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Arla to distribute ‘13th payment’


By Jim Cornall+


Arla is making a '13th payment' to its members.
Arla is making a '13th payment' to its members.

Arla Food’s board of representatives has voted to distribute €124m ($131m) to its farmer-owners as the annual supplementary payment, also known as the 13th payment. On average, that amounts to one eurocent per kilo of milk supplied by each farmer.

At a meeting in Halmstad, Sweden, the board of representatives decided how much of Arla’s annual profit for the 2016 financial year should be paid out as supplementary payment and how much should be consolidated into the Arla Group for further investments in new strategic growth opportunities for the company.

Arla’s annual result for distribution to owners:

€124m ($131m) for supplementary payment

€30m ($32m) for individual retainment

€73m ($77m) for common retainment

€120m ($126m) from the divestment of Rynkeby retained for strategic re-investing

Total net profit of the Arla Group in 2016 grew 20.7% to €356m ($375m), of which the profit share of Arla Foods amba is €347m ($366m), corresponding to 3.6% of group revenue.

Excluding the profit from divestments, which remains in the company for re-investment, the available annual result for allocation for 2016 was €227m ($239m).

Of this, the board of directors had proposed €124m ($131m) would be paid out directly to Arla’s farmer-owners, with €103m ($109m) being retained in the company (partly as individual retainment that each farmer-owner can take with him/her when their membership ends, partly as common retainment that remains in the company as equity and for strategic re-investing).

Arla’s board of representatives consists of 191 members, comprised of 12 employee representatives and 179 elected farmer-owners from various regions in Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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Where did all the farmers go?

Farmers aren't rich.
The government bought out the "farms" back in the 70's and 80's.
These "rich" farmers are run by the government industries. They are the fat cats.
That is the real reason why there is so much "byproduct" waste.

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Posted by Carroll Johnson
09 March 2017 | 00h482017-03-09T00:48:18Z

Rich dairy farmers

Wow, no wonder the farmers are rich.

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Posted by Mary Fisher
08 March 2017 | 17h282017-03-08T17:28:15Z

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