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Emmi invests in French and Italian cheese markets

Swiss dairy processor Emmi is expanding its cheese business, buying stakes in packaging specialist Diprola in France and Venchiaredo, an Italian fresh cheese and mozzarella maker.

New spreadable cheese ingredient promises savings

National Starch has launched a new ingredient for spreadable processed cheese (SPC) that promises to replace expensive protein and fat without compromising texture or flavour.

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Milk Link opens new cheese packing unit

Milk Link has opened a £1.4 million speciality cheese packing unit at its creamery in Malpas, Cheshire, to meet the exacting standards of retailers.

New CSK strains to improve low fat cheese

CSK Food Enrichment has unveiled a new selection of strains to improve the texture and flavour of low fat cheese.

Omega-3 cheese: All the benefits of fish without the smell

Encapsulating omega-3 fatty acids in milk proteins may protect the fish-derived ingredients from oxidation, and cover the ‘fishy’ flavour in cheese, says a new study.

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FrieslandCampina denies delay in selling cheese business

Newly merged FrieslandCampina has denied reports that the sale of its cheese business in Bleskensgraaf will be handed over to the European Commission in order to meet the disposal deadline.

Processed cheese growth keeps cheddar volumes steady

The volume of cheddar sold globally remains steady thanks the growing popularity of cheddar-based processed cheeses in emerging markets, according to a new market report.

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Roth Kase scoops five blue ribbons at cheese awards

Roth Kase USA won five awards for its specialty cheeses at the 2009 American Cheese Society Competition in Austin, Texas.

DSM completes cottage cheese testing for MaxiCurd

DSM has successfully trialled its MaxiCurd granulated protein hydrolysate in cottage cheese applications and claims it can bring yield and cost benefits to manufacturers.

Van Beek delivers screw conveyor for making cheddar cheese

Van Beek has delivered a trough conveyor to Tetra Pak Tebel that allows salted curds to be mixed as they are transported during the production of cheddar cheese.

New cheese ripening process promises to boost profits

Chr. Hansen has developed a new cheese ripening process that it claims will add €1.5m to the profits of an average-size continental dairy.

Natural cheese flavors for healthier products, lower cost

Sensient Flavors has released a new range of natural cheese flavors to help cut costs for manufacturers who are subject to fluctuating dairy costs and to respond to consumer...

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FDA files complaint against New York cheese maker

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken legal action against a New York-based cheese producer, claiming that unsanitary conditions at the company’s plant pose a public health...

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Giving process cheese a healthy makeover

Land O’Lakes discusses the latest development in process cheese, with 50 per cent lower fat and 35 per cent lower sodium.

Canadian cheese recall justified after listeria outbreak but inspection process criticised

A Canadian regional government acted correctly in launching a mass recall of cheese during a listeria outbreak last year but has faced stinging criticisms over its food inspection regime.

CLA-rich cheese may boost heart health: Study

Consuming cheese from ewe’s milk, rich in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), may reduce markers linked to heart disease, suggest results from a small Italian study.

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Dairy danger awaits cheese-rolling competitors

While debate continues to rage over the potential health benefits dairy products may have in a balanced diet, a single wheel of cheese continues to be linked to danger and,...

Asda not pushing wider wax-free cheese rollout

One leading British retailer is defying tradition by selling Edam cheese without its trademark red wax coating or skin as part of efforts to cut down on waste and costs,...

Machine range targets water use and whey for greener cheese

An ongoing focus on efficient water use by Tetra Pak has led to the development of more cost effective, environmentally friendly cheese production equipment, claims the manufacturer.

Danisco looking to bridge cost and quality cheese needs

While continuing to supply cultures for both bulk and more artisanal cheese products, Danisco believes bridging the needs for finished quality and production efficiency will be vital in meeting processor...

Polysaccharides may give edible coatings for cheese

The days of cheeses coated with synthetic substances may be drawing to a close as new research suggests that natural polysaccharides may provide edible coatings for household favourites.

Cheese flexibility equals resilience in testing times, says industry

As the European Commission expects some short-term fall in demand for added value dairy products, one national trade association claims that cheese is well placed to meet various consumer needs...

Cheese maker says informed staff are safe staff over trip fears

Concerns on how the economic downturn may impact worker safety in dairy manufacturing has been played down by one UK cheese company, which says that strong communication remains the key...

Chr Hansen makes cultures for E European cake cheese

Chr. Hansen has launched a new range of cultures to capture the market for a popular Eastern European cheese, encouraging producers to switch to the Direct Vat Set (DVS) system...

Give (probiotic) cheese a chance, says probiotic big cheese

One of the world’s leading probiotics specialists says consumers are interested in probiotic cheese products but cheese manufacturers and probiotic suppliers need to get their scientific house in order and...