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Russian dairy factory manager sacked over mass food poisoning


Last week's food poisoning outbreak in the small town of Kropotkin, in the Krasnodar territory of eastern Russia has led to the sacking of a local dairy factory director, according to a BBC Monitoring Service report.

The sacking was confirmed by Krasnodar Territory governor Aleksandr Tkachev.

Poor-quality products and insufficient safety precautions have been blamed as likely reasons for the mass food poisoning outbreak which is said to have given as many as 400 people dysentry, more than half of whom were children.

Further tests are still being carried out to confirm the exact cause of the outbreak, but scientists' reports so far indicate that it is highly likely to be the Kropotkin dairy facility. The factory was temporarily closed while a full inspection was carried out.

The town's drinking water supply is also being investigated.

"We've taken many samples of the dairy products at the factory and in the stores" said Mikhail Mertchyan, deputy head doctor at Krasnodar Sanitation Centre.

"We sent a letter prohibiting the sale of Kropotkin farm products throughout the region and products already on sale have been confiscated."

If the concluded tests indicate a specific source of the poisoning then it is thought that criminal proceedings will be brought against those responsible.

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