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News briefs: Fonterra, Saputo and ice cream voting

This week, Fonterra spies an end to rising commodity prices; Saputo reviews its operations following a fire in its US operations and ice cream gets political.

Ice cream dominates dairy innovation drive

Ice cream is leading growth in the global market for innovative dairy products as consumers increasingly associate the segment as being more of an everyday, year-round household grocery, according to...

Novelties grow despite lackluster ice cream performance

Frozen novelties are providing opportunities for growth in a mature ice cream market where there is little room for maneuver, according to a new report from Mintel.

Healthy and fun drive ice cream innovation at new Unilever centre

Unilever's new global Centre of Excellence Ice Foods is aimed at increasing ice cream innovation by developing healthier products that are more exciting and provide varied sensory experiences.

Texture of low-fat ice cream boosted by prebiotics

The prebiotic inulin may enhance the texture of probiotic ice-cream, resulting in a potentially health friendly summer snack, according to new research.

Danisco invests in pilot ice cream making technology

Danisco has invested in pilot low temperature extrusion technology to produce high-quality, low-fat ice-cream, to enable testing of ingredients using the same systems as its customers use.

News briefs: Bright Dairy, Winn-Dixie and UK ice cream

This week, Bright Dairy profits from a Chinese yoghurt focus, US retail group Winn-Dixie sell off dairy plants, and impulse buying is found to be the key driver in the...

Unilever targets Russia for ice cream expansion

Unilever is to extend its presence within ice cream manufacture after announcing this week that it has agreed to acquire Russian ice cream company Inmarko.

News briefs: Friesland Foods, Parmalat, ice cream recalls

This week, Friesland Foods appoints a new executive to steer operations ahead of a possible merger plan, Parmalat sets its sights at four global banks in a new court case...

Danisco bags British ice cream patent

Danisco has obtained a patent in Great Britain for a dairy replacement technology aimed at both the cost and health concerns of ice cream makers.

Edible antifreeze to offer ice cream advances

Tasteless and edible antifreeze proteins could prevent the formation of ice crystals in ice cream, and maintain the smooth, silky texture, reports research from the US.

Briefs: cheese factory scrapped, ice cream bottled

A £70m (€93m) cheese factory construction falters over funding in the UK, US consumers can now enjoy an ice cream soda on the go, and butter gets the artistic treatment.

Vivartia drops ice cream for restructuring aims

Greek dairy group Vivartia has sold its entire 24 per cent stake in ice cream producer and retailer Dodoni to the National Bank of Greece Group as it continues to...

Full-fat ice cream worth the guilt, says consumer survey

The majority of US consumers say they believe full-fat ice cream is worth the guilt, and would rather eat this than full-fat versions of other snacks, according to a new...

Spring sun boosts Unilever ice cream

Ice cream led a European sales rise for Unilever during the first quarter, largely thanks a warmer start to the year.

Ice cream makers look to the skies

A dose of early summer sun and talk of another record-breaking heat wave around the corner has put the UK ice cream industry in a cautiously optimistic mood for 2007.

Goat's milk ice cream targets speciality market

Danisco has developed a new ice cream based on goat's milk, plugging the formulation as a means for companies to target the growing demand for speciality products.

Tamper-evident tub targets ice cream market

A new ice cream tub on the market comes with a security tamper-evidence feature that allowsworkers to detect when it has been opened before use.

Danisco stabiliser cuts fat, costs for ice cream

Danish ingredients group Danisco has launched a new stabilizer ingredient designed to allow ice cream manufacturers to cut the fat content of their products while still maintaining a creamy mouthfeel.

Ice Cream boosts Nestlé dairy division

Ice cream and bottled water sales were saved from a rather disappointing first half in Europe by the heatwave that has swept across the continent this summer.

One hump or two? Camel milk ice cream is here

A leading dairy firm in the Middle East is attempting to trade on the health benefits of camel's milk by using it to make a lower fat, reduced sugar ice...

Ben & Jerry's launches fairtrade ice cream in UK

Vanilla ice cream carrying the Fairtrade symbol will hit British supermarkets for the first time in August, as maker Ben & Jerry's returns to the campaign trail.

Ice cream firms ride Britain's summer heatwave

Ice cream sales have shot through the roof in Britain over the last week thanks to an almighty heatwave, leaving producers working flat out to meet consumers' insatiable demand.

Nestlé launches premium ice cream brand in China

Swiss food maker Nestle has launched the premium ice cream brand Movenpick on the Chinese market, where it says it sees growing demand for luxury food products.

Unilever fishing for low-fat ice cream

Unilever has developed a new genetically modified protein that it says will serve up low-fat ice cream without compromising on taste, as ice cream firms step up the race to...

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