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Refrigerated trucker expands European network

UK supply chain company Gist has expanded its refrigerated trucking network to continental Europe by purchasing Netherlands-based G Van Dongen Holdings.

ASHRAE rating for Rhodia's 'greenest' refrigerant

A low temperature refrigerant that is non-ozone depleting, non-flammable and non-toxic has just been assigned an ASHRAE number. Could this be the cost-effective solution to help manufacturers reduce emission levels?...

Honeywell invests in 'greener' refrigerants

Honeywell is building a new facility in China to produce 'environmentally friendlier' HFC refrigerants, just as Europe pledges to reduce these types of gases.

Arla milk powder strategy to counteract EU reforms

Arla Foods is refocusing its production of skimmed milk powder in an attempt to alleviate the effects of the EU milk reform.

German deposit system reverses packaging trend

The mandatory deposit system on non-reusable packaging has had a significant impact on the bottled water and cooler sector in Germany, according to a new report. Since the introduction of...

Racks and enclosures refrigeration system

Caspian Climatic, a UK based manufacturing company, has introduced Cool Cab, a refrigerating system specifically designed for racks and enclosures. Developers at the company's Wiltshire...

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