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DuPont unveils 'streamlining' five-in-one Greek-style yogurt cultures blend

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By Mark Astley+

Last updated on 19-Jun-2013 at 14:57 GMT2013-06-19T14:57:12Z

DuPont unveils five-in-one Greek-style yogurt cultures blend

DuPont Nutrition & Health has unveiled a five-species “one-step cultures solution” designed specifically for Greek-style yogurt – a development its hopes will streamline a range of manufacturing processes.

The YO-MIX Greek cultures blend, which contains five commonly used culture species from DuPont’s Danisco range, will offer manufacturers a simpler, more efficient way to culture Greek-style yogurt products, according the company.

By offering all five species in a single blend, DuPont claims it can simplify the culturing process, reduce potential mixing and formulation errors, and ensure the consistency of culture delivery. YO-MIX Greek works with most Greek-style yogurt manufacturing methods including the three most common - stirred yogurt processing, straining/separation, and fortified yogurt processing.

“With YO-MIX Greek, DuPont gives dairy manufacturers all multi species in one easy-to-use blend,” DuPont Nutrition & Health’s global product director of thermophilic cultures, Sonia Huppert, told

“This simplifies the culturing process, providing batch-to-batch consistency and eliminates the need for in-plant manual mixing and measuring of starters.”

“YO-MIX Greek is positioned to build premium yogurt value for our customers,” said Huppert.

In addition to “streamlining” Greek yogurt production processes, the blend is designed to deliver “a mild taste” throughout the shelf life of the finished product. 

“Whichever process used, YO-MIX Greek delivers a mild and creamy flavor throughout shelf life,” she added.

“Opportunity to easily enter” segment

Greek yogurt, which typically contains double the amount of dairy protein and less fat than standard yogurt, is viewed as a healthier alternative to regular yogurt.

The category has witness dramatic growth in recent years – with its share of the overall US yogurt market increasing from around 1% in mid-2007 to approximately 35% by mid-2012.

“The greater protein content in Greek yogurt makes it more filling. Consumers are drawn to the satiating effect of Greek yogurt and consider it to be a natural, healthy, convenient meal option,” said Huppert.

The launch of its YO-MIX Greek gives dairy manufacturers the opportunity “to easily” enter the booming Greek-style yogurt segment, Huppert added.

“DuPont Nutrition & Health has been part of the Greek style yogurt story from the very beginning in the United States through collaboration with key players in the segment,” she said. “The launch of YO-MIX Greek gives dairy manufacturers, globally the opportunity to easily enter the Greek style yogurt segment."

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Are these starters derived from dairy or other media?

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Posted by Jerry von Dohlen
15 July 2013 | 17h352013-07-15T17:35:25Z

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