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Nestlé drops milk-buying in the UK


Nestle has dropped its milk-buying activities in the UK, after the country finally looses its war-time habit of consuming condensed and evaporated milk.

According to an report, sales of condensed and evaporated milk have were blamed by Nestlé for its decision to rationalise production and stop buying milk direct from 460 dairy farmers there.

Nestle is to close its factory in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, where Carnation evaporated milk has been made, with the loss of 117 jobs. The product will now be made under licence by Associated Co-operative Creameries, which is now a part of the Co-operative Group.

Meanwhile, production of sweetened condensed milk, which was a favourite during the ration-era of the 1940s and 50s, will be moved to Nestle factories in the Netherlands. Instead, the company will invest £2.5 million (€3.9m) expanding Cappuccino production at its Cumbria plant, the report added.

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