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Serac buys 100% Agami shares

By Jenny Eagle+



French group Serac has bought 100% shares in Agami, based in Paris, to expand into the packaging manufacturing market.

Agami makes polystyrene bottles from a plastic sheet (PS) and Serac has been supporting the firm’s development, giving them machines and helping them to finetune their design.

For example, several machines have been delivered for small size dairy bottles.

Stylianos Eleftheriou, founder, Agami, has been appointed as general manager and will lead the R&D department to develop applications such as PP bottles manufacturing (polypropylene) and multi-layered bottles, which he believes will grow the business.

The company acquired a minority participation in Agami’s capital in 2010.

It claims the technological challenges have all been met and the focus is now on investing in financial and human resources to increase sales.

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