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UK company upgrades facility - but not without hitches


UK-based dairy co-operative Milk Link has recently finished a complete overhaul of its processing facilities through Moody Systems, a contractor specialising in the upgrading of dairy equipment.

But before Moody Systems stepped in on the project, all had not gone entirely to plan. The last thing Milk Link had expected to happen on the upgrade project to its recently acquired Staplemead Dairy in Frome, Somerset, was for the contractor it had initially commissioned to carry out the work to go into liquidation part way through the job.

Moody stepped in and, after agreeing terms within the original budget, took overall responsibility for the installation, including the full-time employment of six staff from the liquidated company.

"It was Moody's speed of response that really impressed us," said Andrew Birkett, general manager of Milk Link's Staplemead operation.

"We received the bad news on a Friday and by Monday afternoon the project was up and running again, with minimal delay to completion. It was a seamless handover from our point of view," he added.

The project, which entails Moody supplying all tanks, pumps and valves, installation of all equipment on site and commissioning, is due for completion in late November 2002 and will increase volume and improve efficiencies at the creamery.

The Staplemead facility produces retail packed cream, flavoured milk, custard, soft cheese, yoghurt and skimmed milk powder for major multiple retailers and food service businesses.

The Moody group of companies serves the dairy, beverage and liquid food industries worldwide. Moody Systems supply, rebuild, install and maintain production facilities. MoodyDirect is a single source provider of maintenance, repair and operating items. The company's mission is to reduce costs and increase business worth.

Milk Link is a leading dairy co-operative with nearly 2,700 members farming predominantly across the south and south west of the UK. Its milk brokering business alone has an annual turnover of £300 million (€469m), and collects and markets a total of nearly 1.4 billion litres of milk every year. The company currently accounts for about 10 per cent of the UK's total milk production.

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