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New flavours: the taste of summer


Convincing our taste buds that summer is, in fact, an all-year event has long been the challenge of food scientists. A new range from flavour manufacturers Ungerer seeks to do just that.

Tapping into a recent trend whereby the straight strawberry taste has shifted to a fruit and dairy character, the UK subsidiary of privately-owned US company Ungerer has launched a new range of strawberry flavourings based on this theme.

According to the company these flavourings contain trace levels of 'stinky' sulphur chemicals - typical descriptions are 'cabbage', 'over ripe cheese' and 'sour cream' - that have been identified in dairy products or when strawberries are pureed or cooked. They are suitable for application in desserts, dairy products and where heat stability is a requirement, claims Ungerer .

Strawberry flavouring P5062-1N1 has a yoghurt character, derived from trace levels of modern thio esters and other sulphur notes. The impression is of over ripe fruit and when added to yoghurt at about 0.1 per cent the whole taste of the product is enhanced.

Ungerer maintains that strawberry flavouring PE4082-2N1 has an even more pronounced cooked vegetable character, towards the taste of pureed fruit. At 0.1 per cent it apparently works well in dairy products and desserts. Additionally, it can be blended with acidic, jammy notes, strawberry flavouring PE4093-1N1, to provide a heat-stable flavouring, recommended for baked goods. The flavouring can used at up to 0.4 per cent for this application.

Ungerer is based in Chester, UK and is the European headquarters for USA parent company Ungerer & Company.

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