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Milk board unmoved by Euro retailer ‘concern’

European retailers are failing to support dairy production and processing, despite continued pledges from leading chains in the bloc about price commitments, claims one farmers’ lobby group.

Gen Mills listens to consumers on rBST milk hormone

US food giant General Mills has committed to reformulating its category-leading Yoplait yoghurt brand with rBST-free milk – a move it says was prompted by consumer demand.

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Fonterra issues milk price warning

Fonterra warns that current prices on the global market are not sustainable for suppliers at their current level.

Declining milk supply could open UK to Euro rivals

A continuing decline in the number of UK milk cows and flagging confidence among the country’s farmers may serve to setback overall efficiency for processors compared to their European and...

EU milk plans ‘doomed to fail’, says farmers’ group

New measures being taken by the EU to prop up its dairy farmers through the re-introduction of subsidies like export refunds have been derided as being ‘doomed to fail’ by...

Chinese milk safety targeted in multinational team-up

DSM has announced its intentions to work with players from throughout the Chinese dairy industry in attempts to ensure improved safety throughout the country’s milk supply chain.

‘Fair Trade’ milk soon a euro reality, says farmers’ group

A ‘Fair Trade’-style certification for European milk prices, designed to cover farmer cost, will soon making its way across EU member states, according to a leading farmers association.

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Cadbury’s labels to warn that Dairy Milk contains milk

Cadbury has announced that it will add warnings to its Dairy Milk chocolate wrappers – to inform milk-allergic potential customers that it contains milk.

Resistant starch-enriched milk puddings pass sensory tests: Study

Adding resistant starch to milk puddings produces formulations that are acceptable to consumers, particularly those interested in healthy options, says a new study.

KKR speculation highlighting Chinese milk potential

As speculation mounts over equity group KKR’s rumoured bid for Chinese milk producer Modern Farms, a source close to the potential deal suggests that the country’s dairy sector may see...

Organic 'shock' failing to dent liquid milk sales - producer

The UK organic dairy market remains optimistic this week following the 'shock' announcement from a leading processor that it was cutting payments to farmers, according to another supplier in the...

UK faces secure milk calls amidst Euro cost worries

Trade association Dairy UK claims that the government must provide security to the country's dairy farmers to ensure industry can meet consumers' cost and nutrition requirements.

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First Milk launches resealable packaging

 UK dairy farmer co-operative First Milk has developed a resealable zip packaging for two of its brands.

Milk quota reforms distort trade, says UK dairy industry

EU agriculture ministers yesterday agreed on further measures designed to progressively liberalise the bloc’s dairy sector, but industry associations have said these will simply lead to more market distortion.

New bacteria species may spoil refrigerated raw milk

Scientists have discovered new species of bacteria that can grow at low temperatures, and may even spoil raw milk during refrigeration.

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Milk flavour falls in popularity

The popularity of milk as a flavour has dropped in the rankings of favourite flavours for baby beverages, according to new findings by Product Launch Analytics.

EDA suggests time is right for milk price rethink

‘Significant changes’ are required in the approach of European politicians and dairy industries to milk pricing, says the head of the European Dairy Association (EDA).

Milk facing soybean innovation battle

The dairy industry will have to step up to the challenge of matching ongoing developments in soybeans as a replacement for a number of milk-based products and ingredients, according to...

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Exploding milk powder rocks California Dairies

An explosion at a California Dairies Inc plant in Visalia has caused around $200,000 in damage to equipment, according to reports.

Milk price alternative sought in EU tractor protest

A barrage of tractors have descended upon the latest meeting of EU agriculture ministers to drive home dairy farmers’ calls for what they claim are the basic conditions required to...

Destination Luxembourg for frustrated Euro milk-makers

Luxembourg will provide the stage for a show of growing discontent among European dairy farmers next week, over concerns about the ongoing reform to the bloc’s agricultural policy.

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Boost for vitamin D fortified milk

The US National Dairy Council recommends boosting vitamin D intake for children after a new clinical report from the American Academy of Paediatrics.

Terror & melamine fears spur milk transport investment

A US-based prototype scheme to improve automisation and traceability in global milk distribution has received further funding amidst fears over milk safety hazards from potential contamination and terrorism.

Carbon footprint falls highlight greener-milk success - industry

A new US study charting a 64-year fall in the carbon footprint of producing milk in the country, reflects wider global success in adopting sustainable milk production, according to one...

Milk farmer concerns persist over processor payouts

As a leading UK Dairy Processor prepares to increase payouts for their milk supplies from next month, the issue of sustainable pricing for supplies looks far from resolved.

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