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New analyser to test milk composition


Danish food and beverage analysis provider, Foss, has launched the MilkoScan Minor, a simple solution for milk composition analysis.

According to Foss, the solution offers a practical automatic alternative to the manual performance of wet chemistry analysis. MilkoScan Minor is designed for users with a limited need for analysis capacity, and with a desire for a fast, reliable and safe measurement of several parameters at a low cost. In this capacity is probably best suited to small- to medium-sized dairy ventures.

The device is a compact milk composition analyser, which measures a whole range of parameters: fat, protein, lactose, total solids, solids-non-fat and freezing point depression in different milk types (cow, buffalo, goat, sheep) and cream. It is easy to use with a capacity of up to 40 samples per hour and can be used to simultaneously check four to six different parameters.

MilkoScan Minor has been developed for use in, for example, smaller dairy plants where quality assurance and control of important economic parameters as fat and protein make a difference between profit and loss. It can also be used for pioneering quality-based payment schemes in countries where payment analysis is decentralised and requires a smaller number of daily tests.

The design is based on the well-known AOAC/IDF approved IR technology. It comes with factory made calibrations, and offers automatic clean and zero-setting, analysis of cold samples and no use of hazardous chemicals. All this makes the device an alternative to the time consuming chemical testing methods.

Foss claims that its many years of experience in milk analysis have been put to use to develop what it claims to be a revolution within the area of simple milk analysis.For more information and video-demonstrations go to MilkoScan Minor .

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