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Flora research could lead to tastier blue cheese

That whiffy blue cheese lurking at the back of your fridge might soon taste even better, thanks to an innovative research project examining what gives it its distinctive texture, smell...

New study identifies limits of sodium reduction in dairy foods

New research suggests that reductions in the sodium content of dairy foods may be more noticeable in simpler products and require appropriate labelling to be acceptable to consumer taste buds.

Study uncovers differences between organic and conventional milk

A new study published in the Journal of Dairy Science suggests that organic supermarket milk may offer a better nutritional profile than conventional milk.

Lactalis pays €8.28m for stake in Spanish ingredients researcher

The Spanish subsidiary of French dairy giant Lactalis has paid €8.28m for 29.9 per cent of the ingredients research division of Spanish dairy group Ebro Foods, which produces the omega-3...

Salty odours may boost flavour and acceptance: Unilever study

Salty odours may improve the salty taste intensity and consumer acceptance of low salt foods by increasing the perception of salty flavours, according to new research from Unilever.

Study may help to unravel the sensory profiles of cheese

A new study describing how aromas are released during consumption of cheese may help better understand their sensory profiles, say the researchers.

Study suggests dairy fatty acid cuts type 2 diabetes risk

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health claim to have identified a fatty acid in diary products that may reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.

Reducing salt in imitation cheese: Study

Imitation cheese with 60 per cent less sodium may be just as accepted in terms of sensory and functional properties compared to full salt versions, according to new research.

Cheese whey may protect against IBD: Study

Cheese whey protein may help to reduce genetic markers and symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease, according to a new study in rats.

Study identifies novel antioxidants in human milk

Novel antioxidant peptides identified in human milk and synthesized by a team of Canadian researchers could have potential uses in enriched infant formula.

Zenith research eyes major dairy snacking potential

Zenith International has published a report on the dairy snacks market revealing high global sales growth and predicting significant opportunities for further expansion.

Encapsulation may slow fat digestion: Unilever R&D

Encapsulating oils with alginates may slow the digestion of the lipids in the intestines and help formulate foods with controlled fat release and weight management potential, says a new study...

Probiotics: Study highlights how processing conditions affect properties

Differences in the production of bacterial strains may change the potentially probiotic properties of resulting food, says a new study from Finland that ‘sets important prerequisites for quality control in...

Special edition: R&D

Lack of R&D puts EU food sector at risk

Europe’s food and drink sector is lagging behind the competition because of investments in R&D have stagnated since 2006, warns the CIAA.

Ice cream not a problem for probiotic bacteria: Study

Ice creams with added pre- or probiotics can be formulated to have good nutritional and sensory properties, according to research, with careful balancing of the recipe to ensure acceptable taste,...

Dispatches from IPA 2010

Ceramic insulation wins IPA research innovation award for JBT FoodTech

JBT FoodTech said the development of its latex based ceramic insulation system – an IPA innovation award winner this week - was informed by insights gained from space shuttle engineering.

FrieslandCampina to open new R&D centre in H2 2012

Dutch dairy co-operative Royal FrieslandCampina is building a new €16m research and development (R&D) centre to target innovation in consumer products and ingredients.

Nano-coatings cut milk fouling in gasketed plate heat exchanger - research

The application of nano-composites to gasketed plate heat exchangers can reduce milk fouling and cut cleaning time of the equipment by up to 80 per cent, according to new research.

Glanbia R&D execs discuss failed bid to split company

At the annual meeting of Food for Health Ireland (FHI) in Cork, two R&D executives at Glanbia discussed the recent move to split the company.

Research project aims to replace saturated fats in milk

The University of Reading in the UK has been awarded a grant of almost £300,000 to research ways of reducing the saturated fat content of milk without increasing trans fat production.

Breakthrough study shows personalised nutrition future for probiotics

Probiotic bacteria may affect gene activity and the cellular reactions they control in the human intestine, a study has revealed for the first time.

Dairy UK: Gov’t must take more science-based approach to nutrition

Trade body Dairy UK has urged the UK government to take a more science-based approach to nutrition policy when staff from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) join the Department of...

Milk could stop garlic breath, says study

Consuming food or beverages with a high water and fat content like milk reduces ‘garlic breath’ odour, according to a new study.

Probiotics show IBS benefits for children: Study

A ‘high-potency’ lactic acid bacteria supplement may ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in children, says a new study that echoes results from adult studies.

Soybean polysaccharides boost fibre content in dairy, study

Scientists claim to have developed three prototype dairy products capable of delivering significant quantities of dietary fibre.

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