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National Foods recalls milk with E.coli risk

Australian dairy National Foods has recalled several thousand litres of its Pura brand milk, citing fears that it could be contaminated with the E.coli bacteria.

Meiji launches fresh milk in China

Asia's biggest dairy, Japan's Meiji, has started shipping pasteurized milk directly to Shanghai from Japan, the first time a foreign dairy has supplied fresh milk to the rapidly growing market.

Fortified milk may cut illnesses in preschoolers

Milk, fortified with four minerals and three vitamins, cut the occurrence of respiratory infections and days with severe illness, and could be a well accepted means of improving health, especially...

Redesigned standardiser improves milk production, companies claim

A redesigned automatic milk standardiser allows processors to continually monitor fatcontent and eliminates the need for skilled technical support, the manufacturers claim.

EU cautious on US plan to milk cloned cows

Debate on whether to approve milk from cloned cattle for general consumption in the US is unlikely to be replicated in Europe in the near future, because consumers would reject...

Milk subsidies part of UK child welfare scheme

Campaigning to promote the healthiness of milk has received government support in the UK via a new scheme to hand out free milk, fruit and vitamin vouchers to parents.

New 60-second milk analyser cuts costs

A new analyser is capable of assessing a wide range of components in milk within 60 seconds and is significantly cheaper than its rivals, helping dairies to improve efficiency in...

Pressure processing improves milk, say researchers

A high pressure processing technique retains a fresh taste while at thesame time killing bacteria andextending shelf life in products such as milk, say US researchers.

Arla expands in Finnish milk

Scandinavia's Arla Foods has bought nearly a third of Finnish dairy company Ingman Foods, as consolidation continues to run apace in the European dairy sector.

Wiseman to milk Britain's organic boom

New supply contracts and a new dairy will help the Robert Wiseman group to corner a significant share of the UK's soaring organic milk market, the firm has said.

Dairy firms unite to fight milk critics

Top dairy firms around the world, backed by Britain's biggest supermarket, will work together to promote the health qualities of milk as concerns rise over a growing anti-dairy league.

Cleaning blamed for Jersey milk scare

Routine cleaning may have been to blame for the contamination of up to 2,000 packs of milk with excessive levels of bacteria in Jersey, the manufacturer has announced.

Jersey milk recall adds to dairy hygiene fears

Up to 2,000 packs of milk contaminated with excessive levels of bacteria have been recalled in Jersey, raising more questions about dairy hygiene practices in the EU.

Consumer groups attack move to milk cloned cows

Consumer groups in the US have united against government plans to allow milk and meat from cloned animals into the food chain, highlighting a potential dilemma for dairy firms interested...

UK milk producers head for brighter 2007, report says

Pressure on UK milk producers may ease off next year, according to a new supply chain report, which follows new moves to monitor and improve earnings in the sector.

Tesco funds to fill organic milk supply gap

UK supermarket Tesco will pay organic milk producers £400 per year in an attempt to ensure the organic dairy sector keeps up with rapidly growing consumer demand.

F&N takes over Nestlé milk business in Asia

Fraser & Neave, the Malaysian beverage and glass group, has signed a RM310 million (67.2m) deal with Nestlé to produce and sell the Swiss group's liquid milk products in south-east...

Fonterra develops new milk powder quality test

Fonterra researchers have developed a flow cytometry test that can be used to assess the quality of milk powder.

UK merges milk watchdog with animal health body

Efforts to save money and make farm inspections more efficient in the UK have seen the Dairy Hygiene Inspectorate merge with the country's veterinary service this week.

Flavoured camel milk hits the Middle East

The launch of a date-flavoured Camel milk drink could strengthen the development of this product as a viable segment of the global dairy industry.

EU fines highlight milk quota problems

More multi-million euro fines are to be handed out to EU member states exceeding their milk quotas this year, highlighting what some believe is an out-dated system.

Method provides faster shelf life indication for milk

A microbiological testing system developed by Foss is quicker and more effective than currentlyused methods for estimating the shelf life of pasteurised milk, researchers say.

Life without EU milk quotas

Phasing out the milk quota system across the EU will help larger dairy producers and processors to become more competitive in the world dairy market, says a new report.

Organic milk is not healthier, says UK food watchdog

Organic milk producers took a blow Tuesday after UK food authorities said their milk was not healthier than conventional varieties just because it contained more omega-3.

Cooling tunnels help hot cows to up milk yield, study

Herding cows into special cooling tunnels during hot weather could increase milk yields, says a study, after a heatwave across Britain sent milk production plummeting this summer.

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