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Van Genechten supports new eco cartons with multipack machine launch

Van Genechten has unveiled its first new machine in 5 years - the “VG ComPack” - a multipacker developed to apply outer carton to yoghurt packs and support its new...

Goodbye milk fraud, hello origin tracking

A kit to test the authenticity of milk origin for use within the food and beverage industry can be used within the processing facility and has been developed by global...

Bericap redesigns 38mm cap to cut weight

Bericap is going after the market for light weight packaging with a redesigned 38mm closure that it developed for a new dairy drink from Coca-Cola China.

SIG Combibloc blazes green trail in China

The first FSC-labelled cartons are to be launched onto the Chinese market, said SIG Combibloc as it seeks to raise awareness of sustainability issues in the global economic powerhouse.

New spray technology guide aims to address clogging challenges

A new white paper evaluates the causes, ramifications and remedies for clogging in cooling, cleaning, coating and other spray applications within the food and beverage manufacturing sectors.

Edible film may kill bacteria in refrigerated foods

Lactoperoxidase (LPS) incorporated edible film has good potential for bacterial inhibition use in refrigerated foods as well as meat, poultry and seafood, claims a new study in the journal, Food...

Firms need to act now on refrigerant fluid, says Arkema

Very few installations have been retrofitted with HFC or topped up with recycled R22, a HCFC refrigerant fluid, with the deadline of 2009 phase-out fast approaching, claims a HFC/CHIC refrigerant...

Can the carton contribute to a low carbon economy?

Increasing regulatory and consumer pressure is forcing food and drink processors to reduce the amount of packaging on their products and work towards creating a low carbon economy - can...

New light-weight, aesthetic tubs aimed at premium dairy sector

A light-weight polypropylene container with in-mold graphics for point-of-sale differentiation has been developed for the premium end of the North American dairy packaging market, claims its manufacturer.

Tetra Pak collaboration benefits customers and company

Tetra Pak's closer collaboration with engineering firm ABB will enable customers to benefit from shorter lead times in the implementation of Tetra PlantMaster plant automation solutions and provide the company...

Aseptic packaging dispenses with need for refrigeration

New flexible aseptic packaging is designed to dispense shelf-stable beverages and liquid foods repeatedly over extended time without the need for refrigeration, preservatives, or power.

Rank consolidates ownership of SIG

Switzerland-based SIG gets a new board of directors today, as New Zealand investment group Rank Group Holdings consolidates its ownership of the company.

Researchers study more efficient refrigeration techniques

In a bid to cut energy use in the UK's food processing plants, researchers at the University ofBristol have launched a government-funded project to come up with more efficient refrigerationtechniques.

Self-refrigerating can ready for market, companies claim

A new self-refrigerating can lowers beverage temperature bya minimum of 16.7° C in just three minutes, its developers claim.

Bakery company settles federal refrigerants suit

A third baking company made a settlement this week with the US government over its use of ozone-depleting refrigerants.

RFID system monitors temperature of refrigerated trucks

A UK company has released a wireless system monitoring system allowing managers to keep track of the temperatures of refrigerated truck trailers while they are parked or being chilled for...

Edible milk protein skin opens new packaging opportunity

An edible and water-resistant milk protein could become the next packaging hit for dairy processors.

Food safety demand pushes refrigerated truckers to upgrade

With processors demanding better food safety along the supply chain, the refrigerated truck industry is rising to meet the challenge. However the industry's growth may lead to problems in finding...

Refrigerated trucker expands European network

UK supply chain company Gist has expanded its refrigerated trucking network to continental Europe by purchasing Netherlands-based G Van Dongen Holdings.

ASHRAE rating for Rhodia's 'greenest' refrigerant

A low temperature refrigerant that is non-ozone depleting, non-flammable and non-toxic has just been assigned an ASHRAE number. Could this be the cost-effective solution to help manufacturers reduce emission levels?...

Honeywell invests in 'greener' refrigerants

Honeywell is building a new facility in China to produce 'environmentally friendlier' HFC refrigerants, just as Europe pledges to reduce these types of gases.

Arla milk powder strategy to counteract EU reforms

Arla Foods is refocusing its production of skimmed milk powder in an attempt to alleviate the effects of the EU milk reform.

German deposit system reverses packaging trend

The mandatory deposit system on non-reusable packaging has had a significant impact on the bottled water and cooler sector in Germany, according to a new report. Since the introduction of...

Racks and enclosures refrigeration system

Caspian Climatic, a UK based manufacturing company, has introduced Cool Cab, a refrigerating system specifically designed for racks and enclosures. Developers at the company's Wiltshire...

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