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New project probes functional properties of milk

A dairy research body in Australia will get $300,000 of government money to examine bioactive material in milk that could be used to develop novel functional foods.

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Time for Japan to act on agriculture

Strong rhetoric at last weekend's Apec summit on the abolition of agricultural subsidies could not drown out the scraping sound of Japanese heels.

Campina plots dairy expansion in Russia

Dutch dairy co-operative Campina has got clearance from Russian authorities to expand its dairy drinks production in Moscow as demand for fresh dairy soars.

Arla predicts profitable expansion into Algerian dairy market

Arla Foods' plan to sell full-cream milk powder in Algeria makes perfect business sense to a company looking to expand into lucrative new markets.

Fonterra to upgrade Northland plant, buys Kapiti

New Zealand dairy firm Fonterra will spend around $15 million upgrading its Northland site next year, it said today.

Impact on US dairy prices minimal under trade liberalization, study predicts

US dairy processors will probably not to have to pay much more for their milk if global liberalization of the sector occurs, according to a study by the US department...

FSA traffic lights system signals labelling dispute

The FSA's backing of a 'multiple traffic light' (MTL) labelling initiative comes a day after the UK food industry promised a voluntary guideline on daily amounts (GDA).

UK dairy industry losing confidence in OFT

Britain's Office of Fair Trading is losing support among dairy industry officials, who claim the agency does not understand the sector and has been far too heavy-handed.

Cheesemakers proposal on ultrafiltered milk gets hearing

A proposal to alter the recipe for cheesemaking to include the use of ultrafiltered milk got a step closer to becoming a reality with its initial publication for comment by...

Scientists search milk for new functional proteins

Australia's dairy industry will spend $850,000 on research to find novel milk proteins that could be used in functional foods to improve nutrition and combat major diseases.

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Food safety for all

After all the increased safety procedures put in place over the past decade, one might have been lulled into thinking that poisonings and deaths from food contamination would be rarer...

Industry pushing omega-3 content in new products

Omega-3 fatty acids are increasingly common on product labels but few manufacturers are going through the complex formulation process of using fish oils to make this claim.

More dairy strikes planned over farmgate prices

British farmers are planning another strike in protest over low prices paid by retailers and processors for their goods, adding to calls from MPs and lobby groups for mandatory legislation...

Dairy Crest plans omega-3 spread launch

Functional spreads are increasingly holding up value on the UK margarine sector, says new research, as Dairy Crest plans to launch a new range containing omega-3.

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No avoiding sustainable sourcing

Food companies do not yet face the ethical sourcing equation of the clothing industry, where brands from Nike to Marks & Spencer cannot afford a single claim of sweat-shop production....

Arla invests to beat CAP squeeze

Arla Foods' new full-cream milk powder factory underlines how tight margins are forcing companies to focus on delivering value-added ingredients.

NFU slams OFT for Wiseman interference

It was wrong and unhelpful to the future of Britain's dairy industry for the Office of Fair Trading to intervene in Robert Wiseman's bid for Scottish Milk Dairies, says the...

UK tops Europe, US, in food, drink workforce productivity

The UK ranks second behind Canada in the level of productivity of its food, drink and tobacco products work force, but Austria, Finland and the Netherlands are on the way...

Fonterra to build new dairy innovation centre

Fonterra, the New Zealand dairy co-operative, is set to build a new multi-million dollar research and development centre to help it move ahead in global added value product trends.

UK dairy strike lacks mainstream support

A three-day strike by Britain's dairy farmers, who are withholding milk supplies in protest at low farmgate prices, has been criticised by the National Farmers' Union for jeopardising industry relations.

OFT U-turn on supermarket supremacy

Britain's 'big four' supermarket chains may face pressure as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) withdraws its previous ruling protecting the grocery sector from investigation by the Competition Commission (CC).

Slow Food show hits growing GI trend

Organisers say the movement has doubled in two years as the identity, individuality and heritage of food takes on new importance among the growing number of consumers scouring the globe...

Italian gourmet sector targets US consumers

An ambitious Italian gourmet food promotion programme could transform the fortunes of a revitalised sector - as long as EU bureaucracy doesn't ruin everything.

Dairy UK attacks FSA salt slashing targets

Government salt slashing plans for a range of dairy products are too severe, says industry body Dairy UK, attempting to broker a deal as the UK food watchdog turns up...

Arla Foods upbeat on EU feta ruling

The European Court of Justice's feta ruling may give sole rights to Greece, yet one of Europe's leading dairy producers has been preparing for years to find a way round...

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