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Russian import ban hits Ukraine dairy industry

Milk producers in the Ukraine have lost an estimated €4million (UAH25m) following the import ban into Russia last week, implemented because imports of animal products had breached food safety standards....

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Food miles leave a bitter taste

The organic food movement has been hijacked by supermarkets intent on being seen to be green, but their disrespect of food miles shows they are anything but.

EU council meeting sets agenda for 2006

The first agriculture and fisheries council meeting under the Austrian presidency of the EU, held today in Brussels, will set the agenda for food industry reform in 2006.

Probiotic dairy could help block HIV

Scientists have devised a way of using 'live' bacteria in yoghurt to deliver medicine that can prevent HIV infection, potentially opening up a new avenue for probiotic dairy development.

Scientists triple CLA content in milk

Milk from cows fed on soybeans and fish oils contained up to three times more conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), says a US study, suggesting new opportunities for functional dairy development.

UK dairy supports extension of school milk subsidy

Britain's dairy industry wants the government to extend its school milk subsidy to secondary schools, after it emerged an extra €11m in funding might still be available from the European...

Arla launches Mini30 milk in battle for Danish dairy

The dairy group's new, lower calorie milk technology may help it re-gain ground on its home Danish milk market, after dropping almost 10 per cent in market share and losing...

A decade on: is GM winning hearts and minds?

It is ten years since the first large-scale planting of genetically modified (GM) crops. Food Navigator looks at both sides of the argument to assess the future of the technology...

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Some news is good news

I am beginning to feel like a freak among journalists. Good or bad, my reporting is the product of hours of questions, fact-hunting and often-times editorial debate. Yet, despite this...

Fonterra eyes dairy venture in Poland

Two of the world's largest dairy firms, New Zealand's Fonterra and Europe's Arla, are looking to increase their operations in the Polish dairy industry, according to a recent report.

Funding directed at new foods and processing techniques

Designated food "clusters" in the EU will receive a boost in funding to help the bloc's researchers develop innovative foods and processing techniques.

Chr Hansen sales bucks Italian cultures trend

Chr Hansen is enjoying success in the Italian cultures market, bucking the general trend of slow growth and stagnation.

UK government to keep school milk subsidy

Britain's government has announced it will carry on paying the school milk subsidy, following a huge show of support for the scheme from the country's dairy industry.

Which? questions probiotics proof

Consumer watchdog Which? has questioned the efficacy of probiotic products, claiming that there is no reliable research to prove that they can help general well-being.

UK dairy industry unites behind school milk subsidy

Britain's dairy sector will hold a special, industry-wide meeting to discuss how it can defend school milk subsidies, after a report commissioned by the government said they should be scrapped.

UK milk campaign targets health workers

Britain's Milk Development Council said it plans to start a new health campaign for milk targeted at health professionals and the media as well as consumers.

EU milk quota harming Polish dairy sector

Joining the European Union may have created as many pitfalls as opportunities for Poland's dairy industry, says a new report, warning the sector may struggle to deal with production quotas.

Calcium supplements seen to have no effect on body fat

Eating more dairy foods, but not calcium supplements, could reduce body weight and body mass, claim researchers from Denmark.

Promotion push targets UK territorial cheese trend

Lancashire will soon become the latest British cheese to get a marketing makeover as Britons renew their interest in regional cheeses and trade up for variety.

Food association sets out 'wish list' of regulatory change

The EU's food industry association is calling for a raft of changes to proposed laws, calling some of them unworkable and misleading, including those that would regulate additives and enzymes,...

New rules ease foreign access to protected name status

In a bid to meet World Trade Organisation demands, the European Commission plans to make it easier for non-EU companies to gain geographical indications (GI) protection for speciality brand names.

UK government could scrap school milk subsidies

The UK dairy industry has leapt to the defence of school milk subsidies in Britain after a report commissioned by the government said they were wasting money and should be...

Dairy price rises forecast to moderate as demand eases

The international demand for dairy products has eased slightly and prices for supplies are likely to moderate in the next several months, according to a new report.

Kraft to scrap GM ingredients in China

Kraft Foods, the US snack and dairy firm, has agreed to remove all genetically modified ingredients from its products in China, in a sign anti-GM attitudes are on the increase.

Charity food endorsements under debate in UK

A senior politician is pressing for clarification on how the UK's food authority will police new restrictions on charity endorsements of health foods.

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