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Lactalis slams Sodiaal in French milk price row

Rows over farmgate milk prices have intensified in France, with leading French dairy processor Lactalis accusing its rival Sodiaal of irresponsibly cutting the price it pays to producers.

Branded milk still lifting Wiseman sales

UK dairy processor Robert Wiseman said sales were up two-and-a-half per cent in its first quarter thanks to a new milk supply contract and continued branded milk growth.

Consumers snub Arla's Mini30 milk

Arla Foods is scrapping its lower calorie Mini30 milk in Denmark only six months after the product was launched, because consumers do not like the taste.

Cereal drinks not a milk alternative, says FSANZ

Cereal-based beverages, such as those made from rice and oats, are not suitable as a complete milk replacement for young children, said the Australian and New Zealand food authorities today.

UK milk supply too uniform, says MDC

Milk prices in Britain are being held down by commodity market weakness, suggests a new report.

Omega-3 milk ads dropped in health claims row

Dairy Crest has criticised Britain's advert watchdog for telling the company to drop claims that its omega-3 milk could improve children's ability to learn.

EU backs medicine milk from GM goats

European Union medical authorities have approved their first drug derived from the milk of genetically modified animals, offering an insight into potential alternative avenues for parts of the dairy industry.

Wiseman swoops for Milk Link in UK

Dairy processor Robert Wiseman has continued on the acquisition trail by agreeing to buy Milk Link's milk business, suggesting consolidation is picking up pace on the Uk dairy industry.

Arla UK under fire over milk price cuts

Arla UK announced it would make more controversial cuts to farmgate milk prices and fine producers for churning out too much milk, as cost pressures on the dairy industry intensify.

Dairy officials slam whole milk school ban

Plans to kick whole milk out of English schools as part of new nutrition standards sends the wrong message to consumers, warns the National Farmers' Union.

Omega-3 milk could protect against metabolic syndrome

Dietary supplementation with an omega-3 enriched milk could be a simple and tolerable way to ease cardiovascular risk factors linked to metabolic syndrome, say Spanish researchers.

Formula milk safe from cancer compounds, says FSA

Levels of the cancer-causing PAH compounds in infant formula milk on sale in Britain are below the limits set by the European Union and pose no health risk, says the...

UK facing milk production shake-up

More upheaval in Britain's dairy sector looms over the next few years as more than one in ten milk producers say they will leave the sector, according to a new...

Private label bites back at Arla milk brand

Arla UK's Cravendale milk brand has seen its strong growth stunted by cheaper, supermarket milk in recent weeks, reminding processors how easily private label could destabilise branded dairy growth in...

Low milk prices unsustainable, say producers

Milk producers have renewed their fierce criticism of low farmgate prices in Britain, as the country's competition watchdog prepares to open an in-depth probe into the market practices of top...

Formula milk firms slammed over health worker links

Britain's formula milk industry has faced down a new wave of criticism from senior paediatricians, who accused it of dodging a ban on direct advertising by snuggling up to doctors...

Gadot comes up with calcium for milk replacements

Gadot Biochemical Industries has developed a new calcium citrate compound that could help formulators overcome fortification issues with soy milk, fluid milk, smoothie, infant formula, and other milk replacement products.

Arla chief adds to UK milk debate

The UK dairy industry could profit from a drop in milk production, said the chief executive of Arla UK on Tuesday, enabling the industry to add value and raise earnings...

Milk, vitamin D linked to heavier birth weight

Women who have higher milk and vitamin D intakes during pregnancy give birth to heavier babies, says Canadian research.

Sheep's milk holds health potential

Sheep's milk has a higher content of essential vitamins and minerals than cow's milk and could be used to cater to consumers' appetite for healthy products. But presently it seems...

Camel milk: the dairy product of the future

The future for camel milk is so bright that the FAO predicts that the dairy product could appear one day on European supermarket shelves.

Foss upgrades milk scanner for more accuracy

The launch of a new milk scanner by analytical specialists Foss has already bagged the group some major deals with its claim to be a fifth more accurate than its...

Multi-wave milk scanner improves product analysis

A novel scanner, which uses a mixture of ultraviolet and infrared rays to probe the content of milk, will help dairy firms and scientists to more accurately analyse products and...

New decanter, milk processing machines enter market

GEA Group, one of the largest machine companies at the Anuga FoodTech exhibition, has released a number of liquid filling and processing machines through its subsidiaries.

Business, not science, driving infant milk formulations say doctors

The standards for infant formulations, a topic of continued discussion with the Codex Committee, is being driven by commercial interests and not science say two paediatricians, claims that have been...

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