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Dannon rejects calls to remove crushed bugs from its yogurts: 'Carmine is a safe natural food color, and we label it clearly on pack'

A year after Starbucks announced it would stop using crushed bugs to color its Frappuccinos following a petition on, Dannon has been urged to remove carmine in its yogurts by...

Starbucks, Danone team up to develop Greek yogurt brand

Starbucks has teamed up with Danone’s US subsidiary, Dannon, in an attempt to establish a foothold in the country’s booming Greek yogurt market.

Danone yogurt supply issue should be resolved by next week, says Tesco

Tesco expects the supply chain issues that reportedly left it and many other British retailers short of Danone brand yogurt to be resolved by next week.

Keep it real! Chobani urged to phase-out use of milk from GMO-fed cows

Chobani has vowed to “explore the complexities” of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) following the launch of a petition in the US that claims it is reliant on milk from cows fed a...

Lifeway Foods to challenge fro-yo with UK Frozen Kefir launch

US kefir manufacturer Lifeway Foods is hoping to exploit increasing consumer demand for frozen yogurt in the UK with the launch of its probiotic-rich, low-fat, gluten and lactose-free Frozen Kefir...

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Dean Foods offers $10,000 to catch employee’s killer

Oak Farms Dairy in Dallas, owned by Dean Foods, is offering a $10,000 reward to solve the murder of one of its employees.

Food distributors told to innovate to exploit $1.4bn future market

Inventive responses to a future population explosion will be vital for successful food distributors, according to Frost & Sullivan.

USDA calls for bids to supply Greek Yogurt Pilot Program

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is inviting bids from vendors to supply the Greek Yogurt Pilot Program, which will trial Greek and other protein-rich yogurt products on school lunch...

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Oystar boost for yoghurt cup producer

Milchhof Sterzing has installed two Oystar A+F packaging lines for yoghurt cup production to decrease changeover time.

Lactanz receivership will not create milk shortage, says Australian processor

Australian dairy processor Brownes has played down concerns about a potential summer milk shortage following the recent announcement that its supplier, Lactanz, has gone into receivership.

Sacmi sets sights on yogurt drinks, flavoured milk with CBF preform size and resin range developments

Sacmi is working to further develop its “innovative” compression blow forming (CBF) technology, in an effort to increase the appeal of the equipment to dairy product manufacturers.

Western Australia needs more than two freight ships to Asia, says dairy firm

A Western Australia dairy processor, Harvey Fresh, has called for government investment in the state’s freight networks for reliable access to booming Asian consumer markets.

General Mills unveils revamped Yoplait Greek yogurt as consumers were ‘not fully satisfied’ with the old one... and Chobani unveils new products

General Mills is launching a new version of Yoplait Greek yogurt after learning that “many consumers were not fully satisfied with the fruit on the bottom and aftertaste of its...

CP Kelco starts Brazilian pectin expansion as global demand rebounds

Hydrocolloid giant CP Kelco has announced the first phase in a series of projects to expand its Brazilian pectin operation by 30% to cope with rebounding demand for the ingredient.

NMPF calls for 'significantly increased' access to Canadian dairy market

The National Milk Producers Federation’s (NMPF) has approved a resolution opposing any Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement which does not substantially dissolve Canadian protections against US dairy imports.

DuPont unveils 'streamlining' five-in-one Greek-style yogurt cultures blend

DuPont Nutrition & Health has unveiled a five-species “one-step cultures solution” designed specifically for Greek-style yogurt – a development its hopes will streamline a range of manufacturing processes.

Chobani's strained (not Greek) yoghurt gets UK revamp

Greek yoghurt giant Chobani has reintroduced its ‘strained’ yoghurt in the UK after a court ruled that it was misleading consumers by calling its US-produced yoghurt ‘Greek’.

Johnson & Johnson recalls Benecol yogurt drinks over yeast fermentation concerns

Johnson & Johnson is recalling more than 60,000 consumer packs of Benecol Peach & Apricot Yogurt Drinks from retailers in the UK and Ireland over concerns that yeast in the...

'Acid whey' issue highlights 'inefficiency' of Greek yogurt production methods - AFI

Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has waded into the current debate on the environmental impact of Greek yogurt by-product ‘acid whey’ by claiming that the issue “highlights the inefficiency” of traditional manufacturing methods....

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Dannon takes Greek yogurt in new direction with launch of Oikos Greek Yogurt Dips

Dannon is expanding its Greek yogurt franchise with the launch of Oikos Greek Yogurt Dips.

Acid whey? Not us! Greek yogurt firms distance themselves from environmental concerns

Muller Quaker Dairy and Ultima Foods have moved to distance themselves from concerns about the potential environmental impact of Greek yogurt by revealing details of their alternative, ‘acid whey’-free manufacturing...

Muller Quaker Dairy officially opens yogurt plant in Batavia, New York

Muller Quaker Dairy, the joint venture between PepsiCo and German dairy giant Theo Müller Group, has officially opened a $206m, 350,000+ square foot factory in Batavia, New York - one...

Growing yogurt market share: Dannon uses IBM analytics to boost forecasting and focus on promotions

The Dannon Company is supporting its market share growth in the $7 billion US yogurt sector by using IBM’s planning solutions to help the business in ways ‘that were unimaginable...

Chobani, Dannon attempt to defuse Greek yogurt ‘acid whey’ environmental concerns

Chobani and Dannon have vowed to establish more "responsible" ways to dispose of the potentially-hazardous Greek yogurt by-product, 'acid whey' - amidst growing concerns from the US about the substance's environmental impact....

Dannon touts Oikos Greek yogurt to protein-hungry ‘fitness-minded men’

Dannon has begun targeting “fitness-minded men” with its Oikos Greek yogurt brand, and is “exploring the possibility” of marketing its Greek yogurt portfolio to men in the long-term....