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Milk fat may lead to bowel diseases by altering gut bacteria: Study

Saturated milk fats commonly found in Western processed foods could be leading to changes in the gut ecosystem that result in higher risks of inflammatory bowel diseases, warn researchers.

'Untargeted' milk adulteration detection method in development – IDF

An “untargeted” infrared (IR)-based approach to preventing milk adulteration is under development, offering the dairy industry the ability to detect the presence of unknown adulterants.

Milk ingredient could protect against obesity – research

An natural ingredient found in milk could protect humans against obesity, even while enjoying a diet high in fat, research has found.

Infant formula brain development benefits within range of breast milk - report

The brain development of infants raised on milk-based infant formula does “not differ significantly” from those fed breast milk and soy protein-based formula, a US study has claimed.

US raw milk cheese manufacturing safety regulations ‘appear adequate’ - study

Current US regulations governing the manufacture of cheese made using unpasteurised milk “appear adequate” for producing microbiologically safe products, a study has claimed.

New method to detect vet drugs in infant food bolsters EU zero tolerance approach - research

Spanish researchers said the development of a novel method for detecting minute levels of veterinary drugs in certain baby foods will help reinforce the European Union’s zero-tolerance approach to their...

Cheese intake during pregnancy may reduce childhood tooth decay - study

A high intake of cheese during pregnancy may reduce the risk of dental decay during childhood, a study has revealed.

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Poster sessions will help Vitafoods showcase cutting edge science

Vitafoods Europe is launching a unique programme of research presentations and poster sessions to showcase the latest scientific developments in the industry at this year’s show.

Sexier mice eat probiotic yogurt: researcher hints at human implications

The co-author of a research paper that found that mice fed probiotic yogurt displayed 'mouse swagger' and better sexual performance has told that the findings were potentially relevant to...

Industry damns sucralose study at cancer conference

Research led by the controversial Italian scientist, Dr Morando Soffriti, linking the artificial sweeteners sucralose and aspartame to cancer, was presented today at the Children with Cancer science conference in...

Donkey milk derby? Study trumpets health boosting potential for elderly

Donkey and horse milks and their derivatives could prove valuable foods for elderly consumers, and could also be used in probiotic drinks due to health-promoting properties.

Whey protein lent healthy ageing opportunity with new research: Volac

Europe’s largest whey protein supplier Volac claims that new scientific research backs the ingredient’s healthy ageing benefits for older consumers, and the need for ‘tailored nutrition strategies’ to meet their...

Personalised Nutrition: Genome testing could make dietary interventions for genetic disease possible, study suggests

Researchers may have moved a step closer to fighting certain genetic diseases with dietary interventions after new a new study found that come genetic mutations could be corrected with diet.

Allergen test may not accurately detect milk proteins triggers, warn researchers

The standard test used to detect potentially allergenic milk proteins in processed foods may not work as well as previously believed, according to new research.

Nestlé scoops ice cream rivals with avalanche research

Nestlé scientists are working with an avalanche and snow research team to identify the main mechanisms which alter ice creams texture and structure.

Risks of slashing sodium levels in cheese could outweigh benefits, US researcher

A prominent US researcher says that government pressure to cut sodium in cheese could have serious food safety, taste and labeling consequences, and questions the necessity of such a move...

New dairy analog antibiotic could improve food safety, US researchers find

Researchers at the University of Illinois say they have discovered a new antibiotic that, as an analog of milk peptide nisin, has potential for use both as a food preservative...

Nature’s One CEO savages ‘flawed’ baby formula arsenic study, but author defends work

US organic baby formula manufacturer Nature’s One has attacked recent research suggesting that arsenic levels in its toddler formulas were a cause for concern, but the study’s lead author defended...

Anti-fungal compounds offer natural shelf-life boost alternative - researchers

Researchers are working to develop a method for extending the shelf-life of products such as cheese, cakes and pastries using natural anti-fungal compounds to meet consumer demands.

Global Alliance for Probiotics: There is a “discord” between science and claims

The newly formed Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) has issued its first public statement, affirming that a complete rethink of probiotic health claim rules is required in the European Union,...

Fonterra presents probiotic and dairy lipid research in Moscow

New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra has presented what it claims is significant research showing that its proprietary probiotic strains reduce childhood disease and childhood allergy rates, while the addition of...

Functional foods offer ‘protective matrix’ for probiotic delivery, confirm researchers

A new model to evaluate probiotic survival in the gut has confirmed that many bacteria strains survive better when consumed in a functional food matrix such as fermented milks –...

Monthly Career Insider

From dishwasher to dairy innovator - the road to enzyme and culture development

In the second installment of the new FoodNavigator series - Monthly Career Insider - we talk to the VP of dairy innovation at Chr. Hansen.

Star roles for consumers and 'innovation' in new Arla research script

Dairy processing giant Arla has revealed to that it has overhauled its research strategy for 2012, to prioritise product innovation and tailor its portfolio to specific world markets.

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Glee for ghee butter fans as Indian researchers develop low cholesterol variety

The Indian National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) has developed a low-cholesterol ghee butter that is claimed to have 80-85% less cholesterol compared to normal desi ghee made from cow or...

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