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Calcium, vitamin D may lower diabetes risk

High intake of calcium and vitamin D, particularly from supplements, may lower the risk of diabetes by 33 per cent, say American scientists, as a leading European clinician reports that...

Codex committee debates dairy standards

A Codex committee meets this week to hammer out international standards for the dairy industry, including contentious issues such as who can label their cheese as "parmesan".

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Salt debate leaves bitter taste

The current debate about the levels at which the UK's food regulator has set its salt reduction targets misses the point about how healthier eating habits can be achieved.

Omega-3s have no benefits for heart health, cancer - new review

Intake of omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish and fish oil supplements has no effect on mortality, heart disease or cancer, concludes a new review, but guidelines should continue for...

Blue cheese dodges FSA salt slashing plan

Wrangling between the UK dairy industry and the country's food watchdog is set to continue over salt slashing targets, after both failed to reach an agreement to cut salt in...

Can Arla beat the boycott?

As Arla Foods begins on the long road to recovery in its Middle East dairy markets, delves into the nature of consumer boycotts and the effects they may have....

Printer designed for coding dairy products

A printer has been launched on the market specifically designed for coding dairy products.

Food industry gives cautious welcome to salt targets

Newly published salt reduction targets have been cautiously welcomed by the UK food industry as being 'more realistic than the 2005 proposals', though health campaigners are furious.

UK dairy looks to functional growth

The success of soy drinks shows that the UK functional drinks market is highly lucrative something that the dairy industry must take full advantage of, says Organic Monitor.

EU Council opens GI system to foreigners

The EU's Agriculture & Fisheries Council has backed proposals to open the bloc's geographical indications (GI) to foreign competition.

EU parliament to vote on changes to geographical indication system

European members of parliament are due to vote today on proposed changes to the bloc's geographical indications (GI) system in a bid to comply with a World Trade Organisation decision.

Danone takes affordable nutrition into Bangladesh

French food giant Danone is set to announce plans for a new dairy plant in Bangladesh to provide nutritious foods to low-income consumers, following successful entry into a number of...

More support that dairy could reduce colorectal cancer risk

A diet rich in dairy products could cut the risk of colorectal cancer by half, an effect that is not due solely to calcium, reports a Swedish study.

UK dairy faces innovation deficit

There must be more co-operation in Britain's dairy industry to improve innovation and market research if the sector is going to compete with rivals abroad, says a new report.

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The benzene trail

The gamble by US authorities 15 years ago to let the industry deal with benzene residues in soft drinks has failed, and instead only kept those who needed to know...

Milk genomics meeting heads for Europe

Cutting edge research will be laid before Europe's dairy industry in Brussels this autumn, when scientists from around the world will discuss how the genetic make-up of milk affects human...

Consultation launched to ban junk food in schools

The UK government has launched a consultation on standards for food sold in schools following recommendations from the School Food Trust calling for a ban on confectionery and snacks.

EU food reforms should not be rushed, warns Boel

Those demanding quicker CAP reform should bear in mind the current speed of change and take into account the successful legacy of the EU's food policy, argues the European agriculture...

Gatorade challenges choc milk health claims

Gatorade has challenged a recent advertising campaign that claims that chocolate milk helps athletes to work out longer than conventional sports drinks.

Lack of good graduates crippling food industry

Declining numbers of graduates entering the food industry is seriously threatening the sectors ability to meet the needs for further growth, warns the IFST.

Scientists designing the perfect dairy cow

Scientists in Australia have made a breakthrough in the quest to genetically engineer the perfect dairy herd by discovering how to multiply and isolate stem cells found in cow embryos.

Milk alliance to help with 'special products'

Finnish dairy company Valio, and Germany's biggest dairy company Nordmilch eG have announced an alliance that will enable them to concentrate capacity for 'special products' like functional milks and probiotics.

Food firms target value-added milk sector

Food firms are increasingly targeting the UKs value-added milk sector as they re-align their businesses and move away from commodity products, says a new report.

China growth luring foreign dairy firms

China is luring more and more of the world's dairy firms through a strong growth in domestic demand, says a new report, indicating European companies have some ground to catch...

Dairy and dietary supplements dominate cholesterol-lowering category

Dairy dominates the cholesterol-lowering foods category in Europe, but in the US dietary supplements are almost as popular, indicates data from Mintel.

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