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Alert widens over iodine-tainted soya milk

Ireland has become the latest country to issue a food safety alert over iodine-contaminated soya milk from Japan believed to have sickened 10 people in Australia.

China uncovers more melamine tainted milk powder

Chinese authorities have closed a Shanghai dairy involved in the 2008 melamine scandal and arrested three of its executives after finding more milk powder tainted with the toxic chemical.

China uncovers more melamine-tainted milk powder

Employees from a Chinese dairy company have been taken into police custody on suspicion of selling tonnes of melamine-tainted milk powder.

Tetra Pak report reveals ambient milk opportunities

In its latest forecasting report, Tetra Pak has predicted that ambient milk will outperform the chilled sector in developed markets, and offer more opportunities for growth.

Size matters! Green potential of more milk pack sizes

Providing a variety of milk packaging sizes could be more fruitful environmentally than switching to “greener” materials.

China executes two over melamine milk scandal

China executed two people today for their part in the melamine-tainted milk powder scandal that killed six and sickened around 300,000.

US dairy industry plea to boost raw milk regulation

Raw milk products pose a “significant food safety hazard” and facilities that make them should be covered by the new food safety bill, said the two largest US dairy...

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Indiana dry milk processor gets grade A certification

PacMoore , an Indiana-based manufacturer of dry milk products, has received grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) certification.

Arla plans billion litre milk processing plant near London

Arla Foods has unveiled plans to build a one billion litre liquid milk processing facility on the outskirts of London.

Milk may boost iron uptake from fruit juices

Formulating iron-enriched fruit juices with milk may improve uptake of the mineral, suggests new research that offers a way of boosting iron intake for people at risk of deficiency.

Milk and meat drive N Ireland food processing growth

Increasing sales of milk, meats and baked goods fuelled a six per cent growth in Northern Ireland’s food and drinks processing industry last year as sales reached almost £3bn, said...

Full fat milk could be linked to low BMI, study

Children who consumed full fat milk regularly had a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to those who seldom or never drank milk, claims a Swedish study.

Costa Rican omega-3 milk irons out UHT problems

Austrian-based microencapsulation specialist, GAT Food Essentials, is supplying latin America’s largest dairy with an omega-3 form that is allowing the dairy to offer a difficult to achieve, non-chilled milk containing...

Farmers target ‘regular milk’ for probiotic fortification

Ohio-based probiotics specialist, Ganeden Biotech, has signed an agreement that will see it become the exclusive supplier of probiotics to the National Farmers Organization (NFO), with the aim of boosting...

Arla lays claim to lightest milk bottle crown

Arla Foods, through its partnership with Logoplaste, claims to have developed the lightest two pint polybottle for milk in the UK.

Nestle stops sourcing milk from Mugabe farm

Nestle has said it will stop buying milk from a Zimbabwe farm appropriated from white owners and now run by Grace Mugabe, as the dairy board will resume start buying...

Review claims rbST milk is eco-friendly and safe

Milk from cows treated with the rbST hormone is not only identical to other milk, but is also more eco-friendly, says a scientific review sponsored by Elanco, the company that...


How Mugabe’s milk could sour Nestle's image

Nestle is being slammed for sourcing milk from a Mugabe-owned farm in Zimbabwe. In a world where both business and information are globalised, any big business practices deemed unacceptable –...

A chance to milk new developments in dairy

Advances in technologies for the extraction and modification of milk components have opened up new opportunities for the food and nutraceutical industries, say the publishers of a new book.

Dairy launches first PET bottle for UHT milk

French dairy company LSDH is claiming a world first for the launch of the PET bottle for UHT milk using dry decontamination technology.

Milk finger-printing detects contaminants to lift safety standards

Improved safety standards plus easy and cost-effective up-take are the benefits claimed for the new “finger printing” software that allows MilkoScan analysers to detect the presence of contaminants in raw...

Legume ‘milk’ may cut costs and dairy from chocolate

Vegetable milk made from a blend of peanuts and cowpea may offer an alternative to dairy for milk chocolate formulations, suggests a new study from Ghana.

Sales of one per cent fat milk rocket in the UK

Milk with a fat content of one per cent has quickly gained market share in the UK and its sales are now tipped to overtake those of both full fat...

Tesco sticks carbon footprint labels to milk bottles

Tesco has begun displaying carbon footprint labels on milk bottles as part of a series of measures designed to reduce the environmental impact of milk production.

Dairy Crest delivers milk bag and jug to doorsteps

Dairy Crest has extended its milk bag and reusable jug (JUGIT) scheme to doorstep customers as part of ongoing efforts to cut packaging waste.

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