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Infant nutrition: Too close for comfort?

Industry has to walk a tightrope between lending a benevolent hand to support infant nutrition for the good of public health, and cynical marketing that seems to cash in on...

Bisphenol A in infant formula at 'dangerous' levels, says group

Bisphenol A (BPA), known as the 'gender bender' chemical, leaches into liquid baby formula from the linings of cans at levels dangerous to infant health, according to new research published...

First Milk mulls cheese and whey plan

First Milk, a leading UK dairy cooperative, announced that the company is considering developing its production facilities for higher value dairy goods.

UK clamps down on infant formula promotion

UK regulators yesterday outlined stricter controls on the marketing, labelling and formulation of infant formulas, including the use of brand names, to correspond with changes to EU law.

Infant nutrition rules are weak, group claims

The UK's proposed infant nutrition rules have failed to protect mothers and babies and bowed to "industry pressure", lobbyists have said.

Arla finds way to process more protein from whey permeat

Dairy co-operative Arla Foods continues to expand beyond its native European market by stepping up investment in Argentina for the production of whey powders.

Friesland partnership progresses whey production

Friesland Foods Domo and Novasep Process aim to accelerate production times while developing purification technologies and reducing cost for the functional foods and dairy markets through their new partnership.

Whey protein sees demand from functional drinks

The whey protein industry looks set to profit from the functional beverage trend as manufacturers say they have seen a surge in demand for their ingredients.

Whey protein ripe for functional beverages

The dairy derivative industry - namely that for whey protein - looks set to profit from the functional beverage trend as manufacturers say they have seen a surge in demand.

Friesland ups capacity for healthy whey

Friesland Foods Domo has invested €6M in its whey protein plant in Workum, The Netherlands, allowing it to increase production of infant formula ingredients and produce its new low-fat ingredient...

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Carbery goes organic for whey innovation

Ingredients group Carbery today announced that it will begin organic production of whey proteins, making the company one of the first suppliers in the segment to the dairy industry.

Soy proteins designed to replace milk

Two new soy-based ingredients could allow processors to replace higher-priced dairy counterparts without significantly affecting nutrition and taste, their manufacturer claims.

Health focus drives whey and lactose demand

The global market for whey and lactose ingredients will increase by 20 percent as the dairy industry focuses more on healthy and nutritional products, a new report forecasts.

Friesland and Nandi make whey for low-fat products

Freisland Foods Domo and Nandi Protiens are introducing a new range of whey protein concentrates for low-fat yoghurt and other food categories - the fruit of a partnership to leverage...

Whey protein hydrogels offer encapsulation advantages - study

Whey proteins hydrogels - 3D networks with the ability retain water in it structure when dissolved - have the potential to encapsulate sensitive ingredients, suggests a new study.

Unilever protein gets UK go ahead

Unilever's plans to adopt a new protein for ice cream production that uses a genetically modified (GM) ingredient came a step closer to fruition today after receiving provisional approval from...

Tara gum may turn milk protein into locust bean gum alternative

Using the sugar tara gum to improve the gelling of the whey protein beta-lactoglobulin may offer industry with a more cost effective alternative to locust bean gum, suggests new research...

Infant formula with leptin may cut obesity

Adding the hunger hormone leptin to baby formula may protect against obesity later in life, if results from a rat study can be translated to humans.

Unilever moves closer with GM ice cream protein

Low fat ice cream made using a GM yeast moved closer to being approved for the European market, as the FSA published its draft opinion on Unilever technology under novel...

UK blocks infant formula breast milk claims

A crackdown by the Food Standards Agency will bar infant formula makers from making claims on products sold in the UK that draw on their similarity to breast milk, to...

UK blocks breast-similar claims on infant formulas

A crackdown by the Food Standards Agency will bar infant formula makers from making claims on products sold in the UK that draw on their similarity to breast milk, to...

UK consults dairy sector on protein rules

Britain's Food Standards Agency has asked the country's dairy industry to comment on EU proposals that would set standard protein levels in dried and condensed milks.

Report slams Filipino infant milk campaigns

A UN expert has slammed a Filipino advertising campaign for breast milk substitutes as "misleading, deceptive, and malicious in intent."

Whey protein gel particles - the future of probiotic encapsulation?

Encapsulation of probiotics in whey protein gel particles could offer protection during processing and storage, as well as extending the food applications of the bacteria to biscuits, vegetable and frozen...

Nestlé rejects FDA doubts on infant formula

Infant formula made by food and nutrition giant Nestlé will not be recalled in the US, the group has said, despite warnings from the country's food regulator.

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