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Romer Labs unveils lateral flow test kits


Romer Labs has launched two lateral flow test kits (LFDs) for the detection of total milk and of b-Lactoglobulin in food, rinse waters and swab samples (environmental samples).

The AgraStrip Total Milk LFD and AgraStrip b-Lactoglobulin LFD have been validated for milk products and soft drinks.

The major allergen in whey is b-Lactoglobulin, accounting for about 50% of whey proteins (equivalent to 10% of total milk proteins), said the company.

AgraStrip Total Milk LFD and AgraStrip b-Lactoglobulin ensure the correct labeling of a product protecting individuals allergic to milk.

Two new extraction buffers, AgraStrip Wine extraction buffer egg and Casein are also being released, enhancing existing kits’ level of detections for the analysis of wine samples to meet the low threshold defined by EC legislation No 579/2012 (0.25ppm egg white/milk protein residues).

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