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Report uncovers melamine in US infant formula

Some leading brands of infant formula manufactured and sold in the US have been found to contain traces of the industrial chemical melamine, albeit it at small amounts, news reports...

Arla introduces new generation of whey permeate

Arla is raising the bar on whey permeate functionality with a new range said to have flavour profile and low hygroscopy, attributes that will make it easier to use in...

News in brief

Whey fortification 2008 conference programme announced

The full programme has been announced for the two-day Whey Fortification 2008 conference taking place in Amsterdam from 2 to 4 December.

Price volatility setting back lactose and whey value - report

While the availability of whey and lactose products continue to climb during 2008, price volatility has managed to hamper hikes in profitability of the segment as manufacturers hunt for cheaper...

Plastic could be ‘whey’ more recyclable

The WHEYLAYER project, set to get underway next week, is focusing on developing a whey protein coated film for use with plastics films in food packaging.

Ingredient use key to optimising whey functional potential - industry

Despite a growing focus on finished whey products, one leading representative believes future development of the protein will be predominantly driven by its use as an ingredient in functional foods.

Finished product groups are next target in whey functional push

With dairy companies increasingly looking to push whey as functional ingredient, the industry says it must do more to court and target leading food manufacturers to make use of the...

FAO calls for tighter scrutiny of infant formula markets

Infant formula manufacturers need to invest further in safety controls in order to regain public confidence after the Chinese melamine scandal, FAO has said.

Meta-analysis supports milk proteins for blood pressure improvements

Peptides from milk may help to reduce blood pressure and ultimately the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a new meta-analysis from China.

Nestle enlists BioGaia for infant nutrition initiative

Swedish probiotics specialist BioGaia this morning announced a deal with Nestlé Nutrition that will see its proprietary Lactobacillus reuteri strain employed in infant nutrition products globally.

EFSA confirms safety of Unilever GM ice protein

Low-fat ice cream made with GM yeast to ensure a creamy consistency may soon be possible in Europe following the European Food Standards Authority’s (EFSA) opinion on Unilever’s novel technology....

Protient expands whey protein capacity

Minnesota-based Protient has said it will expand its whey protein isolate (WPI) capacity in order to meet increased customer demand for the ingredient.

Protein analyzer wins IFT food science award

The Sprint Rapid Protein Analyzer from CEM Corp, North Carolina, USA, has won a 2008 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award at the IFT trade food show in New Orleans.

Trans fats harm may pass from mother to infant in breast milk: study

The potentially damaging effects of trans fats may also be passed from a mother to her child during breast feeding, suggests a new study that heaps more misery on the...

Processor installs whey testing to aid customer development

Niro has installed it latest whey ingredient technology at its Copenhagen testing site in a bid to aid manufacturer development and marketing of new product compositions from the protein.

Whey industry hoping for innovative future

Whey's days as being viewed as a simple by-product of food manufacturer appear to be over as the industry increasingly looks to tap into the potential health and functional benefits...

News briefs: Dairy Crest and Designer Whey

This week, Dairy Crest says cost pressures have failed to derail its full year expectations and a supplier of whey-based products moves to step up its global retail presence.

Infant milk panel formation targets industry action

An independent panel has been formed by the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) to scrutinise whether the advertising practices of infant and follow-on formula makers are in line with new...

Glanbia builds science behind whey protein for weight loss

A whey-protein-rich ingredient can reduce body fat and maintain lean muscle mass, reports a new randomised, double-blind study from Glanbia.

UK moves for early adoption of new milk protein law

The UK dairy industry says it has adopted new regulations on milk powder formulation ahead of schedule, in order to ensure it is on equal footing with its European rivals.

Supercritical CO2 to offer novel whey ingredients for food?

Food formulators looking for novel gelling agents may soon be offered whey protein isolates and concentrates modified by supercritical carbon dioxide, suggests a new study.

Drinkable whey protein to hit the mainstream

Reflex Nutrition is on the verge of trialing its whey protein drink through a mainstream food wholesaler in the UK, which if successful could be a shot in the arm...

Industry challenge to infant nutrition rules

The Infant and Dietetic Foods Association (IDFA) has called for a judicial review of proposed new rules governing the advertisement of infant nutrition just days before the law was due...

Whey encapsulation highlights 2007

Whey protein is increasingly hitting the mainstream. This year saw numerous studies published exploring the potential of the ingredient to encapsulate value-added ingredients. Here, FoodNavigator reviews the progress from 2007.

Weekly Comment

Infant nutrition: Too close for comfort?

Industry has to walk a tightrope between lending a benevolent hand to support infant nutrition for the good of public health, and cynical marketing that seems to cash in on...

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