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Nestlé accelerates Chinese dairy development

By Ben Bouckley , 11-Jan-2012
Last updated on 11-Jan-2012 at 13:52 GMT2012-01-11T13:52:55Z

Nestlé accelerates Chinese dairy development

Nestlé has announced plans to construct a new dairy farming institute in Shuangcheng, in the Heilongijiang province of China.

The world’s largest food manufacturer said that the institute, which will comprise a series of ‘training’ farms, will strive to be China’s leading dairy training centre for experts both in the country and globally.

Dairy farm owners, as well as workers within Shuangcheng and other Chinese regions, would also be able to improve their farm management skills, and learn how to use the latest agricultural technology Nestlé said.

The firm is calling on local partners to create an investment fund for the project of RMB 2.5bn (€300m).

“We have worked with the local authorities and dairy farmers in Shuangcheng for more than 20 years,” said Roland Decorvet, chairman and CEO of Nestlé China.

“Over that time we have helped to transform the area into one of the largest milk producing regions in the country,” he added.

“This new training institute is a continuation of our long-term investment in the future of Shuangcheng to ensure it remains one of China’s leading dairy districts.”

Nestlé built its first factory in Shangcheng in 1987, and is now working with the local government to increase training levels and technical assistance to local farmers.

One co-initiative has seen the government and Nestlé distribute 1,000 free milking machines to farmers to encourage a move away from milking by hand, the Swiss company said.

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