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Manufacturer seeks partner to create smoky, glittery, glowing and effervescent ice cream

A leading ice cream manufacturer is looking for partners to help it create an ”innovative and surprising sensorial effects during the consumption of ice cream”. 

Danone Institute teams up with nutrition bodies to examine health effects of yogurt

The Danone Institute International, the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), and the UK-based Nutrition Society (NS) have joined forces to evaluate the state of science surrounding the relationship between yogurt...

Cancer-preventing effects of dairy consumption ‘outweigh’ harmful impact – scientific review

Evidence supporting the preventative effect of milk and milk product consumption on cancer is “considerably greater” than the evidence that supports its harmful impact, Iranian researchers have claimed.


'No magic ingredient': Ensuring healthier dairy launches don't suffer a quality slide

There is no ‘magic ingredient’ dairy producers can use to counteract changes in product stability resulting from pressure to cut sugars, salt and fat, although newer non-thermal processes can help,...


‘Quality’ dairy nutrients could slash US healthcare costs by billions: DRI president

Dairy products play an vital role in disease prevention, and could save the US healthcare system billions if consumers ate them at recommended levels, according to the Dairy Research Institute...

Abbott partners with University of Granada on nutrition research

Abbott Nutrition has expanded its partnership with Spain’s University of Granada to develop new nutrition products and analytical testing methods, the company has said.

How Now Black Cow? 'World’s 1st pure milk’ vodka grows sales

A UK brand that claims to have produced the world’s first pure milk vodka says that sales are growing, with Black Cow vodka now on sale in numerous retail outlets...

US researchers link low-fat milk consumption with pre-school obesity

Pre-school children that consume 1%-fat or skim milk are more likely to be overweight or obese between the ages of two and four than those who consume whole or 2%-fat...

High-fat dairy linked to worse breast cancer survival: Study

Consuming high-fat dairy products following diagnosis with breast cancer could lead to a higher risk or worse outcomes, according to new research.

'A big step forward': Probiotics may alter brain activity in healthy people, says Danone/UCLA data

Daily supplements of a fermented milk product containing five different probiotic strains may affect the parts of the brain linked to emotion and sensation, says a new study from UCLA...

Soy industry: FAO protein findings only useful in malnourished populations

The European soy sector says a UN report that found dairy proteins offer a superior amino acid profile to plant proteins is only meaningful for the malnourished.

Dairy products and high GI diet linked to acne, say reviewers

There is increasing evidence that diet, in particular consumption of high glycaemic load and dairy foods, are associated with acne, according to a new review.

Researchers voice concern over organochlorine levels in EU cheese

Researchers have discovered levels of dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (DL-PCB) in excess of European Union (EU)-established limits in a small number of commonly available cheese brands – a find they have...

£8.75m boost for food safety, quality projects

A UK collaboration has secured £8.75m of funding to help businesses develop technologies for efficient agri-food systems.

Whole-fat dairy intake associated with prostate cancer risk - US researchers

US researchers claim to have furthered the existing positive association between the development of “advanced or fatal” prostate cancer (PCa) and the consumption of whole-fat dairy products.

Dairy products not ‘equally beneficial’ for bones - US research

Not all dairy products are equally beneficial in promoting bone strength, US researchers have claimed.

Flaxseed-fed cows produce omega-3-rich milk, US researchers claim

Lactating cows fed flaxseed produce milk containing more omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fat, US researchers have claimed.

‘Indulgence without guilt’ driving ice cream innovation – Cosucra

Increasing public concern about health and weight management has led to demand for ice cream products that allow consumers to “indulge without guilt”, Belgian ingredients manufacturer Cosucra has claimed....

Wine by-product increases dietary fibre content of yogurt – US research

Wine grape pomace (WGP) – a by-product of the winemaking process - could be utilised to increase the dietary fibre content and shelf-life of yogurt, US researchers have claimed.

Supplements and milk are most important for children’s vitamin D levels, say researchers

Consumption of cow’s milk and vitamin D supplements are the two most important factors determining a child’s vitamin D status, according to a new study.

News in brief

Milk drinkers win Nobel Prizes, researchers claim

Nations that consume a lot of milk also tend to produce a lot of Nobel Prize winners, a letter published in Practical Neurology has suggested.

Cholesterol-low cheese ‘highly suited’ for hypertension sufferers - developer

Spanish researchers have created a cholesterol-low, reduced salt, fatty acid-enriched cheese, which is “highly suited” to the elderly and those that suffer from hypertension.

Two cups of milk per day maintains vit D and iron levels - child study

Two cups (500ml) of milk per day is enough to maintain adequate vitamin D and iron levels in children aged between two and five, a Canadian study has claimed.

Innovation key ingredient in cost-cutting recipe, says expert

Food companies are looking for new ways to appeal to frugal consumers while cutting their own costs – and ingredient companies are coming up some innovative answers.

Roquefort may contribute to French heart disease ‘paradox’

The consumption of moulded cheese, including Roquefort, may contribute to the occurrence of the ‘French paradox’ – the term used to explain France’s “illogically” low cardiovascular mortality rate.

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