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Higher calcium needs to benefit dairy sales

Australian dairy producers are looking forward to a sales push from new calcium requirements published by the government last month.

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Food industry must face its faults

The food industry must be honest if it is to convince consumers - and audiences - that it is not the corporate monster portrayed in the media.

Probiotics could target causes of liver cancer

A daily supplement of probiotics could reduce the risk of liver cancer caused by fungal toxins in foods, a leading cause of the disease in some of the world's most...

Omega-3 milk could protect against metabolic syndrome

Dietary supplementation with an omega-3 enriched milk could be a simple and tolerable way to ease cardiovascular risk factors linked to metabolic syndrome, say Spanish researchers.

Dairy weight-loss claims get Paris Anti-Obesity boost

The debate about dairy consumption boosting weight loss got a massive fillip at the Paris Anti-Obesity Therapies congress, but natural product-based dietary supplements don't help weight loss said experts.

New food laws must overcome scepticism, says lawyer

Following plans in Europe to harmonise health claims in food labelling, experts at Eversheds law firm claim any new rules will have to overcome historical scepticism to be truly effective.

UK facing milk production shake-up

More upheaval in Britain's dairy sector looms over the next few years as more than one in ten milk producers say they will leave the sector, according to a new...

Danisco ups production of frozen cultures

Number two cultures player Danisco has ramped up production of frozen pelletised cultures with a €7mn expansion of its facilities in Niebl, Germany.

FDA rejects Nestlé infant formula health claim

The US food regulatory agency last week rejected a proposed health claim submitted by Nestlé, which would have implied that its whey protein infant formulas reduced the risk of food...

Private label bites back at Arla milk brand

Arla UK's Cravendale milk brand has seen its strong growth stunted by cheaper, supermarket milk in recent weeks, reminding processors how easily private label could destabilise branded dairy growth in...

Greenhouse gas trading data points to problems

Preliminary data from the first year of the EU's greenhouse gas trading scheme has highlighted problems in the allocation of plant outputs and in the tracking of carbon dioxide (CO2)... wins food industry award has been named Website of the Year in the prestigious 2006 Business Food and Drink Journalism awards.

Test speeds up pathogen detection for dairy sector

An alternative to the traditional microbiological tests for ultra heat treated (UHT) and extended shelf life (ESL) dairy products speeds up assessments by over two days, according to its manufacturer.

Low milk prices unsustainable, say producers

Milk producers have renewed their fierce criticism of low farmgate prices in Britain, as the country's competition watchdog prepares to open an in-depth probe into the market practices of top...

Legislators forge compromise on nutritional claims law

The EU's legislators yesterday came up with a compromise deal on nutritional claims, further watering down requirements originally proposed by the European Commission, according to a newspaper report.

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Chasing down obesity

It is time to admit that society is fighting a part-time battle against the bulge, willingly lambasting soft drinks, burgers and chocolate, while shuffling silently away from a fairly dismal...

Aspartame safe for consumption, food agency concludes

The EU's food safety agency today said aspartame is safe for consumption, contradicting a scientific study by the Ramazzini Foundation that claimed the artificial sweetener caused cancer.

Scientists encapsulate uncommon oils in milk proteins

The micro-encapsulation of essential oils in skimmed milk gives higher flavour retention compared to whey, say scientists.

Liquid dairy packaging uses gas additive

A packaging method that uses a gas additive could help prolong the shelf life of liquid dairy products, its developer claims.

Formula milk firms slammed over health worker links

Britain's formula milk industry has faced down a new wave of criticism from senior paediatricians, who accused it of dodging a ban on direct advertising by snuggling up to doctors...

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Working at self-regulation

Self-regulation has become the mantra of food groups who argue that laws are not always necessary - but can industry be trusted when it has failed so spectacularly in the...

EU not blocking WTO talks, says dairy chief

It is unrealistic to expect the European Union to make more big concessions at the upcoming World Trade Organisation talks, argues the European Dairy Association against critics of Europe's stance.

Higher dairy exports narrow NZ trade deficit

New Zealand's dairy export sales were up 32 per cent in March to almost $400 million, compared to the same time last year, helping the small country narrow its trade...

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Strategic philanthropy: exploitation or key for emerging markets?

When a company 'gives back' to the world through charitable donations, should we wholeheartedly commend it for being a good egg or sniff cynically at the profit potential that underlies...

Arla chief adds to UK milk debate

The UK dairy industry could profit from a drop in milk production, said the chief executive of Arla UK on Tuesday, enabling the industry to add value and raise earnings...

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