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Intact casein level changes lead to varied processed cheese quality - research

A small change in the intact casein levels of processed cheese can lead to “significant variability” in finished product quality, industry research has found.

First Milk ordered to pay £60,000 after cheese plant explosion

UK-based First Milk has been ordered to pay nearly £60,000 in fines and charges following a court case relating to an explosion at a cheese factory in Cumbria.

Saputo blames falling US cheese price for Q1 profits drop

Canadian dairy giant Saputo has reported a profit decrease of more than CAD$6m for Q1 fiscal year (FY) 2013, attributing the result to a fall in the average price of...

Casein measuring software offers cheese processing quality boost - developer

Software that enables processed cheese manufacturers to measure, rather than predict the functional protein content of cheese will improve product quality and reduce costs, its developer has claimed.

Cheese packaging innovations ‘squeezed out’ by retailers – marketing expert

Packaging innovation has been “squeezed out” of the cheese manufacturing sector by retailers dictating the size and format of the products on their shelves, a cheese marketing expert has claimed.

Probiotic cheese provides immuno-support after exercise: rat study

Researchers have found probiotic cheese may be a viable alternative to enhance the immune system and prevent infection after physical overexertion.

Kraft urges FSANZ to remove plant sterol-enriched cheese packaging restrictions

Kraft Foods has urged Australasian authorities to remove restrictions on the package size of low-fat cheese enriched with phytosterol esters – less than two years after calling for their implementation.

Penford unveils ‘breakthrough’ casein replacer for imitation cheese

Penford Food Ingredients has introduced a new casein replacer for imitation cheese that it claims is a breakthrough for the industry, allowing for larger reductions of casein than ever before,...

Chr Hansen aims at Poland’s €4m local cheese cultures market

Danish ingredients giant, Chr Hansen, is taking fire at Poland’s lucrative local cheese sector with a new, revived cultures line it says targets production requirements of the nation’s favoured cheese....

US raw milk cheese manufacturing safety regulations ‘appear adequate’ - study

Current US regulations governing the manufacture of cheese made using unpasteurised milk “appear adequate” for producing microbiologically safe products, a study has claimed.

FSAI urges broadcasting authority to reassess cheese advertising ban

The Food Safety Authority Ireland (FSAI) has expressed it disappointment in a decision by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s (BAI) not to reassess cheese’s status as ‘unsuitable’ for advertising during...

Cheese intake during pregnancy may reduce childhood tooth decay - study

A high intake of cheese during pregnancy may reduce the risk of dental decay during childhood, a study has revealed.

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Italian cheese worth €250m destroyed in earthquake

Parmigiano-Reggiano and Grana Padano cheese – worth over €250m (£200m, $320m) - has been destroyed in the recent earthquake that shook northern Italy.

Australia approves raw milk cheese sale proposal

Australia looks set to okay the sale of non-pasteurised hard cheeses after food safety authorities approved a proposal to sell raw milk products in the country.

Milk proteins will cut salt in cheese by 65% - Arla

Arla Food Ingredients have developed a range of proteins for cheese manufacturers which they claim can cut salt content by up to 65% and processing time by an hour.

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FSA issues cheese contamination alert

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has warned consumers not to eat certain types of French cheese after it was linked to the bacteria Brucella.

Fonterra confirms NZ speciality cheese review

Fonterra has confirmed to that it is undertaking a review of its New Zealand speciality cheese business Kapiti, but was unable to reveal whether any specific plants were earmarked...

Four indicted in US over alleged mouldy cheese conspiracy

Four individuals who allegedly conspired to scrape mould off returned imported cheese before resale have been indicted in the US on charges that could see them jailed for up to...

Sealed Air slams rivals for 'market misinformation' over chlorine use in cheese packaging

Multinational packaging player Sealed Air has rejected ‘competitor claims’ and ‘retailer misconceptions’ regarding its use of chlorine-based barrier material PVDC in its vacuum shrink bags, and says these have created...

US cheese producer closed by FDA

A US-based cheese manufacturer has been forced to close by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to fears of listeria contamination in its products.

Biocatalysts enzyme taps into new and growing Halal/Kosher cheese market

Enzyme manufacturer, Biocatalysts, has broadened its microbial dairy enzyme range with a product designed as an alternative to porcine pancreatin, a pig pancreas derivative, for dairy flavour applications.


Packaging shows 'France means cheese', but the UK also a story to tell: Sealed Air Cryovac

'France means cheese' to many people, due in part to brands' skilful use of packaging to stress provenance, as Sealed Air Cryovac's packaging designer Sam Clough told in this...


'Cheese is like the Olympics: firms must go higher, longer, faster' - Chr. Hansen

Cash-strapped consumers demanding value mean that cheese producers need to reinvent themselves in order to 'produce more for less', according to Chr. Hansen's managing director of cheese cultures, Søren Herskind,...

Starter culture can extract more curd from milk, increasing cheese capacity – DuPont

DuPont Nutrition and Health claims that its new cheese starter culture will ‘boost capacity without increasing milk consumption’, by saving protein commonly lost in whey waste when producers use other...

Risks of slashing sodium levels in cheese could outweigh benefits, US researcher

A prominent US researcher says that government pressure to cut sodium in cheese could have serious food safety, taste and labeling consequences, and questions the necessity of such a move...

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