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DMV launches topping for cold milk applications

By staff reporter , 17-Jul-2008

DMV has launched its new base for toppings, Aerion DP 59, billed it as a healthy alternative for dairy cream toppings that does not come with a compromise on taste and texture compromise.

According to the company, DP 59 was developed for applications requiring the addition of cold milk. It can be used in mousses, ice creams or purely as a decoration cream, adds the company. The powdered toppings specialist, which is a division of dairy group Campina, said the topping base is best used in combination with milk at eight degrees celsius. It is also reported to work with water. Jos Bevers, senior market development manager at DMV, said the ingredient expands on the earlier DP73. "Aerion DP59 is lighter and foamier than its predecessors, and has a natural, full, creamy taste," said Bevers. "It is an extremely effective product and delivers a stable, sturdy but still airy foam." The company is positioning the ingredient for use in very rich or very low-fat desserts, depending on the other ingredients. "Aerion DP 59 fits perfectly in a more high-end context," said Bevers. "In France, for example, there is a trend toward more luxurious instant desserts that can be presented to guests as 'home made'. The topping base offers the perfect solution for this kind of application." The ingredient is also already being used by manufacturers in a type of powdered instant desserts. "This kind of product is doing well in markets in Eastern Europe, South America and the Middle East," said Bevers. Cooperation with customers In terms of working with its industry customers, DMV's approach is very much hand-in-hand. "One of the reasons this product performs so well, is our close cooperation with clients all over the world," said Bevers. "We worked together to develop an ingredient with just the characteristics needed in various products and markets. "And we are more than willing to also help other interested parties develop new formulations based on Aerion DP 59" The company has been busy with launches this year. It has already launched a vegetable-derived base for toppings, Aerion DP 90, on a global basis, billed it as a healthy alternative for dairy cream toppings that does not come with a compromise on taste and texture compromise. Before this it launched a non-hydrogenated foamer ingredient for use in instant cappuccino and hot beverages with a healthier profile, called Aerion Foam 210.

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