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Australian dairy industry calls for selfies to raise FTA awareness

By Richard Whitehead+ , 28-Aug-2014

New Zealand’s dairy industry is milking its Australian counterpart out of A$30m a year, according to a dairy farming lobby group that is calling for a free-trade agreement to level the playing field.

According to Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF), the country’s dairy industry is being seriously challenged by its counterparts in New Zealand, who have benefited from a free-trade agreement with China over the last six years. 

As a result, ADF has complained that the Kiwis have developed an export share of 37% of the global market, compared to Australia’s “miserable” 7%.

To redress the balance, DFA has called on Australians to get behind a selfie campaign on September 1 to raise awareness of the situation.

To spread the message, Australian Dairy Farmers are urging everyone to get behind its #FTA4dairy ‘selfie’ campaign to promote a positive China-Australia FTA for all Australian farmers,” ADF said in a statement.

The absence of a ADF with China is costing Australian dairy farmers over $30 million a year, money that could be put back into local dairy farm  communities to make Australia more competitive on the global market.”

Participants have been urged to send a tweet or upload a selfie holding a handwritten sign with a positive message incorporating the #FTA4dairy to social media using the #FTA4dairy and #FTA4farmers hashtags.

Dairy Australian is also getting involved, with its own “Legendairy” selfie album. “It’s good to see the farmers having a bit of fun while giving us an insight into their daily lives,” said Isabel MacNeill of the lobby group. 

We know the farmers are proud and passionate about their work and in particular their herd, so to see them on our Facebook page sharing images of what’s close to them is really great.”

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