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The goodness of dairy for the lactose intolerant

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Consumers are demanding more from their foods – a total package of health, wellness and flavour, and they’re prepared to pay more for products which deliver premium benefit.

NZMP Low Lactose Instant Whole Milk Powder (IWMP) with less than 2% lactose minimises the potential for digestive discomfort and has all the goodness of standard cow’s milk with a naturally sweeter flavour.  Our analysis also shows that low lactose dairy offerings can command a 32% premium above standard offerings.

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Way forward with whey protein

It’s already popular across a range of segments, but whey protein now dominates an even wider audience of mainstream consumers. Whey continues to grow across broader markets because its molecular behavior under high-heat treatment has been understood, and can be controlled, and this is enabling new opportunities for food manufacturers.

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