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Fonterra cleared to acquire NZDL processing assets

Dairy exporter Fonterra has been cleared to acquire the processing assets of New Zealand Dairies Limited’s (NZDL) by the New Zealand Commerce Commission.


August milk prices show significant increases - Part two

In part two of his August US dairy commodities breakdown, MilkPrice  blogger John Geuss gives the latest on cheese demand and a look ahead to September and beyond....


August milk prices show significant increases

As a result of increased and unexpected US demand for cheese and butter in recent weeks, milk prices in the country have jumped by more than a dollar per hundredweight....

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Arla UK ‘well on track’ to deliver 500m litre milk supply increase

Arla Foods UK has announced that it is “well on track” to deliver its 2015 500m litre milk supply increase target.

Arla increasing UK milk prices in confidence rebuild effort

Arla Foods UK has increased the standard price it pays to dairy farmers for milk and adopted a new, more transparent milk pricing and sourcing model in an effort to “build...

Growing Australian a2 Milk preference provides expansion platform – A2C

A2 Corporation (A2C) - the manufacturer of a2 Milk - has reported “very encouraging” financial results for the last 12 months, citing the brand’s growing credibility with Australian consumers....

Arla posts H1 profits drop as milk crisis cancels out revenue growth

Dairy giant Arla Foods has reported a net profits decrease for the first six months of the year, as the continuing impact of the European dairy price war cancelled out...

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Fonterra revises milk price forecast for 2012/13 season

Fonterra has announced a revised payout forecast range for the 2012/13 season, including a lower farm gate milk price (FGMP) of $5.25 per kilogram of milk solids – down from $5.50.

Initiative will boost milk pricing transparency – Robert Wiseman Dairies

Robert Wiseman Dairies has launched an initiative with dairy farmers to increase the transparency of how it determines its farm gate milk prices (FGMP).

Mengniu reports H1 profits decrease citing dairy slowdown

China Mengniu Dairy Co has posted an 18% net profit decrease for the first half of 2012 - citing a slowdown in Chinese dairy industry growth and the impact of...

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Arla in milk price crisis talks with Swedish farmers

Danish dairy co-operative Arla Foods has been involved in crisis talks with Swedish farmers following a number of milk price cuts in the country.

‘The worst is behind us’: Milk prices in recovery - European Dairy Association

Recent months have seen images of protesting farmers, tractors blockading dairy plants and retailer boycotts – all as a result of UK processor plans to reduce the price they pay...


Commodities expert John Geuss on July: All Milk Producer Prices are Up!

The Federal Milk Marketing Order July  announcement of Class and Component Prices showed expected increases. What was unusual was that every parameter was up.  

Spanish research aims to overcome milk, egg allergies

The University of Navarre Hospital in Spain is launching treatment enabling the elimination of allergic reactions to milk and eggs.

Dairy Crest praised for ‘Churchillian’ milk price cut delay

Dairy Crest has been praised for its “Churchillian” decision to defer its planned raw milk price reduction while it continues talks with protesting farmers.

Arla and Dairy Crest call off planned milk price reductions

UK milk processors Arla and Dairy Crest have called off planned reductions in the price they pay to dairy farmers for milk after a week of pressure from protestors.

Doctors committee urges USDA to remove dairy milk from school menus

A controversial committee of doctors has petitioned the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to remove dairy milk from school menus, calling it an “ineffective placebo.”

Arla and Robert Wiseman plants targeted by milk farmer price protests

Hundreds of British milk farmers picketed outside Arla and Robert Wiseman Dairy plants last night, protesting over plans to cut the price paid to suppliers for raw milk.

No need to cry over spoiled milk… pasteurisation-resistant bacteria identified

US researchers have identified a heat treatment-resistant spoilage-causing microbe in fluid milk - knowledge they hope can be used to extend the shelf life of dairy products.

Processing acquisition will boost raw milk competition, not reduce it – Fonterra

Dairy exporter Fonterra has claimed that its proposed acquisition of New Zealand Dairies’ (NZDL) Studholme processing plant will boost competition for raw milk on the country’s South Island, rather than...

‘Unacceptable, impossible, unsustainable’ - The sorry state of UK milk pricing

We like that cheap white stuff on our cereal. Milk has always been a loss leader in UK supermarkets for years now. Everyone knows it: The farmers, the processors, the...

Parmalat to close three plants in milk efficiency effort

Italian dairy giant Parmalat has announced plans to close three plants in the country in an effort to improve its efficiency and compete with low-priced private label milk.

India says no to Chinese milk for another year

Chinese milk products still cannot make the hop over the Himalayas to the booming Indian market with the company’s authorities calling for an extension on a ban on them.

'Processed food' concerns inspired Australian milk permeate cut - Lion Foods

Lion Foods says it is satisfying a demand for less processed food by altering its milk manufacturing process to remove permeate, a watery milk production by-product, from products launched this...

Lye-contaminated milk recalled in latest blow to Chinese dairy industry

Hundreds of cartons of milk have been recalled in China after a production line error left some products contaminated with alkaline water.

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