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North Korean Emmental production training reports 'not true': French college

French training institute the National Dairy Industry College (ENIL) has rubbished reports it has agreed to school a North Korean delegation on the art of cheese making.

Gravity-free probiotics

Space…The final frontier for Yakult probiotics? 6-year study confirmed

Probiotic pioneer Yakult’s little bottles are to feature in a 6-year, gravity-free study at the International Space Station (ISS).

Whey protein’s benefits for improved body composition supported by new meta-analysis

Intake of whey protein as a supplement or in combination with resistance exercise, or as part of a weight-loss or weight-maintenance diet, may boost body composition for men and women,...

Products with panache: Greek yogurt innovations boost success

Bold and unusual flavours, added functionality, and developments in packaging are being created for Greek yogurt, according to Zenith International.

High blood pressure? Eat Norwegian cheese, says study

Consumption of Gamalost, a traditional Norwegian cheese, may reduce blood pressure, researchers claim.

EU backs bioactives to help Metabolic Syndrome

A multi-party, EU-funded project is investigating the potential of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA); β-glucan and anthocyanins to be used in ‘bioactive-enriched foods (BEF)’ that could help the range of maladies known...

UV radiation will light up milk's future: SurePure

Photopurification – which uses ultraviolet (UV) light to inactivate pathogens – could outstrip pasteurization of dairy products in the future, predicts developer SurePure. 

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Viagra ice cream, flavoured with Champagne

An ice cream which contains Viagra has been developed by a UK company. 

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Low & fat-free milk shows osteoarthritis benefits for women

Low & fat-free milk consumption can reduce the likelihood of osteoarthritis (OA), researchers at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts have found.

Protein experts slam ‘biased and flawed’ study linking protein to increased cancer mortality

A recent study linking protein intake to an increased risk of cancer death could have detrimental public health implications for adults seeking to maintain muscle health and avoid sarcopenia, says...

Scientists 'envisage' carton tag that changes color when milk is spoiled

Chinese scientists have developed a “smart tag” they say can indicate - by changing from red to green - when the contents of a milk carton are spoiled.

Soy formula linked to seizures in children with autism

Consumption of soy-based infant formula may be associated with a higher rate of seizures in children with autism, according to new data.


One week to go: FoodNavigator’s Sugar Debate separates the fact from the fiction

Sugar has been linked to everything from heart disease to obesity and cancers in recent months. But is it as bad as all that? Our free-to-attend debate aims to tackle...

Not enough evidence for low saturated fat dietary guidelines, says study

Saturated dairy fats don’t cause heart attacks: study

Dairy UK has welcomed a study, published by the University of Cambridge this week, which says there is not enough evidence to support heart health guidelines for a diet low...

50% energy savings for EU cheese ripening

Cheese producers could make energy savings of 50% in ripening rooms, according to a €1m EU research project, ‘Smart-Ripe.’

Hydrosol: ‘Big potential’ for original yogurt products

Yogurt cubes and other ‘trendy ideas’ for Greek yogurt could be a big opportunity for dairies, according to food stabilizer manufacturer Hydrosol. 

Diet high in animal protein may help prevent functional decline

A diet high in animal protein could help elderly people to function better physically, psychologically and socially, say researchers.

Yili expands with European research centre

Chinese dairy group, Yili, has launched a European research and development centre at Wageningen Campus in the Netherlands. 

Study: 'little difference' in digestibility

Raw milk: No benefit for lactose intolerance

‘There is little difference in the digestibility of raw (unpasteurized) milk and pasteurized milk’, claims a pilot study, ‘Effect of Raw Milk on Lactose Intolerance,’ from Stanford University School of...

The FoodNavigator Forum

How does sugar affect health? Find out at FoodNavigator’s Sugar Debate: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sugar – at least in excess – has been blamed for everything from heart disease to obesity and cancers in recent months. But is it as bad as all that?

Milk proteins plus exercise may boost cardiovascular health for obese women

Whey or casein supplementation with combined exercise training was associated with significant improvements in blood pressure and arterial stiffness in young obese women with hypertension, says a new study.

Breast milk benefits ‘overstated’ study headlines slammed

Baby Milk Action (BMA) is among several breast milk advocates to criticize reporting of a study that suggests the benefits of breastfeeding on child health and wellbeing may be "overstated."...

Vitamin D deficiency doesn't speed up T1 diabetes, say scientists

The progression of type 1 diabetes is not affected by vitamin D deficiency, despite patients recently diagnosed having significantly lower levels of the vitamin. 

Benefits of breast milk over infant formula ‘overstated’: Study

Breast milk may be no more beneficial than infant formula for 10 of 11 long-term health and wellbeing outcomes traditionally associated with breastfeeding, US researchers have claimed.

Eating yogurt may reduce type 2 diabetes risk: Cambridge study

Consuming four and a half standard pots of yogurt per week could reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by more than a quarter, a team of researchers from...

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