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Risk management: Cheese joins CME futures market

CME Group is launching cheese futures and options on its Globex trading platform to help processors and manufacturers protect themselves from price volatility.

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TB epidemic puts future of unpasteurised cheese at risk

The future of unpasteurised cheese could be put in jeopardy if tighter controls are introduced to stem the tuberculosis epidemic spreading through the UK dairy herd.

Nisin coated films may stop Listeria growth in stored cheese

Nisin-containing sodium caseinate films were shown to be effective against L. innocua in cheese during refrigerated storage, according to a new French study.

Emmi to buy Fromalp in international cheese push

Emmi has signed an agreement to buy specialty cheese producer Fromalp in an effort to further boost its international sales.

Cross-cultural study explores limits of healthy cheese and yoghurt

Manufacturers should be wary about cutting too much fat from cheese and too much sugar from yoghurt, according to new cross-cultural research.

Dairy Crest on track despite spreads and cheese softness

Dairy Crest has revealed that it is on track to meet its profit targets despite weakness in its spreads and cheese businesses.

Campden reports on health risks from contaminated cheese

Campden BRI has revealed that there could be a problem regarding the health risks posed by Escherichia coli O157 and Mycobacterium bovis in cheeses made from unpasteurised milk.

News Briefs: First Milk closes cheese plant, Foremost Farms invests in mozzarella

First Milk has revealed plans to end cheese production on the Isle of Bute, Scotland as Foremost Farms in the US looks to double mozzarella production in Wisconsin.

Chr Hansen makes cultures for more ‘super kosher’ cheese

Chr Hansen is expanding its range of Kosher for Passover cheese cultures, which will enable cheese makers to produce cottage cheese, cheddar, and white brined cheese that meet Judaism’s highest...

Dung beetles and human error explain Prolactal cheese contamination

Prolactal has revealed that an error led to the wrong cultures being used in the production of cheese that authorities in Austria and Germany have linked to seven deaths.

Bemis to sell cheese packing assets to seal Alcan deal

Bemis will have to sell Alcan cheese and meat packaging assets to secure its $1.2bn takeover of Alcan Packaging Food Americas.

Seventh Listeria death linked to Prolactal cheese

A seventh person has died after eating cheese made by Prolactal contaminated with Listeria, Austrian authorities confirmed yesterday.

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Lidl issues warning about listeria contaminated cheese

Lidl has issued a second warning to German customers not to eat two Prolactal cheese products, after health authorities confirmed a link earlier this week to six deaths from food...

Prolactal “deeply shocked” by listeria cheese deaths

Austrian and German health authorities have revealed that six people died last year after eating listeria contaminated cheese made by Prolactal.

Codex committee drops processed cheese standards

The Codex Committee on Milk and Milk Products (CCMMP) has recommended that all Codex Processed Cheese standards be scraped.

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Poll indicates British cheese makers will hit salt targets

A Dairy UK straw poll suggests that British cheese makers have hit government targets on reducing salt levels in their products.


Cheesed off – jingoism takes the spoils in the Cadbury battle

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, quipped Mark Twain. Predictions of the demise of Cadbury following the approval of Kraft’s offer are premature and are flawed by knee-jerk...

Flavor and texture improvements needed for low fat cheese success

Producers of low-fat cheese need to improve the flavor and sensory aspect of their products if they are to achieve widespread consumer acceptance, says a new study.

FDA moves to shut down listeria-tainted cheese facility

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has said it intends to close down a New Jersey cheese maker in the wake of listeria contamination and an alleged failure to...

Emmi invests in French and Italian cheese markets

Swiss dairy processor Emmi is expanding its cheese business, buying stakes in packaging specialist Diprola in France and Venchiaredo, an Italian fresh cheese and mozzarella maker.

New spreadable cheese ingredient promises savings

National Starch has launched a new ingredient for spreadable processed cheese (SPC) that promises to replace expensive protein and fat without compromising texture or flavour.

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Milk Link opens new cheese packing unit

Milk Link has opened a £1.4 million speciality cheese packing unit at its creamery in Malpas, Cheshire, to meet the exacting standards of retailers.

New CSK strains to improve low fat cheese

CSK Food Enrichment has unveiled a new selection of strains to improve the texture and flavour of low fat cheese.

Omega-3 cheese: All the benefits of fish without the smell

Encapsulating omega-3 fatty acids in milk proteins may protect the fish-derived ingredients from oxidation, and cover the ‘fishy’ flavour in cheese, says a new study.

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FrieslandCampina denies delay in selling cheese business

Newly merged FrieslandCampina has denied reports that the sale of its cheese business in Bleskensgraaf will be handed over to the European Commission in order to meet the disposal deadline.

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