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Changes to food labelling to harm food safety


The American Soybean Association (ASA), fears that mandatory GMO labelling of foods would have adverse impacts on global food safety, according to a report in the

Kim Nill, the biotechnology and technical director of ASA Nill's analysed the Codex standard calling for special labelling of GMO products. He found that this would reduce the use of biotechnology crops andconcluded that this would decrease the safety of food supply. According to Nill, food manufacturers and consumers will be driven to, in his eyes, less safety options as a result of a mandatory GMO labelling.

M"A Canadian food industry study recently estimated that the segregation handling and labelling alone would increase Canadian retail food costs by 9-10 per cent; and that estimate did not include the costs for inevitable mis-labelling product recalls," said Nill.

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