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Business, not science, driving infant milk formulations say doctors

The standards for infant formulations, a topic of continued discussion with the Codex Committee, is being driven by commercial interests and not science say two paediatricians, claims that have been...

Milk genomics meeting heads for Europe

Cutting edge research will be laid before Europe's dairy industry in Brussels this autumn, when scientists from around the world will discuss how the genetic make-up of milk affects human...

Czechs to be fined over EU milk quota

The Czech Republic's dairy industry is facing a €7m (CK 200m) fine as milk output is forecast to exceed the national quota for 2005/6 of 2.682 billion kilos.

Tesco launches cholesterol-lowering milk

Tesco, the UK's biggest supermarket, has launched a cholesterol-lowering milk, adding to its range being marketed under its own label.

Gatorade challenges choc milk health claims

Gatorade has challenged a recent advertising campaign that claims that chocolate milk helps athletes to work out longer than conventional sports drinks.

Milk analyser helps standardise production process

A new milk analyser allows dairy processors to push standardisation of the key parameters even closer to production targets, its manufacturer claims.

Milk alliance to help with 'special products'

Finnish dairy company Valio, and Germany's biggest dairy company Nordmilch eG have announced an alliance that will enable them to concentrate capacity for 'special products' like functional milks and probiotics.

Food firms target value-added milk sector

Food firms are increasingly targeting the UKs value-added milk sector as they re-align their businesses and move away from commodity products, says a new report.

Arla signs organic milk deal with Lidl

Dairy group Arla Foods has signed an organic dairy supply deal with discount retailer Lidl, as big food firms increasingly move in on rising consumer demand for organic food.

Puleva Biotech's human milk probiotic debuts in Spain

The first consumer product containing a probiotic strain derived from human milk by Puleva Biotech has launched in Spain, and the company hopes it may find a home in other...

Organic milk sales booming in Britain

Britain needs more organic dairy producers to meet rapidly growing demand for organic milk, says a new report, offering new opportunities for the industry.

Scientists triple CLA content in milk

Milk from cows fed on soybeans and fish oils contained up to three times more conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), says a US study, suggesting new opportunities for functional dairy development.

UK dairy supports extension of school milk subsidy

Britain's dairy industry wants the government to extend its school milk subsidy to secondary schools, after it emerged an extra €11m in funding might still be available from the European...

Arla launches Mini30 milk in battle for Danish dairy

The dairy group's new, lower calorie milk technology may help it re-gain ground on its home Danish milk market, after dropping almost 10 per cent in market share and losing...

UK government to keep school milk subsidy

Britain's government has announced it will carry on paying the school milk subsidy, following a huge show of support for the scheme from the country's dairy industry.

UK dairy industry unites behind school milk subsidy

Britain's dairy sector will hold a special, industry-wide meeting to discuss how it can defend school milk subsidies, after a report commissioned by the government said they should be scrapped.

UK milk campaign targets health workers

Britain's Milk Development Council said it plans to start a new health campaign for milk targeted at health professionals and the media as well as consumers.

EU milk quota harming Polish dairy sector

Joining the European Union may have created as many pitfalls as opportunities for Poland's dairy industry, says a new report, warning the sector may struggle to deal with production quotas.

UK government could scrap school milk subsidies

The UK dairy industry has leapt to the defence of school milk subsidies in Britain after a report commissioned by the government said they were wasting money and should be...

Arla UK to battle soft drinks with One Shot milk

Dairy group Arla UK is set to launch Cravendale One Shot milk drinks this month to compete directly with soft drinks and begin making use of the firm's record investment...

Cow's milk not to blame for gut problems

Drinking cow's milk may not be to blame for gastrointestinal disturbances amongst young adults, report researchers from Finland.

Milk vending scheme for UK schools in 2006

Plans to put milk and dairy products into UK school vending machines next year, backed by the government as part of its healthy eating drive, offers new opportunities to dairy...

Iodine in milk linked to teenage acne

Iodine in milk may be a main cause of teenagers' acne outbreaks, says a US dermatologist, though hard evidence of a link remains scarce and disputed.

US law opens schools to milk processors

A new law allowing American schools to sell milk anywhere at any time instead of just at the canteen may help milk processors to fight back against soft drink dominance.

Milk Council fears losses from levy change

Government proposals to change the way money is collected from UK dairy producers for industry-wide initiatives will cut funds and bring less efficiency, says the Milk Development Council.

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