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Probiotics may reduce eczema in young children: Study

Daily supplements of a probiotic strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus may reduce the incidence of childhood eczema by about 50 per cent, according to a new study.

Closure demand boosted through drink pack development

Global beverage closure demand is expected to surge over the next five years as manufacturers attempt to add more value to their products through packaging innovation, according to a new...

Research associations CCFRA and BRI merge to improve efficiencies

Two food and drink research centres, CCFRA and BRI, have merged to strengthen their resources and help companies in the industry innovate and ensure the safety and quality of their...

MSG linked to increased body weight: study

Consumption of the flavour enhancer monosodium glutamate (MSG) may increase the risk of gaining weight, regardless of energy intake, suggests a new study.

Vitamin D3 stable for fortifying cheese: study

Fortification of Cheddar cheese with vitamin D3 may be an effective means of raising vitamin D levels in the population, suggest new results from Canada.

Study links dairy to better bones in kids

Long-term dairy consumption, supplemented with other protein-rich foods such as meats can help maintain improved bone health in children, according to a new study.

Research targets dairy autism fears

New US research hopes to determine whether anecdotal concerns over the presence of dairy and gluten-containing products on the behaviour of children with autism are justified.

Study plays up skimmed milk sports hydration boost

Skimmed milk may become an unlikely new secret weapon within an athlete's kit bag, with new research linking the product to a beneficial effect on preventing dehydration after a workout.

Energy savings could arise from pack pasteurisation study

The level of pasteurisation required for the packaging of hot-fill products is being evaluated by UK group CCFRA as part of its food packaging research programme.

Early probiotic consumption stops gut problems: study

Probiotic bacteria may reduce the occurrence of gut complications in premature infants, suggests new research with piglets.

Encapsulation and fish dominate July's science

July started with IFT in New Orleans - always a time for innovation. The highlights of this month's science have been novel encapsulation and controlled release, and getting more from...

Protein analyzer wins IFT food science award

The Sprint Rapid Protein Analyzer from CEM Corp, North Carolina, USA, has won a 2008 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award at the IFT trade food show in New Orleans.

Nanotechnology-enabled packaging regulation roadmap offered:study

A new study provides a roadmap for consumers, food manufacturers and government through potential US regulatory issues for nanotechnology-enabled food packaging, claims the report's author.

Fortified cheese as good as supplements for vitamin D: study

Eating cheese fortified with vitamin D results in the same blood rises in the vitamin as from supplements, reports new research from Canada.

Solutions abound for polyphenol-fortified milk: study

Adding fruit flavours and cyclodextrin to milk may boost consumer acceptance of polyphenol-enriched dairy, without the need for added sugar, report New Zealand scientists.

Danisco pledges research, acquisitions in healthy ingredients

Danisco plans to further strengthen its health and nutrition ingredients offering in areas in which it is not a market leader, as it positions to for a bio-based future.

Bagged-milk highlighting green dairy development

A new milk packaging initiative by a leading UK retailer designed to cut package waste is just one of many green container innovations being carried out by dairy processors, according...

Trans fats harm may pass from mother to infant in breast milk: study

The potentially damaging effects of trans fats may also be passed from a mother to her child during breast feeding, suggests a new study that heaps more misery on the...

Processor installs whey testing to aid customer development

Niro has installed it latest whey ingredient technology at its Copenhagen testing site in a bid to aid manufacturer development and marketing of new product compositions from the protein.

Study links milk farm chemical input to nutrient kick

Lower input non-organic and organically produced milk has been found to contain significantly higher levels of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants compared to higher chemical use sources, a new...

Heavy borrowing and investment hurting UK firms, says study

Heavy borrowing linked to an ambitious investment strategy has left some of the largest UK food processors in severe financial difficulty, claims a new report.

Vitamin D levels should be multiplied by ten for children: study

Raising current vitamin D levels from 200 International Units (IU) to 2,000 IU could boost bone health amongst children and have long-term health benefits, says new research.

Weight and mood drive Euro functional food development

Foods that assist weight management, cognition and mood and that are high in antioxidants, fibre and whole grains are leading functional foods development, according to a UK-based market analyst.

Process development targets dairy cholesterol cutting

A proprietary processing development for natural dairy-based ingredients can offer a lower cholesterol alternative to regular milk, while maintaining the same taste profile, according to its manufacturer.

Culinary inspiration crucial to Givaudan R&D

Givaudan's Chefs' Council demonstrates a significant part of the international flavour company's strategy to seek culinary inspiration for the development of future flavours.

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