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Milwaukee wages winter war on road ice...with cheese brine

By Mark Astley+


The US city of Milwaukee has begun a pilot program to recycle cheese brine – a by-product of mozzarella and provolone production – as a road de-icer.

Officials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin began mixing the salty waste product with traditional rock salt earlier this month as a means of keeping roads in the city free of ice, the New York Times recently reported.

Historically, there is no functional post production use for cheese brine. Instead, it is typically subject to costly disposal processes.

The pilot program will ease pollution and reduce costs for both the city and the supplying cheese maker, said the New York Times.

Tony Zielinski, the Milwaukee alderman behind the pilot program said: "We're just trying to make every possible use of cheese."

"If this takes off, it this proves to be a success here, I'm sure that it will be used in cities all over the world."


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