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Greek yogurt manufacturers face increasing private label competition - Euromonitor

By Mark Astley+

Last updated on 22-Mar-2013 at 15:38 GMT2013-03-22T15:38:51Z

Greek-style yogurt manufacturers, including Chobani, face increasing competition from cheaper private label options, according to Euromonitor.

Greek-style yogurt manufacturers, including Chobani, face increasing competition from cheaper private label options, according to Euromonitor.

Greek-style yogurt manufacturers are under increasing pressure from private label manufacturers whose products are growing in popularity among “cash-strapped consumers,” Euromonitor International has claimed.

According to Euromonitor International ingredient analyst, Lauren Bandy, many private label manufacturers are launching Greek-style yogurt products. With generally lower unit prices, these private label alternatives are becoming increasingly popular, she added.

“Demand for private label yogurt is really growing, particularly in Europe. Established brands are facing tough competition from them,” Bandy told

“If a private label Greek-style yogurt is a few pence or £1 cheaper consumers will try it,” she said. “If it is comparable in taste with the big brand versions they will stick with it.”

Is Brogurt (yogurt for men) the way forward?

In order to remain competitive in this increasingly stagnated market, these established Greek-style yogurt manufacturers should be looking to diversify, said Bandy.

“Protein is becoming a mainstream ingredient, it not just for the gym-crazed or body builders,” she said. “In Europe, Greek-style yogurt has always been popular. In the US, Chobani has taken up 20% of the yogurt market. In the US it has gone from being a niche to being available in every corner shop.”

“Looking for different ways to market Greek-style yogurt is definitely the way forward for manufacturers.”

Greek-style yogurt has traditional been marketed to women. But according to Bandy, manufacturers are likely to increase their focus on men and children in the coming year.

I think a Greek-style yogurt aimed at men would be interesting,” said Bandy, adding that there is also likely to be an increased focus on indulgence.

“Big opportunity” for ingredient manufacturers

While Greek-style yogurt demand has fuelled competition for manufacturers, it has also created opportunities for ingredients manufacturers, said Bandy.

“This is a big opportunity for whey and milk protein ingredients, which offer alternative solutions to the straining process used to produce traditional Greek yogurt,” she said, identifying Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) as one of the first firms to tap into the trend.

Earlier this year, AFI unveiled a protein range called Nutrilac. When used in conjunction with AFI’s Quick processing technique, the proteins enable traditional yogurt manufacturers to produce Greek-style yogurt using their existing technology.

According to AFI, yogurt manufacturers that adopt the concept will be able to compete with existing Greek-style yogurt manufacturers in terms of both price and quality.

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