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DEFRA COOL draft cites new rules on cheese

The latest draft of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA’s) new code of practice on country of origin labelling (COOL) advises manufacturers to state the origin of...

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Dairy UK appeals for tougher cheese origin labelling

Representatives of the UK dairy industry have called on politicians to take tougher legislative action to stamp out misleading origin labelling.

Extra cultures help diversify cheese flavours

The addition of adjunct bacteria cultures is a “promising strategy” in the production of new artisan cheeses with more diverse flavours, say researchers.

Fytozimus targets new enzyme at unusual cheese markets

Fytozimus BioTech has launched a new milk-clotting enzyme to make cheeses from low fat and skimmed milk, including milk from camels, goats and buffalos.

New strategy identified to fight bacterial cheese contamination

Scientists have identified a way of using a virus to control levels of the Clostridium tyrobutyricum bacteria in cheese to prevent spoilage and minimise product waste.

New cheese shredder kits said to boost work rates

Significantly improved work rates are claimed to result from retrofitting new parts kits to the Cheese Shredders produced by US food processing machine manufacturer, Urschel.

Cheese trial next after bakers slash salt with ‘micro’ particles

The firm behind a new breed of microscopic salt crystals that can help manufacturers slash sodium and retain their clean label status is conducting its first trials on cheese.

Sargento targets cheesemaking process to reduce sodium

Sargento says it has invented a process for making cheese with 25 percent less sodium and minimal impact on taste and texture, without added ingredients.

IDFA disheartened by Codex processed cheese project

The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) has described a decision from the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) to approve recommendations to work on a new standard for processed cheese as “disheartening”.

Arla targets quality cheese potential in US

Double digit increases in US sales has prompted Arla to expand its dairy in Hollandtown, Wisconsin, with an eye on burgeoning quality cheese market.

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Blue mozzarella cheese company given all clear

The German company at the centre of the tainted blue mozzarella alert has been given the all-clear to begin producing its cheese again, said the European Commission (EC) today.

Sesame proteins point to reduced milk cheese: Study

The milk protein content of soft cheese may be reduced using sesame proteins, and tap into local tastes in China's booming dairy segment, suggests a new study from China and...

New ‘propionic’ cultures to boost Alpine cheese flavour

Chr. Hansen has developed new ‘propionic’ cultures to support flavour development and eye formation in Alpine cheeses.

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Innovation award for DSM’s cheese enzyme

Ingredients firm DSM Food Specialties has been awarded the 2010 Ringier Technology Prize for its cheese enzyme solution, delvozyme.

Milk Link applies aerospace sealant to cheese packaging

Milk Link and APLIX have joined forces to develop a new open and closure system to make cheese packaging more intuitive.

Leading UK cheese producer questions Minister’s export pledge

A major UK cheese exporter has raised doubts over Food Minister Jim Paice’s plans to invest in cheese processing to boost exports.

New functional systems to climate-proof cream cheese

Hydrosol has developed new ‘functional systems’ for cream cheese makers struggling to get reliable and economical fresh milk or cream supplies.

Lidl faces legal action over listeria cheese death

A German consumer rights organisation is suing Lidl, Prolactal, and local health officials for ‘negligent homicide’ following a listeria cheese outbreak that resulted in seven deaths earlier this year.

Nizo develops tool to objectively measure cheese defect

Nizo Food Research has developed a new grading system and computer tool to objectively measure 'rim air' defects in cheese and avoid potential conflicts between buyers and sellers.

EU dairy industry turns to cheese as market recovers

Dairy processors in the EU are turning to cheese in an effort to put the market turbulence of a year ago behind them, according to a US government report.

Study backs immune health benefits of probiotic cheese

Scientists in Finland have highlighted the potential of probiotic cheese to protect and enhance the immune system of elderly people.

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EFSA finds no major safety concerns with cheese rind dye

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found no significant safety concerns surrounding the use of Litholrubine BK (E 180) in cheese rind.

Risk management: Cheese joins CME futures market

CME Group is launching cheese futures and options on its Globex trading platform to help processors and manufacturers protect themselves from price volatility.

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TB epidemic puts future of unpasteurised cheese at risk

The future of unpasteurised cheese could be put in jeopardy if tighter controls are introduced to stem the tuberculosis epidemic spreading through the UK dairy herd.

Nisin coated films may stop Listeria growth in stored cheese

Nisin-containing sodium caseinate films were shown to be effective against L. innocua in cheese during refrigerated storage, according to a new French study.

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