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Scientists double CLA content in cheese

Feeding cows sunflower oil more than doubled levels of conjugated linoleic acids in cheese made from their milk, says new research, improving the fatty acids' potential in functional dairy development.

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McDonald's: facing fat

There is nothing so redolent of a corporate mid-life crisis as the strategic equivalent of a new car, new girl and new image, set firmly on the shoulders of the...

Danisco targets freeze-dried dairy cultures

Danisco has announced the next phase in its global cultures expansion programme, investing €3m in ramping up production capacity of freeze-dried cultures at its plant in Sassenge.

UK dairy unveils ringtone to promote milk

Schools in the UK could soon be buzzing with Mootone, a ringtone devised by the dairy industry to get kids back into milk and encourage them to think about the...

Fixed prices can combat CAP reform, says Lactalis

France's largest dairy processor, Lactalis, wants the industry to introduce fixed prices for dairy products in order to cope with unstable markets and insulate against cuts to EU export subsidies.

Australia lifts Roquefort cheese safety ban

Australia has lifted its ban on France's famous Roquefort cheese after more than 10 years of safety worries, offering hope of a change in fortunes for speciality cheese down-under.

Food allergies: a problem and an opportunity

A study analyzing food allergies and intolerance in the United States suggests that the "free-from" market has far from peaked.

CLA functional role needs more studies

More clinical studies using humans are needed to better understand the effects of conjugated linoleic acids, found naturally in dairy and meat, on weight loss and other aspects of consumers'...

Casein, whey formulas reduce infants' allergy risk

Infants whose parents suffer from food allergies have less chance of developing them themselves if they are fed hydrolyzed casein or whey formulas in place of cow's milk based formulas...

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Food law: friend or foe?

The food industry is in danger of harming itself with its recent lobbying against the further harmonisation and deepening of EU food regulation.

Probiotic juices offer new avenues for dairy

Juices containing probiotic bacteria will see increasing interest from drinks and dairy producers looking to add value, predicts Finnish functional dairy innovator Valio.

Industry needs stricter probiotic rules

Too many producers are falsely labelling their products as probiotic and could present a stumbling block to the sector's expansion, says the marketing head of leading innovator Valio at Drinktec 2005.

UK firms fail to tap into added value dairy trend

The UK dairy industry is losing ground to other European countries in crucial added value markets, jeopardising future prosperity because it has failed to innovate at a fast enough rate,...

Plant extracts vital for functional dairy future

Plant extracts and a more imaginative use of whey are two major factors with the potential to take the functional dairy drinks sector forward, according to one eminent scientist at...

DairyReporter's publisher to be branded as Decision News Media

Novis, the publisher of DairyReporter, 22 other business news websites and more than 50 specialist e-newsletters, is changing its name to Decision News Media, to convey the editorial ethos that...

Healthy lifestyles drive Chr Hansen innovations

The firm will focus on new technologies for dairy, beverages and prepared food at the WWFE expo next month, showing exactly where the industry is targeting its resources.

Friesland Foods focuses on brands as consumers shift spending

Price increases for raw materials, packaging and transport led to a fall in operating profit of seven per cent in the first half of 2005 for Dutch dairy producer Royal...

All eyes turn to Drinktec 2005

The biggest Drinktec 2005 ever held in Munich, Germany, is upon us with more than 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries showing off their expertise in technology, ingredients, products and logistics.

Europe's dairy enzymes target added value

Cheese and low-lactose are where it's at in dairy enzyme development, says a new report, with Chr Hansen and DSM stealing an early lead in the race to add value...

Latvian Cheddar maker ramps up production

The competition in the European cheese market just increased as a Latvian producer has ramped up production with the installation of a modern processing line.

EFSA approves nutrition claims for omega-3s

Europe's food risk assessment body has issued its opinion on nutrition claims for products containing omega-3 fatty acids, which will be used in forthcoming laws on nutrition and health claims.

New enzyme technologies to fight downward price trend in saturated market

Opportunities in the mature enzyme market lie in developments, driven by biotechnology, that provide food and beverage makers with the right tools to meet consumer trends, claims a new report.

Working time fix boosts productivity at spreads plant

Allowing employees to keep more flexible working times has resulted in better relationships between employer and staff and in some cases increased operational efficiency according to a new report.

Chr Hansen opens world's biggest dairy cultures plant

Danish company Chr Hansen has shored up its lead in the dairy cultures business after doubling capacity at its plant in France, now said to be the world's largest.

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Water wastage syndrome

Praise where praise is due. And it is certainly due for one small-time drinks firm in southern Britain, which is spear-heading answers to global water shortages that threaten to wreak...

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