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Review says academic research points to weight benefits of dairy

A new academic review suggests eating dairy products does not prevent weight loss and may help people shed excess pounds.

Childhood food sensitivity ‘normal’, says study

The occurrence of food hypersensitivity in children is common, and not necessarily linked to allergy, says a new study from Denmark.

Lactose-free dairy products need more work, says study

Manufacturers should make more effort to produce good-tasting lactose-free dairy products and to educate the public about their benefits, according to a Kansas State University study.

Organic nutrition review a call for stronger science

A new review of studies on the nutritional content of organic and conventional produce has broadly concluded that there are no differences – but the investigators raise big concerns over...

Milk guzzling children may live longer, says study

Consuming plenty of dairy products at a young age may lower stroke risk and lead to a longer life, according to a 65-year follow up study.

New enzyme makes melamine detection easier and cheaper, say researchers

A simple and cheap method of testing for melamine contamination of milk and other foods has been developed thanks to the discovery of a new enzyme, said US researchers.

Consumers prepared to pay for nutritional panel: Study

Spanish consumers are more willing to pay a premium for food products that carry a nutritional panel on packaging than for those that just make a ‘light’ claim, according to...

Pre-, probiotics combo may reduce food allergy: Danone study

A supplement combining a prebiotic fibre and a probiotic strain may reduce allergic responses to cow’s milk, when used in conjunction with small amounts of whey, says a new...

Sustainable packing an emerging consumer trend - study

The increasing importance of sustainable packaging as a consumer issue means companies need to constantly reassess the amount of packing they use, according to a new report.

Probiotics to boom despite trust issues, says researcher

Brits are responding to successful marketing from the likes of Danone and Yakult and embracing digestive health products such as probiotic yoghurts and drinks, but the market has plenty of...

BPA causes reproductive health defects at levels currently considered safe - study

Bisphenol A (BPA) causes significant reproductive health effects at levels equivalent to or below the dose that that has been thought not to produce any adverse results, new research has...

Science supports dairy calcium for weight loss

Increased intakes of calcium can increase excretion of fat in the faeces, and may play a role in weight management and preventing weight gain, says a review of the science.

CLA-rich cheese may boost heart health: Study

Consuming cheese from ewe’s milk, rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), may reduce markers linked to heart disease, suggest results from a small Italian study.

Harvard study confirms health risk from BPA leaching

Critics of the chemical bisphenol A or BPA have received powerful new ammunition in the form of a study from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) which confirmed that...

Nestle and Danone make R&D moves

Announcements of new R&D plans this week from Nestle and Danone indicate that major manufacturers plan to keep up the pace on nutrition research and innovation in the economic downturn....

Bacteria eating viruses help fight food pathogens: EFSA study

“Bacteria eating” viruses, known as bacteriophages, could be an effective way of eliminating specific food pathogens, according to a recent report from the European Food Safety Authority’s BIOHAZ Panel.

USDA looks to organic supply welfare in new dairy study

A study is underway is in the US to offer what researchers claim will be the most comprehensive insight yet into the impacts of organic farming on the health of...

US obesity due to more calories, not less exercise: Study

Increased calorie intake – rather than lack of exercise – is nearly exclusively responsible for the obesity epidemic in the US, according to a new study presented at the...

Salmonella tops EFSA’s latest disease study

Salmonella remained the European Union’s most common cause of food-borne illness in 2007, according to the latest report from the European Food Safety Authority and the European Centre for Disease...

Study favours dairy calcium over fortification for bone boost

New industry-funded research suggests that calcium from dairy products can help ensure stronger bones that when derived from fortified, non-milk based goods.

News in brief

FSA praised for science practice

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has been applauded by the Government Office for Science for its practice, use and management of science, and its transparency in holding meetings in public....

US research project focuses on gut health and malnutrition

The US government has launched a research initiative to investigate the link between child malnutrition and intestinal infections, with the goal of developing intervention strategies that could promote the...

Danisco keeps eye on mass culture developments

Danisco says it will move ahead with research into more cost effective dehydration of cultures and probiotic products as part of a new collaboration to test if commercial development of...

Probiotics may ease anxiety: Pilot study

Supplements of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota may ease symptoms of anxiety in people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), according to new research funded by Yakult.

Green goals key to euro pack development - report

Traditional packaging development drivers such as creating brand identity, high speed filling, convenience and even protection have fallen in importance compared to environmental issues, suggests new findings.

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