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Claims on food benefits outweigh risk messages, finds study

Messages of potential risk or scientific uncertainty of functional food products has little impact on peoples’ willingness to purchase them, according to a study conducted using Danone’s Danacol cholesterol-reducing yoghurt....

Research takes aim at chocolate challenges in yoghurt

Herza Schokolade has launched a research project to find new ways of producing sterile chocolate pieces for yoghurts.

Sesame proteins point to reduced milk cheese: Study

The milk protein content of soft cheese may be reduced using sesame proteins, and tap into local tastes in China's booming dairy segment, suggests a new study from China and...

Yoghurt fastest growing dairy market – YouGov research

Market research agency YouGov SixthSense has published a study suggesting that yoghurt is the fastest growing sector in the UK dairy industry.

Probiotics may help fat and weight loss: Study

Daily supplements of Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 (LG2055) may help weight loss in people with obese tendencies, says new science from Japan.

Lactic acid bacteria and fermented milk research grabs IDF honours

Probiotic and lactic acid functionality in dairy products informed the research undertaken by the Irish, Finnish and US award winners of the IDF Elie Metchnikoff Prize 2010, who were announced...

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Danisco awards student grant for dairy research

Danisco has offered a Food Science MSc student a study grant to pursue research which could help reduce waste and cut costs in the manufacturing of fermented dairy products.

Special Edition: Nanotechnology

Food sector and R&D need to chew the nano fat for wider take-up: analyst

The benefits for nano-packaging, showing how it can overcome current food and drink industry challenges in terms of shelf life, distribution or sustainability, need to become more apparent in order...

Milk research group takes first step to functional ingredients

A new initiative to identify dairy bioactive ingredients has yielded 30 peptides that could be used to develop new functional food and beverage ingredients.

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FrieslandCampina to do all R&D in Wageningen

FrieslandCampina is planning to pool its research and development activities in the Netherlands around one central hub.

Study into benefits of DanActive yoghurt drink delivers 'mixed results'

A randomised clinical study on the health effects of drinking the probiotic yoghurt-like drink DanActive suggests that it may protect children from gastrointestinal illness but have little influence on their...

Study backs immune health benefits of probiotic cheese

Scientists in Finland have highlighted the potential of probiotic cheese to protect and enhance the immune system of elderly people.

Study praises indicator approach to food safety evaluation

Scientists have highlighted the virtue of food safety performance indicators (FSPI) to help businesses evaluate their own safety management systems without having to perform actual microbiological analysis.

Study shows french food processing workers 'better off' than UK counterparts

New research which compared labour practice in the French and UK food processing industries found French permanent employees are better paid, worker fewer hours and were better off in terms...


Investment in sustainable packaging essential, says study

Producers must ensure packaging is more sustainable as customers remain convinced that food packing is excessive and are altering their consumption patterns as a result, warns research from Datamonitor.

Organic lobby defends health value of its milk from study claims

The Soil Association has hit back at claims made in a newly published study that organic milk is similar in “nutritional quality and wholesomeness” to conventional milk.

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Spend on science not marketing for a positive health claim: EFSA scientist

Companies should put more money into studies to substantiate the science of probiotics, perhaps at the cost of marketing, a member of EFSA’s evaluating panel has said.

Study claims organic milk offers no nutritional advantages

A new study has suggested that there may be little nutritional difference between conventional and organic milk.

Chr Hansen opens first Asian development centre

Chr Hansen has opened its first product development centre in Asia to boost its capabilities as a supplier and partner in the region.

Cross-cultural study explores limits of healthy cheese and yoghurt

Manufacturers should be wary about cutting too much fat from cheese and too much sugar from yoghurt, according to new cross-cultural research.

Omega-3-fortified dairy effective for heart health: Study

Consuming dairy products fortified with omega-3 fatty acids does benefit heart health, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, says a new study from Germany.

Replace saturated fats with omega-3 to boost heart health: Harvard study

Reducing intakes of saturated fats in the diet, and consuming polyunsaturated fats in their place, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 19 per cent, says a new...

Milk beats sports drink in female resistance training study

Skimmed milk may be a better training aid for female resistance athletes than a sports drink thanks to its calcium and protein content, according to a new study.

Inulin-blend offers low-fat dairy opportunities: Study

Low-fat dairy products that taste like their full-fat varieties may be formulated with a blend of long and short-chain inulin, says a new study from Spain.

High calcium intakes may improve male survival: Study

Intakes of calcium above the recommended daily levels may reduce the risk of dying from heart disease and cancer by 25 per cent, says a new study from Sweden.

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