bid specifically on medium-heat SMP from Denmark and the UK, and low-heat SMP from Sweden and Germany.

“Until now all SMP medium heat from Arla Foods has been sold under EU origin,” said a statement issued by GDT.

SMP is classified for use as an ingredient according to the level of heat treatment used in its manufacture.

High-heat SMP is less soluble than medium-heat and low-heat SMP.

The statement added that those who are “indifferent to the product origin….will still be able to bid on SMP medium heat with EU origin.”

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