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UK merges milk watchdog with animal health body

Efforts to save money and make farm inspections more efficient in the UK have seen the Dairy Hygiene Inspectorate merge with the country's veterinary service this week.

Flavoured camel milk hits the Middle East

The launch of a date-flavoured Camel milk drink could strengthen the development of this product as a viable segment of the global dairy industry.

EU fines highlight milk quota problems

More multi-million euro fines are to be handed out to EU member states exceeding their milk quotas this year, highlighting what some believe is an out-dated system.

Method provides faster shelf life indication for milk

A microbiological testing system developed by Foss is quicker and more effective than currentlyused methods for estimating the shelf life of pasteurised milk, researchers say.

Life without EU milk quotas

Phasing out the milk quota system across the EU will help larger dairy producers and processors to become more competitive in the world dairy market, says a new report.

Organic milk is not healthier, says UK food watchdog

Organic milk producers took a blow Tuesday after UK food authorities said their milk was not healthier than conventional varieties just because it contained more omega-3.

Cooling tunnels help hot cows to up milk yield, study

Herding cows into special cooling tunnels during hot weather could increase milk yields, says a study, after a heatwave across Britain sent milk production plummeting this summer.

Yili expands milk powder production

China's biggest dairy group Yili will build a CNY208 million (€20.7m) milk powder factory in northwest China, it revealed last week.

Infant formulas evolve to replicate breast milk

The infant formula market presents opportunities for proven nutritional ingredients within the updated EU regulatory framework, and follow-on products and those aimed at mothers' are also targeted by suppliers.

Trial supports recycled plastic milk bottles in UK

Work on the UK's first factory able to recycle HDPE resin from plastic milk bottles for re-use in food packaging could start within a year, according to a government-funded recycling...

More omega-3 in organic milk, say scientists

Scientists have called on Britain's food safety authorities to recognise the superior health qualities of organic milk, after a new study showed it contained higher levels of omega-3 than conventional...

China returns US milk powder with excess nitrite

China has sent back more than 100 metric tons of American milk powder after it was found to contain potentially dangerous levels of nitrite.

Dairy Crest milkman deal goes through

Dairy Crest officially became Britain's biggest 'milkman' this week, after competition authorities cleared it to take over the doorstep delivery business of rival Arla Foods UK.

Wiseman cleared for Milk Link deal in UK

Britain's competition watchdog has cleared dairy firm Robert Wiseman to take over the liquid milk business of rival group Milk Link, as the industry continues to consolidate.

Report slams plans to cut UK milk supply

Cutting Britain's milk supply to raise farmgate prices will not win the battle to raise earnings across the UK dairy sector, warns a new Milk Development Council report.

Added value steers Milk Link sales

Fresh dairy ingredients and Stilton cheese have helped Britain's Milk Link to improve both turnover and profit margins over the last year, the group has said.

Transgenic goat milk could prevent diarrhea

Milk produced by transgenic goats is seen to shore up protective intestinal bacteria against illness, thanks to the antibacterial action of an enzyme found in human breast milk; if the...

Milk Link ups prices to supply Britain's organic milk boom

UK dairy processor Milk Link will pay farmers more money for their organic milk from this October as the industry attempts to keep pace with soaring demand.

China to clamp down on antibiotics in milk

China is preparing to launch a new national standard on raw milk to prevent dairy products containing antibiotic residues from reaching the marketplace.

Vitamin K-fortified milk must carry warning

New Zealand dairy Fonterra must add a warning label to its new vitamin K-enriched milk and yoghurt to reduce the risk for people taking the blood thinning drug Warfarin, said...

Spanish dairy launches Arab milk

Spanish dairy co-op Feiraco has launched a range of fermented milk products specifically targeted at Spain's Muslim community, tapping into a relatively neglected niche market.

Glanbia probes milk tampering

Irish dairy group Glanbia said it was investigating a small number of its suppliers over suspicions that they tampered with their milk.

Irish dairy to milk multi-million euro funding

A €300m investment package will be handed to Ireland's dairy processing industry over the next three years to help it meet market challenges that lie ahead, the country's government has...

Dairy Crest deal offers hope for the British milkman

The distant clink of milk bottles at 5am may be a thing of the past for several British neighbourhoods, but Dairy Crest's bid to create the UK's largest doorstep delivery...

Record ingredient sales at Fonterra after good milk year

New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra sold almost a tenth more milk-derived ingredients this year than the previous 12 months, pushing its overall revenue up 6 per cent to NZ$13 billion...

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