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Texture analyser gets the measure on soft foods

By Ahmed ElAmin , 18-Nov-2005

A gel analyser can help food companies and laboratories measure the texture of butter and cheese products, sauces, doughs and baked goods, vegetables, meat products, candies, yogurts and puddings.

Texture analysis devices primarily evaluate the mechanical characteristics of foods. The test material is subjected to a controlled force of pressure. The devices generate information about themechanical characteristics found in the food, which can be further sub-divided into primary and secondary sensory characteristics.

Food makers measure texture as an important means of ensuring consumers like their products, in part because they perceive which textural characteristics are desirable.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories said the new instrument forms part of a complete system for performing the "Gelatin Bloom Strength Test". The system includes Brookfield's enhancedLFRA Texture Analyzer, two baths and one refrigeration unit.

Bloom bottles meeting the required test specifications are also available from Brookfield. Bloom testing measures the strength of gelatin used in food products.

The higher the Bloom number the higher the grade of gelatin, which is usually priced accordingly. The updated LFRA Texture Analyzer combines simplicity of operation with optional load capacitiesfrom 100g to 4,500g and a capability to expand the test methods used.

A wide variety of standard probes, fittings and accessories are available for standard applications. The included software allows lab technicians to generate analytical data comparable to othermore costly systems, the company claims.

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