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Valio announces new $190m dairy snacks factory

By Jim Cornall+

Last updated on 30-Mar-2016 at 12:46 GMT2016-03-30T12:46:19Z

Valio is creating a new dairy snacks factory to add to its existing plant in the Riihimäki region.
Valio is creating a new dairy snacks factory to add to its existing plant in the Riihimäki region.

Valio is set to open a new €170m ($190m) dairy snack factory in Herajoki, north of the Finnish capital Helsinki, in 2017.

The company said the new facility will strengthen its competitiveness both in Finland and in export markets. The new 20,000 sqm factory will have a capacity of approximately 120m kg per year.

New production techniques at plant will reduce the loss of milk and other raw materials significantly, the company says.

The design also takes into account the different requirements of different export markets.

“We are building the world's most modern snack factory. We can produce a wide range of environmentally friendly and more delicious snacks,” said Mika Koskinen, executive vice president, operations.

Valio says the Riihimäki region will benefit from the construction in both employment and industrial zones.

Adding to existing regional plant

The new plant will initially employ about 90 people, said Riihimäki dairy factory director Tapio Tammi. 

The new five-story dairy will increase the manufacturing capacity of the current Riihimäki dairy, which employs about 400 people.

The existing facility produces Valio milks, milk drinks, sour milk and cream, Organic Valio milk, Valio yogurts and lactose-free Eila yogurts. 

Katja Häkkä, development manager, said that in the new factory, Valio will be able to make full use of its research and development in fresh product manufacture.

“We are able to taste and healthiness in snacks to respond to consumer demand for both in Finland and in exports. We can manufacture a wide variety of products: low-sugar tasty snacks and delicatessen products,” Häkka said.

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