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Fonterra to build new dairy innovation centre

Fonterra, the New Zealand dairy co-operative, is set to build a new multi-million dollar research and development centre to help it move ahead in global added value product trends.

UK dairy strike lacks mainstream support

A three-day strike by Britain's dairy farmers, who are withholding milk supplies in protest at low farmgate prices, has been criticised by the National Farmers' Union for jeopardising industry relations.

OFT U-turn on supermarket supremacy

Britain's 'big four' supermarket chains may face pressure as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) withdraws its previous ruling protecting the grocery sector from investigation by the Competition Commission (CC).

Slow Food show hits growing GI trend

Organisers say the movement has doubled in two years as the identity, individuality and heritage of food takes on new importance among the growing number of consumers scouring the globe...

Italian gourmet sector targets US consumers

An ambitious Italian gourmet food promotion programme could transform the fortunes of a revitalised sector - as long as EU bureaucracy doesn't ruin everything.

Dairy UK attacks FSA salt slashing targets

Government salt slashing plans for a range of dairy products are too severe, says industry body Dairy UK, attempting to broker a deal as the UK food watchdog turns up...

Arla Foods upbeat on EU feta ruling

The European Court of Justice's feta ruling may give sole rights to Greece, yet one of Europe's leading dairy producers has been preparing for years to find a way round...

Butter revival batters margarine sales in UK

Butter is making a comeback on lower fat margarine as UK consumers trade up to treat themselves, but the overall fats market is shrinking and imported brands are taking the...

Feta ruling emphasises danger of branding local foods

A European Court of Justice ruling yesterday prohibiting cheese makers outside of designated areas in Greece from calling their products "feta" emphasises the danger to food processors of making branded...

Danisco dairy plots new probiotic strains

Probiotic ingredients are the main focus down at Danisco Cultures' research and development labs, but false claims are hampering the market, business director Patrick Veau tells

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Putting a premium on substance over style

Food producers are flogging the term 'premium' for all it's worth, threatening to flood a market that relies on exclusivity for its success with well-packaged tat.

IFST issues update on food allergies

With new European rules on food allergens enforced next month, the voice of UK food scientists issues an update of its statement on food allergies.

How CLA fights inflammatory disease

US scientists have explained how one of the forms of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid found in dairy products, could reduce inflammatory disease.

France fails to halt EU subsidy cuts for WTO

EU moves to cut agricultural subsidies survived a French-led revolt in an emergency Council of Ministers meeting Tuesday, but calls for closer scrutiny of Commission negotiations could still dash a...

Spiralling costs hit lactic acid prices at Purac

For the second time in six months, Purac raises prices for its range of lactic acids as raw material and energy costs continue to bite.

WTO debate leaves food industry guessing

Both the US and the EU have made moves to slash agricultural subsidies amid tough negotiations, but the two trading blocs have stayed pretty quiet on the main details the...

Fast take-down conveyer speeds up cleaning time

A new conveyor frame can be completely disassembled, without tools, in only three minutes, allowing processors to clean their machines and get production underway again faster.

UK skills and employee shortage widens

Finding skilled employees and enough bodies to do the job is becoming more difficult for UK's food and drink manufacturers, according to a new report outlining the problem.

Danisco highlights cultures business for Asian growth

Ingredients giant Danisco highlights the cultures business as a key vehicle for growth in the burgeoning Asian market.

US trade offer breaks WTO deadlock

A firm commitment from the US to cut domestic farm subsidies by 60 percent within a five-year timeframe could revitalize WTO negotiations and benefit US food makers, according to the...

UK dairy must adapt to inspire investment

The UK dairy industry lacks strategic direction and investment, and needs to find new ways of working as a unit to realise its strong potential, says the National Farmers' Union...

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A hungry world needs a fit FAO

The crusade to end world hunger has been a bitter failure. But with the world set to sweep away a crooked food trading system, there is a chance to get...

Dairy Crest leads UK added value trend

As the UK's top three dairy processors cut profit forecasts for 2005, analysts say new added value product innovation is keeping the future alive with Dairy Crest pulling ahead of...

CLA, full-fat dairy linked to lower bowel cancer risk

High intake of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a type of fat found naturally in cow's milk, is associated with a significantly lower risk of bowel cancer, shows a new Swedish...

Food allergies to food waste, EU funds massive food projects

From food allergies to food waste, the EU injects millions of euros into five new research projects that are set to bring a range of benefits to the food industry.

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