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Omega-3, heart health evidence is strong, says review

Omega-3s from oily fish and supplements can reduce the risk of cardiac and sudden death, and possibly stroke, says a new review from the US.

Dairylea: the cheese with more salt than the sea

Some children's cheese brands contain more salt per 100g than the Atlantic Ocean, says a UK campaigns group study, piling more pressure on manufacturers to slash the salt.

Dairy groups upset at WTO talks failure

Failure to reach an agreement on global trade has upset dairy industry officials from the EU and beyond, creating more uncertainty about the future of the sector.

Dairy Crest deal offers hope for the British milkman

The distant clink of milk bottles at 5am may be a thing of the past for several British neighbourhoods, but Dairy Crest's bid to create the UK's largest doorstep delivery...

Ice cream firms ride Britain's summer heatwave

Ice cream sales have shot through the roof in Britain over the last week thanks to an almighty heatwave, leaving producers working flat out to meet consumers' insatiable demand.

Glanbia builds protein business in China

Irish dairy ingredients firm Glanbia is building a presence in the Chinese market with its expertise in heat-stable proteins.

JHCI review aims to inform EFSA on health claims

The UK's Joint Health Claims Initiative (JHCI) has conducted a review of its own guidance on health claims submissions, with the aim of helping the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)...

UK dairy industry risking meltdown, warns NFU

Britain's dairy industry must pull together and soon to overcome a critical earnings problem that threatens to cause disaster across the sector, a report from the National Farmers' Union warns.

French activists fined after Lactalis dairy attack

Protestors who stole €2,000-worth of milk and cheese from a Lactalis dairy factory and then handed out the products free in local villages, said they would continue the fight against...

Chinese dairies catch on to probiotic bacteria

Chinese dairies are jumping on the probiotics bandwagon, with a spate of new products containing the healthy bacteria being launched in recent weeks.

EU poised to block New Zealand butter imports

The European Commission has hinted it may ban all new import licences for New Zealand butter, according to dairy co-op Fonterra, rounding off a bad week for kiwi butter in...

UK scientists lift lid on how taste and aroma works

Nottingham University researchers have reported improvements to the method of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) of the brain to give scientists a more "natural" insight into the perception of taste...

Soluble fibre could boost cheese making

Adding soluble fibres, guar gum and pectin, to skimmed milk could speed up the coagulation time, improving cost efficiency, and impart nutritional benefits, say Irish researchers.

Low-fat dairy may cut diabetes risk for women

A diet rich in low fat dairy could cut the risk of type-2 diabetes for women by over 20 per cent, says a new study from Harvard.

No proven link between diet and learning, says FSA

There is not enough evidence to say that certain foods can benefit children's ability to learn, says Britain's food safety watchdog, underlining the case against Dairy Crest's omega-3 milk adverts.

Bright future for Chinese cheese

China's biggest domestic cheese producer, Bright Dairy, has invested in a new production line for sliced cheese to increase its profits from this growing, niche market.

WTO heads EU dairy agenda

Most of Europe's dairy industry will have eyes fixed on World Trade Organisation negotiations over the coming weeks, but there will be time too for lobbying on short-term market support...

Teagasc goes genomic to boost flavour in dairy

Irish researchers are working on using genomics to enhance flavour in dairy products - and enhancing the country's technological standing in international R&D.

French scientists unravel genes in yoghurt

Scientists in France say they have unlocked the genetic sequence of bacteria in yoghurt, offering better insight to dairy firms looking to create added value dairy products.

EU to review dairy market in 2008

A review of the European Union's dairy strategy will take in place in 2008, with intervention prices, storage subsidies and milk quotas all up for discussion.

Cereal drinks not a milk alternative, says FSANZ

Cereal-based beverages, such as those made from rice and oats, are not suitable as a complete milk replacement for young children, said the Australian and New Zealand food authorities today.

Dairy firms target growing international opportunities

The top dairy firms have become even larger due to continued acquisition, according to the latest report from Leatherhead International (LFI).

Meetings target trends in processing, food safety

Two meetings, one in Barcelona on emerging processing technologies, the other in London on food contamination, will focus on hot trends in an industry looking to cut costs, innovate and...

Project would investigate processing, allergens relationship

A UK food research consultancy is looking for a partner to investigate the effects of processing techniques on reducing allergens.

UK milk supply too uniform, says MDC

Milk prices in Britain are being held down by commodity market weakness, suggests a new report.

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