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Dairy nutrition campaign gains EU funding

1 comment19-Nov-2012

Dairy nutrition campaign gains EU funding

A Europe-wide campaign to promote the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy consumption has been approved for European Union (EU) co-funding.

The €16m ‘Milk, A Force of Nature’ campaign will start in April 2013 in seven EU Member States, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the Netherlands.

The purpose of three-year campaign, which has been organised by the European Milk Forum (EMF), is to inform consumers about the “natural force” of milk because of its nutrient richness.

The campaign will include TV promotions, a magazine campaign, and a viral campaign.

“The majority of consumers know that milk and milk products contain calcium which is essential for good bone health. However, consumers are less aware that milk naturally contains many additional nutrients that contribute to good health such as protein, vitamins B2, B5, and B12, phosphorus, iodine, potassium,” said EMF’S Laurent Damiens.

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Stop this madness

When will the vested interests of the meat & dairy industry be stopped?
Our planet & our health cannot sustain Dairy production. Whether it is Brazilian soya, or asthma, Milk is destroying all around.
Why does the tax payer have to pay for this outmoded industry?

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Posted by Graham Neale
11 February 2013 | 00h502013-02-11T00:50:58Z

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