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Pall launch targets ease for brine salting cheese

Next month will see the global rollout of a new system designed in a bid to reduce spoilage and contamination within cheeses during the process of brine salting.

Study shows antimicrobial effective against listeria in soft cheese

Enterococcus faecium WHE 81, a multi-bacteriocin producer, is effective as an antimicrobial against Listeria monocytogenes in Munster cheese, a red smear soft cheese, according to a French study. 

New cultures eye perfect Swiss cheese

Danisco Cultures has launched a new culture for producing a “more consistent” Swiss cheese and to enable faster processing.

Chr Hansen aims for bulk efficiency in Euro cheese

Chr Hansen is set to extend a US culture system across Europe to balance demand for bulk production of more complex continental cheeses, which it says can ensure both product...

New cheese starter culture system cuts production time

DSM Food Specialties has launched a new starter culture system which it says will help cheese producers in the US speed up production and increase yield.

UK ad restrictions neglect cheese nutrients, says dairy group

The apparent vilifying of cheese products under UK-based advertising restrictions may have major repercussion on a global scale for dairy groups, claims the head of Dairy UK.

DSM targets soft-cheese culture development

A manufacturer of thermaphilic cultures for cheese production has extended the range’s applications with a new product it claims can improve the cost effectiveness of manufacturing softer products such as...

Manufacturer plans global rollout for ‘convenient’ cheese cultures

An ingredients supplier is spying a gradual global rollout for its new thermophilic cultures designed as a higher yield means of processing low maturation cheeses like pasta Filata without compromising...

DSM claims higher heat, bigger yield cheese advance

The manufacturer of a new peptide-based processing aid for cheese production claims its product can provide improved yields for dairy groups without compromising product texture or quality.

Authorities play down Italian cheese scandal fears

As another scandal involving Italian cheese production hit the headlines this week, authorities in the country claim there is no danger to the public from their products and consumer protection...

News briefs: Kirin, Indofoods dairy and a cheese heist

This week, Kirin looks set to acquire Australia-based Dairy Farmers, Indofoods could be set to enter dairy production and UK robbers make away with a fortune in cheese.

Vitamin D3 stable for fortifying cheese: study

Fortification of Cheddar cheese with vitamin D3 may be an effective means of raising vitamin D levels in the population, suggest new results from Canada.

Cheese maker’s milk concerns may lift despite future uncertainty

As a growing number of European dairy groups streamline their cheese operations to offset milk supply concerns, a leading manufacturer says there may be hope on the horizon for the...

News briefs: Parmalat and Quebec’s cheese stand

This week, sales improvements fail to offset higher costs pressures on dairy group Parmalat, Quebec authorities allow for the production of some raw milk cheeses and two UK dairy associations...

European cheese makers free of UK supply fears

European cheese makers will escape increased pricing for their goods faced their UK counterparts as a result of more secure milk supplies, says a leading industry expert.

Cheese maker concerns at school expulsion

A debate over cutting a simple helping of jacket potato and cheese on some English school menus reflects the significant challenge facing the entire dairy industry over the issue of...

Cheese-making tips from the experts

Land O'Lakes identifies the vital steps to making good cheddar, and the challenges of making functional and better-for-you dairy products.

News briefs: Dairy Farmers buy and Nordic cheeses

This week, producers keen to purchase Australia-based Dairy Farmers are set to receive initial regulatory guidance and Nordic cheese manufacturers attempt to fight back against demand for French and Italian...

Cottage cheese cultures go full circle

The cottage cheese industry is turning back to direct vat cultures rather than the cheaper bulk starter method which replaced it as costs are reduced, according to Chr Hansen.

Fortified cheese as good as supplements for vitamin D: study

Eating cheese fortified with vitamin D results in the same blood rises in the vitamin as from supplements, reports new research from Canada.

Chr Hansen to launch next generation cheese coagulant

Denmark's Chr Hansen is set to launch a second-generation Fermentation Produced Chymosin (FPC) for the cheese market, promising cost-efficiency and better process control.

Honed cheese flavours point the way to low-fat options

The trend towards low and reduced-fat food is creating opportunities for enzyme-modified cheese flavours to create intense cheese-tasting food without the calories.

Package seal designed to cut cheese rejects

A new ultrasonic sealing system for grated cheese and salad packing can provide a cost efficient, lower reject seal packaging, according to its manufacturer.

Danisco debuts cheese-making aid

Danisco has launched a proprietary fermentation-produced chymosin (FPC) it says is less sensitive to price fluctuations than calf-stomach derived versions.

Czech market ripe for high quality cheeses - expert

Czech demand for imported cheeses continues to grow following the country's accession to member state status within the EU, creating opportunities for exporters of the product in the bloc, according...

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