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Working at self-regulation

Self-regulation has become the mantra of food groups who argue that laws are not always necessary - but can industry be trusted when it has failed so spectacularly in the...

EU not blocking WTO talks, says dairy chief

It is unrealistic to expect the European Union to make more big concessions at the upcoming World Trade Organisation talks, argues the European Dairy Association against critics of Europe's stance.

Higher dairy exports narrow NZ trade deficit

New Zealand's dairy export sales were up 32 per cent in March to almost $400 million, compared to the same time last year, helping the small country narrow its trade...

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Strategic philanthropy: exploitation or key for emerging markets?

When a company 'gives back' to the world through charitable donations, should we wholeheartedly commend it for being a good egg or sniff cynically at the profit potential that underlies...

Arla chief adds to UK milk debate

The UK dairy industry could profit from a drop in milk production, said the chief executive of Arla UK on Tuesday, enabling the industry to add value and raise earnings...

Milk, vitamin D linked to heavier birth weight

Women who have higher milk and vitamin D intakes during pregnancy give birth to heavier babies, says Canadian research.

Sheep's milk holds health potential

Sheep's milk has a higher content of essential vitamins and minerals than cow's milk and could be used to cater to consumers' appetite for healthy products. But presently it seems...

New trial probes calcium weight loss link

Researchers from Florida State, armed with cutting-edge technology, are undertaking the largest and longest clinical trial to study the effects of calcium in postmenopausal women.

Timing more important than fat in sterol yoghurts

Plant sterol (PS)-enriched yoghurts better lower cholesterol levels when consumed at mealtimes than between meals, regardless of the fat content of the drink, says research from Unilever.

Lactalis lured by Czech cheese growth

French dairy giant Lactalis has enhanced its position in the growing cheese market of the Czech Republic by signing a deal to buy local firm Promil.

Camel milk: the dairy product of the future

The future for camel milk is so bright that the FAO predicts that the dairy product could appear one day on European supermarket shelves.

EU states squabble over export subsidy cuts

The European Commission's cuts to export subsidies for dairy ingredients have survived a series of rows between Member States, as tension grows on how the bloc can meet its commitments...

GM food future at a crossroads

Events over the past few months might have shaped the future of GM food in Europe for decades to come. FoodNavigator looks at the decisions that have influenced the proliferation...

Quality schemes should remain voluntary, EU food industry says

Various quality assurance schemes used in the food industry should remain voluntary, the bloc's food industry association says in attempting to forestall planned EU legislation on the subject.

Chr Hansen focuses on dairy ingredient sector

Chr Hansen will get a chance to underline its increasing involvement in the dairy sector at the upcoming 2006 International Cheese Technology Exposition.

American Dairy shifts more infant formula

American Dairy, the owner of China's Feihe Dairy, said a 28 per cent rise in volumes sold of its Feihe infant formula drove growth during 2005, helped by promotional efforts...

Delta dairy analyser focuses on ease of use

Delta Instruments has launched new state-of-the-art dairy analysis equipment designed to enable processors to make more money out of milk and milk derivatives.

Calcium, vitamin D may lower diabetes risk

High intake of calcium and vitamin D, particularly from supplements, may lower the risk of diabetes by 33 per cent, say American scientists, as a leading European clinician reports that...

Codex committee debates dairy standards

A Codex committee meets this week to hammer out international standards for the dairy industry, including contentious issues such as who can label their cheese as "parmesan".

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Salt debate leaves bitter taste

The current debate about the levels at which the UK's food regulator has set its salt reduction targets misses the point about how healthier eating habits can be achieved.

Omega-3s have no benefits for heart health, cancer - new review

Intake of omega-3 fatty acids from oily fish and fish oil supplements has no effect on mortality, heart disease or cancer, concludes a new review, but guidelines should continue for...

Blue cheese dodges FSA salt slashing plan

Wrangling between the UK dairy industry and the country's food watchdog is set to continue over salt slashing targets, after both failed to reach an agreement to cut salt in...

Can Arla beat the boycott?

As Arla Foods begins on the long road to recovery in its Middle East dairy markets, delves into the nature of consumer boycotts and the effects they may have....

Printer designed for coding dairy products

A printer has been launched on the market specifically designed for coding dairy products.

Food industry gives cautious welcome to salt targets

Newly published salt reduction targets have been cautiously welcomed by the UK food industry as being 'more realistic than the 2005 proposals', though health campaigners are furious.

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