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Cheddar cheese added to Fonterra trading platform

Fonterra is adding the cheddar cheese products, milk protein concentrate and rennet casein, to its globalDairyTrade auction.

Study nails best process for probiotic whey cheese – and when to eat it

Researchers from Portugal have developed an optimum process for obtaining whey cheese matrices via thermal processing and inoculating them with probiotic cultures.

Kraft and Saputo lose legal challenge against Canadian cheese standards

An attempt by Kraft Canada and Saputo to overturn Canadian government standards on the composition of cheese has been dismissed by the Federal Court of Appeal.

Cheese prices are dragging down the UK dairy market, The Dairy Group

Cheese discounts are pushing UK producers down to the bottom of the EU milk price league, according to The Dairy Group.

Better knowledge needed for salt reduction in cheese, says review

Producing an easy to manufacture, commercially acceptable low salt cheese requires better knowledge of the effects of salt on processing techniques and drivers of consumer acceptance, according to a new...

First Milk partners up in search of cheese export opportunities

First Milk has struck up an export deal with Eilers & Wheeler in a bid to take advantage of attractive prices outside the UK.

News in brief

Saputo acquires US specialty cheese firm

Saputo has signed an agreement to acquire DCI Cheese Company and expand its presence in the US specialty cheese sector.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects probiotic “heart cheese” health claim

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected an article 13.5 claim that sought to link a probiotic cheese called Harmony with heart health benefits.

Flora research could lead to tastier blue cheese

That whiffy blue cheese lurking at the back of your fridge might soon taste even better, thanks to an innovative research project examining what gives it its distinctive texture, smell...

Clean label method developed for salt reduction in cheese and meat

Scientists at Nizo food research have worked with Vion Food group and FrieslandCampina to develop a natural method of reducing salt levels in cheese and meat products.

Cheese industry pledges to do more on sodium reduction

US cheese companies have agreed to step up efforts to reduce the sodium content in cheese and educate consumers about the limits of sodium reduction.

Analyst predicts rise of farmhouse cheeses

A continuing shift in demand towards traditional cheeses could prompt big processors to add farmhouse brands to their portfolios in 2011, according to a Proteus Insight analyst.

Analyst casts doubt on Russia in survey of emerging cheese markets

A leading cheese market analyst has cast doubt on the potential of Russia and has picked out Africa, the Middle East and Latin America as regions to watch over the...

Chr Hansen aims to boost S American cheese-eating with new cultures

Chr Hansen is rolling out a new range of freeze-dried cultures for use in Continental cheeses, such as Prato, in South America, in a bid to build product quality and...

News in brief

SPX wins $19m contract for new Chilean cheese plant

SPX has won a $19m contract to design and install a cheese plant for one of the largest dairy companies in Chile.

Study may help to unravel the sensory profiles of cheese

A new study describing how aromas are released during consumption of cheese may help better understand their sensory profiles, say the researchers.

Reducing salt in imitation cheese: Study

Imitation cheese with 60 per cent less sodium may be just as accepted in terms of sensory and functional properties compared to full salt versions, according to new research.

Cheese whey may protect against IBD: Study

Cheese whey protein may help to reduce genetic markers and symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel disease, according to a new study in rats.

FrieslandCampina to close two cheese plants

Dutch dairy giant FrieslandCampina has announced its plans to close two of its cheese plants in the Netherlands, Varsseveld and Leerbroek, and will invest €47m to improve efficiency at five...

Cube gives flexibility in continuous cooking for cheese, sauces and baby food, says Goldpeg

A more compact version of Goldpeg’s cooking and cooling system offers a range of temperatures and “flexible” functions in processed cheese and other food production.

DEFRA COOL draft cites new rules on cheese

The latest draft of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs’ (DEFRA’s) new code of practice on country of origin labelling (COOL) advises manufacturers to state the origin of...

News in brief

Dairy UK appeals for tougher cheese origin labelling

Representatives of the UK dairy industry have called on politicians to take tougher legislative action to stamp out misleading origin labelling.

Extra cultures help diversify cheese flavours

The addition of adjunct bacteria cultures is a “promising strategy” in the production of new artisan cheeses with more diverse flavours, say researchers.

Fytozimus targets new enzyme at unusual cheese markets

Fytozimus BioTech has launched a new milk-clotting enzyme to make cheeses from low fat and skimmed milk, including milk from camels, goats and buffalos.

New strategy identified to fight bacterial cheese contamination

Scientists have identified a way of using a virus to control levels of the Clostridium tyrobutyricum bacteria in cheese to prevent spoilage and minimise product waste.

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