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Special edition: Weight management

Science: Slimming ingredients beyond satiety

In the third part of our series on weight management, NutraIngredients looks at how nutritional approaches may boost body-shaping, and how our gut microflora may be the future of weight...

Vitamin D plus calcium may protect everyone from fracture: Study

Daily supplements which combine vitamin D and calcium may reduce the risk of fractures for everyone, regardless of age or gender, say the results of a huge study.

Dairy trade body says FDA labeling study is too narrow

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has criticised a planned Food and Drug Administration (FDA) study into front of pack nutrition labels for not having a wide enough scope.

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Study shows lunchbox less nutritious than school meals

A new study has indicated that packed lunches given to school children by parents in the UK do not meet the nutritional standards for meals provided by the educational establishment.

Dairy beats soy for inflammation improvements: Study

A dairy-rich diet may reduce levels of inflammatory and oxidative markers in overweight and obese people, says a new study from the US.

Oxford study links DASH diet to lower blood pressure

A diet consisting of low fat dairy foods, wholegrains, and fruit and vegetables has been linked to lower blood pressure in the first British study of the DASH diet.

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Reduce meat and dairy production to cut emissions, says study

Eating less meat and dairy products could reduce the effects of climate change and have great benefits for cardiovascular health, according to a study published in The Lancet.

Synergy sensory study tackles protein problems

Synergy Flavors has commissioned a sensory research program at North Carolina State University to examine how dairy proteins affect taste perception, with the aim of diminishing undesirable flavors.

Probiotics intake beneficial against infections in kids: study

Lactobacillus GG (LGG) can decrease the risk of upper respiratory tract infections including rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, and the common cold in children attending day care centres, claims a new...

Gut microflora and obesity: Study highlights potential for pre-, probiotics

US researchers have successfully transferred gut bacteria from obese humans to germ-free mice, a breakthrough that will allow a more detailed study of the link between gut microflora and obesity.

Full fat milk could be linked to low BMI, study

Children who consumed full fat milk regularly had a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to those who seldom or never drank milk, claims a Swedish study.

Arla announces three-step product development programme

Arla Foods Ingredients has announced a new three-step hands-on programme for working with food manufacturers on product development, from conception to large-scale trials and commercialisation.

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Danone and Yakult confirm probiotics research grants

The Global Probiotics Council (GPC) has announced two $50,000 grants for young researchers in the field of probiotics.

Arla unites R&D resources with new milk protein centre

Arla Food Ingredients has opened a new application centre in Aarhus, Denmark, consolidating its R&D facilities as part of its plan to double milk protein sales by 2013.

Five dairy servings a day can trigger weight loss, says study

New research suggests that increasing dairy consumption from three to five servings a day in the context of a reduced calorie diet can help fight obesity.

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Study makes lower lactose intolerance estimate

A US study published in Nutrition Today suggests that lactose intolerance may be less prevalent than previously thought.

Chr. Hansen highlights science behind probiotics

Chr. Hansen is remarketing its probiotics to underline their scientific backing as the industry reels from EFSA’s mass rejection of probiotic dossiers.

Exclusive interview

Inside Yakult's probiotic science culture

In HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds it is not the almighty weapons of humanity that defeated the invading Martians. It is a lack of immunity to the earth’s...

A chance to milk new developments in dairy

Advances in technologies for the extraction and modification of milk components have opened up new opportunities for the food and nutraceutical industries, say the publishers of a new book.

Chocolate may ease migraines: Study

Dietary supplements of cocoa may repress inflammatory responses in the brain linked to migraines, suggest results from an animal study.

Snack Size Science: Choc cravings and low-fat treats

FoodNavigator’s Snack Size Science brings you the week's top science every two weeks. This week we look at the science behind chocolate cravings, and how to formulate a tasty, low-fat...

Fat may override body’s fullness signals: Study

Over-indulgence may be all fat’s fault, according to a new study which reports that fat molecules may over-ride the body’s appetite-suppressing signals.

New research promises breakthrough for recycled glass

Retailer demand for recycled glass could rocket after new UK research commissioned by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

Review says academic research points to weight benefits of dairy

A new academic review suggests eating dairy products does not prevent weight loss and may help people shed excess pounds.

Childhood food sensitivity ‘normal’, says study

The occurrence of food hypersensitivity in children is common, and not necessarily linked to allergy, says a new study from Denmark.

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