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Indian researchers develop non-dairy calcium foods

Researchers in India have developed non-dairy-based calcium-rich foods, which they say could be commercialized for sale as processed food products like instant mixes for breads and biscuits.

Increased dietary potassium reduces stroke risk, study suggests

Increased intake of dietary potassium sources such as dairy foods, fruit and vegetables can reduce one’s risk of suffering a stroke, according to a new study by scientists in Sweden....

US research agreement probes ‘next generation’ dairy ingredients

Cornell University and the Dairy Research Institute have agreed a dairy research partnership with the Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center to help "strengthen the US dairy industry and dairy innovation...

Dannon opens R&D center to speed yogurt innovation process

Dannon has opened a new $9m research and development center at its White Plains, NY headquarters, in order to improve collaboration between departments and bring new products to market more...

Dairy foods linked to better brain function: Study

Frequent intake of dairy foods are linked to better mental performance, suggests data from a study of about 1,000 people in the US.

Dairy intake can help build muscle and lose belly fat, study

Consumption of dairy products can shift weight loss and aid muscle gain when coupled with dieting and daily exercise, according to new Canadian research.

Texture not flavour determines satiety, says study

The perceived texture, but not flavour or method of consumption, has a modest but ‘highly consistent’ effect on satiety expectations of dairy products, according to new research.

Low-sat fat ice cream gets formulation boost: Study

Ice cream formulated with an emulsion containing unsaturated oil showed no differences in melting properties as ice cream made with saturated fat, says a new study offering solutions for ‘healthy’...

Wanted: Food science journalist/editor

Do you know your prebiotics from your probiotics? Could you write and broadcast convincingly about emulsifiers and stabilisers? If the answer is yes, we would like to hear from you.

Milk tops water for rehydration, says study

Milk can rehydrate active children more effectively than water or energy drinks, according to new research funded by the Dairy Farmers of Canada.

Australian government backs infant formula research

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will continue a 15-year collaborative period with Australian food company Clover Corporation, by engaging in a new initiative to develop encapsulation techniques...

Breakthrough natural preservative kills foodborne bacteria - research

A new naturally-occurring preservative that could be added to food during processing has the potential to kill deadly pathogens and extend shelf life, said the US scientists behind the discovery.

Researchers to explore the causes of cheese spoilage

Researchers are developing a cost efficient method for the identification of microbial communities present in food, in the hope they can identify changes that lead go spoilage.

Researchers produce non-dairy ice cream using lupin protein

A non-dairy ice cream made from purely plant-based ingredients, including lupin proteins, has been developed for the market by a team of German researchers.

Europeans may have genetic craving for fat: Study

Europeans may be genetically programmed to consume fatty foods and alcohol with a greater appetite than those from Asia, according to new research.

New innovation centre to speed up Irish dairy development

A new dairy innovation centre has been founded in Ireland to accelerate product development work ahead of the abolishment of quotas in 2015.

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Chr Hansen brings down genomic research costs (and time)

Danish supplier Chr Hansen is reaping the benefits of more than 10 years researching genomics and bioinformatics of its probiotic and other bacterial strains, with inhouse analysis that can cost...


EU researchers revolted as EFSA clears health claims vault

The European Food Safety Authority last week delivered the fifth batch of article 13, general function health claim opinions bringing the total issued to 2723. There are just 35 to...

Dairy industry takes joined up approach to health research

Against the backdrop of a difficult financial climate and more stringent health claims regulation, the dairy industry is taking a coordinated approach to nutrition and health research with the formation...

Whey protein may aid low-fat yoghurt formulation: Study

The addition of whey protein may boost the textural properties of low-fat yoghurt to levels comparable with its full-fat counterpart, according to new research.

Fish enzymes show potential to boost dairy flavors: Study

Enzymes from salmon and hoki may enhance the flavor profile of dairy products, like specialty cheeses, suggests a study from Canada and New Zealand.

Irish dairy study reveals low investment in innovation

Dairy processing co-ops in Ireland invest less in new product development than their counterparts in other countries, according to a KPMG study.

Low-fat chocolate milk can boost aerobic fitness, research

Consumption of low-fat chocolate milk is beneficial to muscle recovery and exercise performance, claims two recent studies.

Study flags up need for process analytics in cheese making

A new Irish study evaluating the effects of milk composition has shown up the need for increased automation and control to ensure greater efficiency in industrial cheese making, according to...

Dairy intake doesn’t increase heart attack risk, study

Dairy products may be high in saturated fat content, but not necessarily a risk to the heart, according to new research.