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Nestle points towards future of cocoa research

The future of research into the potential health benefits of cocoa should focus on the mechanisms and active compounds, with well defined clinical trials key to this burgeoning segment, says...

Encapsulated CLA passes dairy taste test - study

Encapsulation of conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) using whey protein led to better stability of the ingredient and consumer acceptance when used in dairy, says a new study.

Whey protein hydrogels offer encapsulation advantages - study

Whey proteins hydrogels - 3D networks with the ability retain water in it structure when dissolved - have the potential to encapsulate sensitive ingredients, suggests a new study.

Symrise targets Asian growth with research facility

Symrise is investing in understanding the flavour and nutrition needs of consumers in Asia with the 'dramatic' expansion of its regional Sensory and Consumer Science Center in Singapore.

Meat, dairy nutrient may raise cancer risk, says study

Choline, a nutrient found in meat, eggs and dairy products, has been linked to a possible increase in the risk of colorectal cancer in women, reveals a study published in...

Goat milk prevents iron deficiency - study

A study of the nutritional benefits of goat milk, compared to cow milk, at preventing iron deficiency could prove to be a huge benefit to human health.

Cheese taste and aroma boosted by prebiotics - study

The sensory aspects of cheese could be boosted by the addition of prebiotic ingredients, in addition to improving the nutritional profile of the product, suggests new research.

Weekly comment

The aspartame science kerfuffle

The publication of a new animal study on aspartame last month has - as expected -sparked yet another bout of head butting from the two opposing sides of the debate....

Dairy may protect smokers from prostate cancer - study

Increased intake of dairy foods may cut the risk of smokers developing prostate cancer by about 40 per cent, suggests a new study from the US.

Stored goat's milk can make the grade, says study

Goat milk stored under refrigerated and sanitary conditions meets grade A standards for up to five days, according to a recent university study.

Bioactive paper packaging under development

A new bioactive packaging paper under development is designed to detect and kill any pathogens that are present in a food product.

Danone and Yakult to accelerate R&D cooperation

France's Danone and Japan's Yakult will continue their strategic alliance involving closer cooperation on R&D and entry into new markets, maintaining their positions as leaders in the probiotics market. ...

UK study sparks additives row

Growing use of natural ingredients in the UK food and drink industry took on greater importance this week in anticipation of a new study again linking widely used additives to...

Tetra Pak invests millions in new research centres

Sweden-based Tetra Pak will invest €32.6m in two new centres in Lund to develop new processing and packaging equipment for food and drink manufacturers.

Dairy linked to Parkinson's disease, study

Men who consume large amounts of dairy foods may increase their risk of developing Parkinson's disease, says new research.

Nestle taste research may benefit salt reduction

Scientists at the Nestle Research Center have identified a network of molecules behind our ability to taste salt, research that could aid in the push to reduce salt levels in...

Exclusive interview

Inside Nestlé's R&D world

In the first of a new series of exclusive interviews, Professor Peter van Bladeren, Nestlé's director of science and research, tells Stephen Daniells how collaboration is key to innovation at...

Ireland dishes out funds for dairy research

A range of development projects, from functional dairy proteins to cheddar cheese, will benefit from a multi-million euro investment in Ireland's dairy industry, the country's government has announced.

Salt reduction may slash heart disease risk - study

Cutting salt intake may slash the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 35 per cent, says a new multi-centre study from a group of leading US universities.

Perspectives for Food 2030

EU research needs conference begins

About 150 experts are gathering here today in Belgium's capital city for a peak into the future of the food industry.

Research to develop organic processing standards

EU researchers will discuss ways to improve the safety and processing of organic and other "low-input" foods at an upcoming meeting in Stuttgart, Germany.

Food sector vulnerable to emergencies, says study

Being lean and mean in the food and drink manufacturing sector might pay off in terms of profits, but the practice has left the supply chain vulnerable to a crisis,...

Low fat dairy raises infertility risk, study

Women who consume low fat dairy products like skimmed milk may significantly increase their risk of becoming infertile, new research from the US claims.

UK firms missing out on R&D tax relief

UK manufacturers are missing out on tens of millions of pounds of research & development (R&D) tax relief because they are not investigating whether their activities qualify for the benefit....

Study highlights milk BSE risk

Fears that cows with BSE could pass on the disease to humans via proteins in their milk has gained more credence from a new study, which has encouraged stricter analysis...

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