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News briefs: Lactalis, Arla and rock and roll cheese

In this weeks round-up, some of France's leading dairy group's continue to rack up their prices amidst increasing dairy costs, the EU stands up for Staffordshire and cheese may be...

Innovative regional cheeses please UK consumers

UK consumers are increasingly patriotic about their cheese, as regional British varieties of the product are beginning to outsell continental rivals in the country, according to new research out today.

Arla cuts cheese to ease supply burden

Arla Foods is to cut cheese production by 6,200 tonnes until the new year in a drive to better deal with a dwindling global supply of raw milk.

Hard cheese for Biraghi over grana dispute

Italian cheese producer Biraghi's battle to keep a geographically protected trademark for its products has gone sour after the a EU court rejected its claims yesterday.

Chr Hansen probiotics launched in Italian cheese

A cheese containing a Chr Hansen probiotic has been launched in Italy, a move which reinforces the growing trend for companies to use probiotics outside of the traditional yoghurt pot.

Emmi, Ambrosi cheese relationship ripens

France-based Emmi is the latest dairy processor to combine operations with one of its rivals.

Cheese to put squeeze on processors

European processors should prepare themselves for a significant rise in the price they pay for cheese, the head of the European Dairy Association (EDA) warned today.

Technology tests cheese with ease, says manufacturer

A new system of screening and testing cheese can offer processors a cost effective way of driving large-scale innovation within their products, its manufacturer claims.

RFID innovation has blue cheese in its sights

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has now been adapted to track Spanish blue cheese as it travels along the food chain.

Cheese taste and aroma boosted by prebiotics - study

The sensory aspects of cheese could be boosted by the addition of prebiotic ingredients, in addition to improving the nutritional profile of the product, suggests new research.

Cheese makers face raft of legal changes

Proposed changes to international food safety standards could affect the way cheese makers sell their products worldwide.

EU exporters face Canadian cheese change

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has announced new cheese composition standards that could significantly impact dairy imports from the EU and the US.

First Milk taps heritage with new cheese range

It seems even dairy products are getting nationalistic these days, as one of the UK's leading cheese producers aims to tap growing Scottish pride with its latest cheddar range.

FSA tightens cheese hygiene rules

Cheese processors in the UK have been handed tougher guidance on hygiene, following EU claims that the country's food safety authority was not doing enough to protect consumers.

Functional cheese still niche in the UK

An unhealthy image for cheese in the UK threatens to prevent many varieties from leaping on the functional food bandwagon.

Cheese grapples with unhealthy image

Regional cheese producers are enjoying a revival in the UK, but the market as a whole is struggling to grow volumes against an unhealthy image with consumers.

Cargill culture makes ripened cheese smell fruity

Cargill is introducing a new aromatic cheese culture to create subtle fruity aromas in the rind and mould of ripened cheese, a quality said to be sought after by consumers.

Dairy UK to host cheese summit

A special summit on cheese will be held in the UK early this summer, reflecting the category's growing importance for dairy industry earnings.

Milk Link buys out Glanbia to lead UK cheese

UK dairy co-operative Milk Link has consolidated its position in the country's cheese market after buying out partner firm Glanbia from The Cheese Company.

Western foods driving demand for cheese in Korea

South Koreans are consuming greater quantities of cheese as foods like pizza, cheeseburgers and sandwiches become more popular among the younger generation.

Cryovac breaths new life into cheese packaging

A new range of vacuum cheese packaging allows the curing process to continue while extending product shelf life, its manufacturer claims.

EU ban threatens UK specialist cheese

Time is running out for producers of specialist, cloth-bound cheese in the UK as efforts stall in their bid to continue using a chemical that is banned across the EU.

Mafia gangs add to Parmesan cheese problems

Bands of thieves are hijacking lorries containing Parmesan cheese in northern Italy and selling on the products for hard cash, adding to the woes of a struggling industry.

Britain's taste for cheddar cheese matures

Consumers in the UK are trading up on their favourite cheese, cheddar, according to new figures, eating into private label sales and offering strong opportunities for producers.

Dairy Crest plots cheese sale

Dairy Crest confirmed it was in talks to sell its retailer cheese division to rival dairy group First Milk, as the firm looks to branded products for growth.

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