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Meat and dairy: demand up, supplies tight

The demand outlook for the EU's meat and dairy processors is increasingly positive, but with tight supplies processors will have to increasingly rely on more expensive sources, reports Ahmed ElAmin.

Fortified milk could raise folate status

Fortifying milk with folic acid offers an accessible source of the vitamin, report Dutch researchers who tested bioavailability of the nutrient in a clinical trial.

FSA targets salt reduction in prepared foods

The UK's food standards agency wants to set UK targets for levels of salt in a wide range of foods following growing concern over salt intake.

UK unveils amended nutrient profiling system

Food officials in the UK have developed a model that ranks the health status of foods according to the sum of their nutrients, reports Dominique Patton.

Eastern Europe: a value-added dairy playground

Emerging dairy markets in Eastern Europe have shown dynamic growth thanks to innovation drives and the development of retail networks, providing big opportunities for value-added products, writes Chris Mercer.

Whey supplement could help blood sugar control

Taking a whey supplement with meals can help stimulate insulin release in type 2 diabetics, shows a Swedish study.

Food scientist sought as journalist

Novis seeks a bright, driven food scientist for a reporter's post in southern France. The main mission is to deepen coverage of scientific breakthroughs in food techniques and nutritional understanding...

US milk processors unite to make milk cool

Jazzy images and more imagination on products is the key to making more children choose milk over fizzy drinks, says new research funded by the US dairy industry, writes Chris...

Fat, calories still more interesting than GI ranking on labels

Awareness of the GI diet remains much higher in the AsiaPacific region compared with other countries, finds a recent survey, which confirms that most of the world's consumers are still...

High quality ingredients define premium food product

High quality ingredients are the single most important factor in making a product premium, concludes a new report from UK market analysts IGD, writes Lindsey Partos.

Elderly benefit from calcium and vitamin D combo, confirms review

Elderly people who are frail and at risk for bone fractures may be helped somewhat by giving them both vitamin D and calcium, according to the results of a new...

Calcium phosphate may reduce cholesterol levels

Supplements of calcium phosphate could help lower cholesterol levels, according to a German study out this month.

Weekly Comment

A strategy for beating China

As Chinese producers move in on western markets, the first response by many established players is to protect and defend their previous market positions. It's a doomed strategy.

Probiotics' anti-cancer potential recognised by French

French probiotics firm Institut Rosell-Lallemand said it has been included in a new government initiative to pool research into cancer prevention and treatment.

Demand for wood-sourced vanillin soars on price pressures for vanilla

Food makers turn to wood-sourced vanillin as high oil prices continue to put pressure on the price of petrochemical-based vanilla alternatives, and natural vanilla stocks remain vulnerable,writes Lindsey Partos.

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Let food be thy medicine

A society that views food as taste-bud entertainment rather than a basic of well-being was always bound to run into health problems. But with obesity now afflicting 300m people, and...

UK exports gain footholds in new markets

The UK's food and drink exporters are gaining footholds in emerging markets, while sales of meat and dairy exports are beginning to pick up, according to market consultancy, Food from...

Calcium reduces osteoporosis risk for women on the Pill

Oral contraceptives may prevent young women from attaining optimal bone mass and increase their chances of developing osteoporosis in later life. But a new study from Purdue University indicates that...

Probiotic may help manage IBS symptoms, says Institut Rosell

A probiotic formulation developed by French/Canadian company Institut Rosell reduced symptoms associated with IBS in tests on a rat model, writes Dominique Patton.

Weekly Comment

Food intolerance: a scientific void

It is time to draw on science to establish once and for all whether food intolerance is just a source of succour for hypochondriacs, or whether it is genuinely a...

New CAP reforms may boost UK dairy

Milk prices paid to UK producers are notoriously low, yet tough streamlining has positioned the dairy industry well to cope with new EU CAP reforms and subsidy cuts that seem...

Scientist studies use of bacteria to improve food taste

Scientist Michael Gaenzle believes injections of bacteria and enzymes can help improve the taste of food, giving processors a way of enhancing the flavour and nutrition of their products.

Monday comment

Claims, claims, claims

As lawyers circle the food and drink industry like a fatted calf, the first lesson for those preparing for defence is that it is not so much what you sell...

Health trends drive soy milk craze

Soy milk has been Western Europe's fastest growing 'dairy' sector over the last six years, presenting new challenges to dairy firms via consumer health trends and new fears over lactose...

OECD projects price increases for agricultural products

Stiffer competition between countries exporting wheat, oilseeds, sugar and livestock will intensify over the next ten years, bringing down prices, according to forecasts by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and...

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