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Nestlé milk factory can fight terrorism

Nestlé's new milk factory in Pakistan, set to be the world's largest milk collection centre, can help prevent more people from turning to Islamic extremism, the country's president has said....

Tesco raises the bar on milk prices

Milk producers in the UK have given a cautious welcome to milk price rises announced by Tesco this week, in the latest development on dairy farmer incomes.

EU considers allowing cloned meat, milk on market

Meat and milk from cloned animals could soon become available in the EU, depending on the outcome of a European Food Safety Authority scientific review.

Organic milk boom is not over, says OMSCo

Claims that organic milk sales may have peaked after a dramatic slow-down in sales have been rejected by the Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative.

Top US dairy rejects milk from clones

Leading US dairy firm Dean Foods has said it will not accept milk from cloned cows, adding weight to an industry and consumer move against the technology on both sides...

Sainsbury's 'open' to milk price rise

A little piece of Fairtrade Fortnight touched the UK dairy industry this week as the head of the Sainsbury's supermarket told farmers he was willing to pay more for their...

Milk Link makes functional milk for Tesco

UK supermarket Tesco is expanding its range of functional milks with the addition of a new semi-skimmed product enhanced with a variety of vitamins and other added nutrients.

MPs call for action over low milk prices

A group of MPs in the UK have called on the government to step in over low farmgate milk prices, which they claim are taking ruthless advantage of dairy farmers.

EU unveils milk shake-up plans

The European Commission has proposed a raft of mini-reforms it says will simplify the EU market for milk and dairy products.

EU milk quotas must go, say UK leaders

More than two thirds of leaders in the UK dairy industry want EU milk quotas to be scrapped, a survey has revealed, echoing comments from the European Commission recently.

Study highlights milk BSE risk

Fears that cows with BSE could pass on the disease to humans via proteins in their milk has gained more credence from a new study, which has encouraged stricter analysis...

Retailers 'receptive' to milk price increases

Supermarkets in the UK have softened their stance on farmgate milk prices in recent weeks, as public scrutiny of the dairy supply chain has grown.

Fischer Boel rejects EU milk quotas

Signs that EU milk quotas have outlived their usefulness grew stronger this week after the bloc's agriculture commissioner openly criticised the system in front of industry officials.

French milk producers pile on pressure

Milk producers in France have used an industry meeting to call for higher farmgate prices and again condemn cuts over the last five years, revealing ongoing tension between farmers and...

Lycopene protects vitamins in milk, study

Lycopene, microencapsulated in gum arabic-sucrose capsules, slowed the degradation of vitamins A and D3 in skimmed milk by 45 per cent, says new research.

Whole fat milk linked to lower weight gain

Women who regularly consumed at least one serving of full-fat diary every day gained about 30 per cent less weight than women who didn't, says a study from Sweden.

US seeks views on milk from cloned cows

Plans to allow milk and meat from cloned cows to enter the food chain have moved a step closer in the US after the country's food safety watchdog issued draft...

Christmas feature

Reindeer milk - not on Santa's list this year

In a year that has seen camel, sheep and donkey milk grab the headlines in turn, Mrs Rudolph and her chums neednt fear that theyre next to get the "other...

UK must milk dairy export potential

UK dairy firms are being urged to capitalise on a resurgence in the country's food and drink exports, through a new project with the Food From Britain organisation.

UK milk producers push for better deal, as colleagues quit

Talks to get UK dairy farmers a better deal with supermarkets are expected to intensify over the next couple of weeks, as new figures show nearly 1,000 producers have quit...

National Foods recalls milk with E.coli risk

Australian dairy National Foods has recalled several thousand litres of its Pura brand milk, citing fears that it could be contaminated with the E.coli bacteria.

Meiji launches fresh milk in China

Asia's biggest dairy, Japan's Meiji, has started shipping pasteurized milk directly to Shanghai from Japan, the first time a foreign dairy has supplied fresh milk to the rapidly growing market.

Fortified milk may cut illnesses in preschoolers

Milk, fortified with four minerals and three vitamins, cut the occurrence of respiratory infections and days with severe illness, and could be a well accepted means of improving health, especially...

Redesigned standardiser improves milk production, companies claim

A redesigned automatic milk standardiser allows processors to continually monitor fatcontent and eliminates the need for skilled technical support, the manufacturers claim.

EU cautious on US plan to milk cloned cows

Debate on whether to approve milk from cloned cattle for general consumption in the US is unlikely to be replicated in Europe in the near future, because consumers would reject...