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Anhydro dairy dryer targets whey trend

The new Triple-A spray dryer from Anhydro will target growing demand for whey in added value product development, as dairy firms move away from traditional commodities.

American Dairy shifts more infant formula

American Dairy, the owner of China's Feihe Dairy, said a 28 per cent rise in volumes sold of its Feihe infant formula drove growth during 2005, helped by promotional efforts...

Fonterra partners US dairy for whey protein research

Fonterra, New Zealand's largest dairy co-operative, has formed a research partnership with the US dairy industry, in an international approach to promoting and proving health claims for dairy products.

Scientists search milk for new functional proteins

Australia's dairy industry will spend $850,000 on research to find novel milk proteins that could be used in functional foods to improve nutrition and combat major diseases.

Protein binding to be used in pathogen detecting chip

Scientists in the Netherlands have joined forces with a private company to develop a nano-level chip to detect mycotoxins in food.

Infants benefit from prebiotics too, indicates study

Infants formula-makers looking replicate the qualities of breast milk are turning to prebiotics to boost gut health, according to Orafti. A new study conducted in France indicates their benefits.

Casein, whey formulas reduce infants' allergy risk

Infants whose parents suffer from food allergies have less chance of developing them themselves if they are fed hydrolyzed casein or whey formulas in place of cow's milk based formulas...

Protein-rich diet boosts benefit of exercise

People following advice to cut calories and increase physical activity to lose weight will see greater benefits if their diet is rich in protein, reveals a new study.

Mopro Nord joins the whey ingredients wagon

Germany's two biggest dairy companies will pour funds into high margin whey ingredients, signing off €42 million for a plant extension.

Bioinformatics may isolate food allergy proteins

A team of UK scientists will analyse and demonstrate how bioinformatics could help food companies improve their products, from pin-pointing allergy-causing proteins to identifying the cause of batch spoilage.

Whey supplement could help blood sugar control

Taking a whey supplement with meals can help stimulate insulin release in type 2 diabetics, shows a Swedish study.

Food analyser measures fat, protein

A new food analyser from NIR Technology Australia uses near infrared transmission spectroscopy to measure the components of a broad range of foods.

Cargill drives into whey derivatives market through Brazilian buy

Signing yet another deal to feed its seemingly insatiable appetite for acquisitions, US ingredients firm Cargill makes a drive into the whey derivatives market, reports Lindsey Partos.

Whey protein could fight gut infection and save lives

Researchers in New Zealand's Massey University have reported that whey protein concentrate reduced the severity of rotavirus-induced diarrhea in a mice model. If replicated in humans, this result could help...

Dairy protein maker offers soy as alternative to pricy caseinates

French dairy ingredients firm Armor Proteines has added a US-produced soy protein isolate to its range to give customers an alternative to the increasingly expensive caseinates, reports Dominique Patton.

Unilever seeks approval for ice structuring protein

The food code in Australia is under review as food maker Unilever Australia calls for approval of an ice structuring protein (ISP) used to make ice cream and edible ices.

Whey-based film promises cost and environmental savings

Scientists in the US have discovered a new way of use dairy byproducts to preserve fresh foods, a discovery that could save money and lead to less packaging waste. Anthony...

DMV invests €57 million in whey-based ingredients

A clear demonstration of its faith in the growing whey-based ingredients market, DMV International will pour nearly €60 million into upgraded processing and food ingredients operations in The Netherlands, reports...

Volac ups whey protein capacity with new plant

UK whey proteins firm Volac International has opened a major new plant in the Netherlands, significantly increasing its output of highly concentrated dairy proteins for the health foods market.

New science to drive whey fractions market

More science is needed to encourage food and drink makers to invest in new formulations using third generation whey products, finds a new report that suggests more clinical trials and...

Isolated soy protein may help diabetes sufferers

Adding isolated soy protein to men's diets could help reduce problems experienced in the advanced stages of type two diabetes, according to a small study by researchers at the University...

Demand for added-value whey to rise in Middle East

An increasingly sophisticated food market in the Middle East will open up opportunities for food makers and suppliers of third generation, added-value whey products in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, writes...

Soybean protein reduces body fat in women

A Japanese study finds that soybean beta-conglycinin may help to maintain a healthy body fat ratio and serum lipid levels in healthy women.

Infant formula playing a role in adult disease?

New research appears to lend weight to the theory that rapid growth in infancy, boosted by enriched infant formulas, might increase the risk of heart disease and stroke later in...

Mothers' milk protein linked to obesity risk

Human milk has long been thought to have an effect on reducing the likelihood of obesity among adults, but scientists have struggled to say exactly why this is the case...

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