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Kraft recalls 1.2m cases of cottage cheese

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By Jenni Spinner+


Kraft Foods is recalling 1.2m cases of different cottage cheese brands for exceeding safe temperature parameters.
Kraft Foods is recalling 1.2m cases of different cottage cheese brands for exceeding safe temperature parameters.

Cottage cheese under the Kraft Foods brand umbrella is being voluntarily recalled after ingredients were discovered to be stored outside of safe temperature parameters.

The company has reported several varieties and containers of Knudsen, Breakstone’s, Simply Kraft, and Daily Chef cottage cheese Several brands of Kraft Foods cottage cheese have been recalled after Kraft Foods staff discovered ingredients used in the making of the products were not stored in line with the company’s temperature standards. The products were manufactured in Kraft Foods’ Tulare, California, facility.

Temperature parameters

In a statement to FoodProductionDaily, Kraft Foods reports the unacceptable storage temperatures of the ingredients could spoil prematurely or lead to foodborne illness. While such an incident is unlikely, the firm said, the products are being recalled as a precaution.

Unfortunately, the out-of-range ingredient temperatures were discovered after approximately 1.2m cases of affected products were sent out for distribution. According to Kraft Foods, the products were sent to customers across the US; no customers outside the country’s borders received affected cottage cheese.

Code markings

The cottage cheese products in question are marked with code dates ranging from May 9 to July 23, 2014. The code dates are marked on the bottom or top (the location differs by brand) and on the outer carton.

According to Kraft Foods, the Tulare facility has halted production and distribution to determine the specific cause of the problem. FoodProductionDaily will provide updates and additional information as soon as they are available.

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