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Processors not braced for potential raw milk benefits

As dairy farmers around the globe continue to raise concerns over the declining value of their products, unpasteurised milk is being touted as one solution to generate added value and...

Retailers still under pressure over milk price-role

British retailers are facing calls to increase support for the country’s dairy farming sector amidst wider European concerns about the role of stores in maintaining a profitable milk supply.

Tetra Pak spies further global packaged milk potential

Despite ongoing economic and supply uncertainty, consumption of milk and liquid dairy products continues to grow in both emerging and more established markets by meeting worldwide convenience needs, according to...

EU milk farmers maintain quota cut-calls

Turmoil has continued to rock the EU dairy sector this week as the European Commission pledged balancing its support for milk producers with ensuring wider commitments to market deregulation.

IDFA questions raw milk viability for US processors

Amidst debate over allowing the sale of raw milk in a growing number of US states, some processors remain unconvinced that there are any potential benefits for either consumers or...

Flavoured milks included in sugary beverage-tax battle

Flavoured milk drinks have become engrossed in a US debate over combating obesity through taxation, with chocolate and strawberry sweetened dairy drinks facing inclusion in a proposed bill.

Manure and messaging strategies emerge amidst milk protests

The agricultural minister of Belgium has expressed similar price concerns shown by some French farmers this week in calling for further reassessment by the European Commission of the use of...

Arla develops skimmed milk powder substitute for meat

Arla Foods Ingredients has introduced a new milk protein designed to replace skimmed milk powder in meat formulations, which it claims offers better texture for less cost.

Italian Supreme Court issues final ruling on milk quota fraud

The Italian Supreme Court has issued a final ruling that a scheme to avoid paying extra levies under CAP milk quota rules amounts to fraud against EU financial interests.

US milk pools distorting global dairy costs - EDA

As debate rages in the US over possible amendments to the funding of milk pools, the developments could have major implications for the price paid by global processors on consumption...

Fonterra optimistic over milk price rises

Fonterra says it has recorded a second consecutive monthly rise in the prices being paid to its member farmers for their milk, reflecting possible stabilisation in the supply chain.

Donated milk powder to provide boost for US dairy

US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack has announced that over 200m pounds of milk powder will be transferred to federal nutrition programs in an effort to stock food banks...

Irish profit protests mirror EU milk supplier woes

Irish farmer’s groups have added their voices to growing dissent among European milk suppliers, claiming that some producers in the country potentially face an entire year of financial loses unless...

Asia vital to global milk ingredient stabilisation

A supply and demand imbalance within the global milk ingredient market is expected to stabilise in the next few years on the back of strengthening demand in Asia, suggests a...

Test developed to expose organic milk fraud

Scientists in Germany have developed a new test to detect conventional milk sold as organic, in a bid to help combat dairy fraud at the retail level.

Cadbury tackles burping cows to reduce milk chocolate carbon footprint

Chocolate maker Cadbury will work closely with UK dairy farmers in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of its iconic milk chocolate bar.

Study suggests chocolate milk exercise recovery boost

Chocolate milk has taken first place in a post-exercise energy recovery trial in competition alongside both a fluid- and carbohydrate-replacing beverage, according to new clinical research.

Milk board unmoved by Euro retailer ‘concern’

European retailers are failing to support dairy production and processing, despite continued pledges from leading chains in the bloc about price commitments, claims one farmers’ lobby group.

Gen Mills listens to consumers on rBST milk hormone

US food giant General Mills has committed to reformulating its category-leading Yoplait yoghurt brand with rBST-free milk – a move it says was prompted by consumer demand.

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Fonterra issues milk price warning

Fonterra warns that current prices on the global market are not sustainable for suppliers at their current level.

Declining milk supply could open UK to Euro rivals

A continuing decline in the number of UK milk cows and flagging confidence among the country’s farmers may serve to setback overall efficiency for processors compared to their European and...

EU milk plans ‘doomed to fail’, says farmers’ group

New measures being taken by the EU to prop up its dairy farmers through the re-introduction of subsidies like export refunds have been derided as being ‘doomed to fail’ by...

Chinese milk safety targeted in multinational team-up

DSM has announced its intentions to work with players from throughout the Chinese dairy industry in attempts to ensure improved safety throughout the country’s milk supply chain.

‘Fair Trade’ milk soon a euro reality, says farmers’ group

A ‘Fair Trade’-style certification for European milk prices, designed to cover farmer cost, will soon making its way across EU member states, according to a leading farmers association.

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Cadbury’s labels to warn that Dairy Milk contains milk

Cadbury has announced that it will add warnings to its Dairy Milk chocolate wrappers – to inform milk-allergic potential customers that it contains milk.

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