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Cow's milk not to blame for gut problems

Drinking cow's milk may not be to blame for gastrointestinal disturbances amongst young adults, report researchers from Finland.

Europe's dairy sector cautious on export subsidy cuts

The last-minute deal to scrap export subsidies by 2013, agreed at last week's WTO meeting, has been greeted with a sense of inevitability and caution in Europe's dairy sector.

Nestlé plans chilled dairy improvement with Lactalis venture

Nestlé will use a new European joint-venture deal with French dairy giant Lactalis to try and resurrect its "unsatisfactory" chilled dairy division.

DSM sees probiotics potential in cheese

Cheese may be a better carrier of probiotic bacteria than other dairy products, suggest tests carried out by DSM Food Specialties.

Probiotics set for explosive growth in China

Probiotics, unheard of a year ago, are now being added to more and more products in China, and look set to see rapid growth in demand, according to key supplier...

Milk vending scheme for UK schools in 2006

Plans to put milk and dairy products into UK school vending machines next year, backed by the government as part of its healthy eating drive, offers new opportunities to dairy...

Iodine in milk linked to teenage acne

Iodine in milk may be a main cause of teenagers' acne outbreaks, says a US dermatologist, though hard evidence of a link remains scarce and disputed.

'Be bold', urges WTO director general

WTO director general Pascal Lamy has urged ministers in Hong Kong to be 'bold and courageous', but negotations have seen little progress.

EU urges end to trade distorting subsidies

Trade-distorting farm support must end, says the EU, as world ministers finally meet in Hong Kong to try and revive the WTO Doha trade round.

US law opens schools to milk processors

A new law allowing American schools to sell milk anywhere at any time instead of just at the canteen may help milk processors to fight back against soft drink dominance.

Brussels gets involved in fight on obesity

The European Commission today released a green paper outlining ways to promote healthy diets and physical activity in Europe, a further attempt to tackle rising rates of childhood obesity and...

Milk Council fears losses from levy change

Government proposals to change the way money is collected from UK dairy producers for industry-wide initiatives will cut funds and bring less efficiency, says the Milk Development Council.

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The reach of lobbying

The oft-said adage that there are two things people don't want to see being made - sausage and legislation - falls apart at the doors of the EU's parliament.

Carbery corporate relaunch focuses on value added market

Carbery believes that its new corporate structure will enable the dairy ingredients giant to tap growing demand for added value products and provide a one-stop-shop for manufacturers.

Skimmed milk cuts hypertension risk

Drinking skimmed milk can cut the risk of high blood pressure by half, according to a large new study from Spain.

Fonterra buys stake in Chinese dairy race

The New Zealand dairy co-operative has bought a 43 per cent stake in one of China's biggest dairy processors, as the world's dairy giants scramble for position in one of...

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Death by food support

If the EU keeps hiding its agriculture sector behind huge pay cheques instead of devoting more time to food research funding, the bloc's whimpering and wailing will only get worse.

Numico and SMA Nutrition's products affected by packaging chemical

While Nestlé's chief executive continues to query the motives behind the Italian government's seizure of million of litres of its baby milk, details are emerging that infant formula from Royal...

Italy calls for investigation of Nestlé's use of printing ink chemical

The fallout from the discovery that isopropylthioxanthone (ITX) had contaminated some of Nestlé baby milk products in four EU countries continues, with the company maintaining that there are nohealth consequences...

No extra profit for organic milk producers

Organic milk producers can make the same profit as their non-organic counterparts, says one study, but their products may not be any healthier.

UK Dairy officials to meet OFT amid rising tension

British dairy representatives will meet with the Office of Fair Trading to try and solve their differences, as one official admits retail price initiatives are a no-go.

Nutritional demand drives whey and lactose sales

Innovative dairy ingredients are increasingly being used in nutritional-focused applications and are showing significant growth rates according to a new study.

New project probes functional properties of milk

A dairy research body in Australia will get $300,000 of government money to examine bioactive material in milk that could be used to develop novel functional foods.

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Time for Japan to act on agriculture

Strong rhetoric at last weekend's Apec summit on the abolition of agricultural subsidies could not drown out the scraping sound of Japanese heels.

Campina plots dairy expansion in Russia

Dutch dairy co-operative Campina has got clearance from Russian authorities to expand its dairy drinks production in Moscow as demand for fresh dairy soars.

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