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Glanbia buyout sends Milk Link profits crashing

Milk Link's acquisition of Glanbia Foods has proved a mixed bag for the UK dairy cooperative over the last year - pushing up sales yet slamming profits into the red...

One-Shot deal delivers faster milkshake system

UK equipment supplier One-Shot will tap in to the growing trend for flavoured milk and juice drinks by launching a new system to make smoothies and milkshakes cleaner and faster.

Scientists isolating 'useful' genes in milk

International experts in nutrition and genomics will meet in California to discuss the progress of research into links between the genetic make-up of milk and human health.

Novel 'flavour straw' adds value to plain milk

A new, patented straw that adds flavour to plain milk as you drink through it will be launched across the world in a novel attempt to reinvigorate milk consumption.

UK milk production facing 'worst case scenario', says study

A worst case scenario for UK milk production is more likely as more producers leave the market than previously thought, presenting potential supply problems that could raise costs across the...

Coke bottler explores functional milk deal

Coca-Cola, hit by a slow-down in fizzy drinks sales, may be looking to expand into vitamin-enriched milk after the firm's bottling arm announces talks to buy control of Bravo! Foods.

Renewed debate over milk and ovarian cancer risk

There is evidence to support the putative link between consumption of milk products and ovarian cancer risk, finds a new meta-analysis of epidemiological studies, but the case is far from...

Raw milk concerns push demand for detection

The European Union is reportedly considering lowering the legal levels of alkaline phosphates (ALP) in the dairy pasteurisation process, presenting an opportunity for lab tech firms such as Advanced Instruments.

Fortified milk could raise folate status

Fortifying milk with folic acid offers an accessible source of the vitamin, report Dutch researchers who tested bioavailability of the nutrient in a clinical trial.

Sainsbury's stocks functional milk in UK

New milk drinks fortified with vitamins are to be sold by Britain's third biggest supermarket, Sainsbury's, as functional dairy continues to break into the UK's mainstream food sector, writes Chris...

US milk processors unite to make milk cool

Jazzy images and more imagination on products is the key to making more children choose milk over fizzy drinks, says new research funded by the US dairy industry, writes Chris...

GM dairy herd promises 'medicine milk'

A New Zealand research group plans to create a genetically modified dairy herd capable of producing 'medicinal milk' that it says may be used to fight a range of diseases...

Huge costs of terror attack on US milk supply

The US milk supply chain is still too vulnerable to a terrorist attack, says new research, warning that stricter security could save billions of dollars and thousands of lives, reports...

Health trends drive soy milk craze

Soy milk has been Western Europe's fastest growing 'dairy' sector over the last six years, presenting new challenges to dairy firms via consumer health trends and new fears over lactose...

Baby milk powder in China, new recalls?

Food safety for Chinese milk powders hits the headlines again as authorities detect excessive iodine content in another Nestle baby milk powder, according to Chinese news reports.

Milk processing unit has hibernation mode

Tetra Pak is marketing its new Therm Lacta 10 as an energy-saving pasteurisation unit designed for the automated processing of market milk, cheese milk, yoghurt milk, cream, ice cream mix...

Arla attacked over milk price cuts

Arla UK has been criticised for setting up a new wave of instability through Britain's milk supply chain after it cut the price it pays to farmers for milk, citing...

Nestlé apologises over baby milk in China

Nestle, the world's biggest foodmaker, has apologised to Chinese consumers after the country's safety authorities detected too much iodine in one of its milk-power brands.

Industry livid over EU's milk refund cuts

British and Irish milk producers say the EU Commission has let them down by irresponsibly chopping export refunds on both skimmed and whole milk powder, reports Chris Mercer.

China pulls milk formula from supermarkets shelves

Nestle has launched an investigation into its milk products, after a type of baby powder sold in Chinese supermarkets failed to meet national standards over iodine content, reports Claire Johnston.

Dairy Crest FY profits fall, makes functional milk debut

UK milk processor Dairy Crest announces a small slip in full year profits and makes its first foray into the burgeoning functional foods market - something which should provide its...

First omega-3 milks in UK target demand for brain food

The first omega-3 milks to hit the UK market will benefit from increasing demand for healthy children's food, following a wave of media reports on research into brain food and...

Branded milk buoying UK dairy sales

Strong branded milk lines stepping away from generics, and a rise in porridge, tea and coffee consumption are helping to turn around figures for milk use in Britain.

Court rules in favour of Campina's milk-derived meat alternative

Dutch dairy giant Campina has clearance to call its new milk derivative product Valess a 'meat alternative' but must provide more nutritional information about the recipe on its website, a...

Regular milk drinkers may have lower stroke risk

A diet rich in milk does not increase the risk of heart disease and stroke as previously thought and may even be protective, concludes new research, reports Dominique Patton.

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