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ExxonMobil touts energy saving claims for food grade lubricants

By Rory Harrington , 04-Apr-2012
Last updated on 04-Apr-2012 at 14:23 GMT2012-04-04T14:23:41Z

ExxonMobil touts energy saving claims for food grade lubricants
ExxonMobil touts energy saving claims for food grade lubricants
Loading... caught up with Dr Ian Davidson of ExxonMobil at Anuga FoodTec in Cologne last week to talk about new energy saving claims the company is making for its range of food-grade lubricants.

The global industrial marketing manager explained lubricants face a raft of challenges in the food environment as manufacturers seek to boost processing efficiencies while maintaining the highest safety standards.

The firm said its range of NSF H1 registered SHC Cibus Series oils have the potential to help food and beverage companies achieve energy efficiency savings of up to 3.6% for the full spectrum gear oil applications.

Dr Davidson explained how the low traction co-efficient of the molecules of the products promote energy efficiency. Its specific characteristics also mean that the energy needed by the machine to churn the oil is also cut.

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