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Clean label starch technology opens up markets

By Rod Addy , 26-Feb-2013
Last updated on 26-Feb-2013 at 15:11 GMT2013-02-26T15:11:43Z

The clean label starch technology makes dairy applications easier
The clean label starch technology makes dairy applications easier

Ingredion’s new clean label starch technology offers fresh opportunities in tough markets, Cathrin Kurz, marketing manager, wholesome ingredients, for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), told

The company has obtained a US patent for the new technology, which allows the production of very high performance and high quality functional native starches.

Kurz would not provide further details of the process itself. However, she told this site the company was “in a position to expand our range to create functional native starches with the ability to withstand higher cooking temperatures and shear conditions …”

‘Broader number of applications’

This would lead to “offering optimal performance in a broader number of applications than ever before”, she added.

“For example, dairy-based products have traditionally been a challenging area for clean label reformulation due to tough processing conditions including UHT [ultra high temperature] and direct steam injection.”

She said Ingredion would keep investing in clean label capabilities globally as demand for clean label food and beverages continued to expand.

‘Interest picking up quickly in other countries’

“Within Europe, the trend is strongest in the UK, Germany and France, with new product development, reformulation and consumer interest also picking up quickly in other countries,” she said.

The new technology was the result of extensive research and development (R&D) efforts, said Kurz. “R&D is a journey, not a destination and we remain committed to advancing the latest technologies as the clean label trend continues to gather momentum around the world.”

Ingredion said the latest patent was the second to be granted in a series of filings based on the technology.

Ingredion currently has a portfolio of more than 30 clean label ingredients. The firm’s main EMEA trading companies are based in the UK, Germany and South Africa.

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