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Bagged-milk highlighting green dairy development

A new milk packaging initiative by a leading UK retailer designed to cut package waste is just one of many green container innovations being carried out by dairy processors, according...

Trans fats harm may pass from mother to infant in breast milk: study

The potentially damaging effects of trans fats may also be passed from a mother to her child during breast feeding, suggests a new study that heaps more misery on the...

Processor installs whey testing to aid customer development

Niro has installed it latest whey ingredient technology at its Copenhagen testing site in a bid to aid manufacturer development and marketing of new product compositions from the protein.

Study links milk farm chemical input to nutrient kick

Lower input non-organic and organically produced milk has been found to contain significantly higher levels of beneficial fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants compared to higher chemical use sources, a new...

Heavy borrowing and investment hurting UK firms, says study

Heavy borrowing linked to an ambitious investment strategy has left some of the largest UK food processors in severe financial difficulty, claims a new report.

Vitamin D levels should be multiplied by ten for children: study

Raising current vitamin D levels from 200 International Units (IU) to 2,000 IU could boost bone health amongst children and have long-term health benefits, says new research.

Weight and mood drive Euro functional food development

Foods that assist weight management, cognition and mood and that are high in antioxidants, fibre and whole grains are leading functional foods development, according to a UK-based market analyst.

Process development targets dairy cholesterol cutting

A proprietary processing development for natural dairy-based ingredients can offer a lower cholesterol alternative to regular milk, while maintaining the same taste profile, according to its manufacturer.

Culinary inspiration crucial to Givaudan R&D

Givaudan's Chefs' Council demonstrates a significant part of the international flavour company's strategy to seek culinary inspiration for the development of future flavours.

Dairy foods not impacting on weight issue: study

Claims that consumption of dairy products and other high calcium goods may play a key role in weight loss or gain are not sufficiently supported by scientific testing, according to...

Weekly Comment

The dangers of selective science

Antioxidants are back under the microscope for all the wrong reasons. But the use of meta-analyses to pool data is controversial, and scientists need to keep perspective before publishing conclusions.

Study asserts role for flavored milk in kids' diets

Children who include flavored milk in their diets consume more milk overall than those who just drink plain milk, says a new study that suggests such products could help boost...

Raw milk feta may hold anti-Listeria key, say researchers

Feta cheese made from raw milk in Greece may hold secrets that could lead to new methods for battling food poisoning bacteria like Listeria, researchers at the University of Lincoln...

Glanbia builds science behind whey protein for weight loss

A whey-protein-rich ingredient can reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle mass, reports a new randomised, double-blind study from Glanbia.

New Friesland venture aims for encapsulation development

Friesland Foods has formed a new research and development division for encapsulated products that can serve processor demand for new methods of delivering typically unstable functional ingredients.

Study shows Europe to be largest global market for dairy

Europe is the largest market for dairy products worldwide with an estimated 42 per cent of the worldwide market in 2007, though it will become increasingly reliant on innovation in...

More people likely to accept nano than GM, say researchers

Foods produced using emerging nanotechnology are less likely to come up against consumer hurdles than genetically modified foods since they do not involve tinkering with genes, and therefore have a...

Natural trans fats not as bad as industrial-produced: study

Trans fatty acids are not created equal, according to the results of the European-wide TRANSFACT study, with natural sources not sharing the detrimental health effects as their industrially-produced counterparts.

CAT scan technology offers dairy development potential

A UK-based imaging specialist is quite literally hoping to get a better look at dairy formulation, by expanding its scanning technology to aid processors working in the industry.

Danone, Yakult grants to advance probiotic science

The field of probiotics research is set to receive a boost by two new grants announced yesterday by the Global Probiotics Council (GPC).

LFI researches texture solutions for low fat foods

Leatherhead Food International (LFI) intends to tap into a very pressing technical challenge for manufacturers looking to produce low fat foods that maintain an indulgent appeal.

Tetra Pak backs further Chinese dairy development

Tetra Pak hopes to encourage further growth and development in the Chinese dairy industry by overseeing the launch of a new research centre in conjunction with the People's University of...

Study focuses on pathogens in unpasteurised cheese

A three-year project designed to test the safety of producing cheese from unpasteurised milk has been announced by the Campden Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA).

Study measures impact of food transport on environment

A UK study of the impact on the environment of the food supply chain attempts to broaden the concept of measuring 'kilometres' travelled, to include sourcing, production methods, processing and...

General Mills researches yoghurt for weight management

Yoplait yogurt brand owner General Mills has conducted its own research into the healthy profile of the dairy product and is using the results to spread further consumer awareness.

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