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GEA TDS technology promises ‘drastic’ beverage deaeration savings

By Ben Bouckley , 21-Nov-2012
Last updated on 22-Nov-2012 at 14:33 GMT2012-11-22T14:33:51Z

New beverage deaeration technology from GEA TDS at Brau Beviale 2012

GEA TDS tells that its new beverage deaeration technology for beverages and milks can help manufacturers achieve ‘drastic savings’ in terms of steam, water, energy and thus money.

Jürgen Henke, marketing manager, GEA TDS (on the right in our picture) spoke to Ben Bouckley at Brau Beviale 2012 about GEA TDS’s new optimized technology for vacuum deaeration, and the touted savings.

He said: “The main saving is achieved in adapting the temperature to the product when the process starts. That means that, normally, you have steps of 5C or whatever, but we can adapt the process much more closely.”

“Our steps are below that. That means you save immediately the energy in the process, according to well-adapted temperature parameters,” Henke added.

Unduly high oxygen levels in products have a long-term impact on beverage taste, color and shelf life, and also negatively affects the bottling or packaging process, as drinks tend to foam up.

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