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Anhydro A/S

Anhydro – customised powder drying and evaporation for the global dairy industry

Ever-changing consumer tastes and trends combined with increasing globalization mean that dairies face the need for consistent and cost-effective quality and performance as well as proactive new product development in order to sustain and expand their competitive position.
Anhydro is a world-leading supplier of evaporation and drying solutions, as well as revolutionary applications designed specifically for the needs of the international dairy industry.

Solutions for virtually any evaporation and drying application

Anhydro provides a range of spray drying and evaporation solutions for a wide variety of dairy applications including milk powder, infant formula, whey powder, super concentrated whey and super concentrated permeate.

Anhydro spray drying and evaporation solutions for the dairy industry offer a long line of defining advantages including:

· Uniform quality

· Complete control

· Versatility

· High availability

· Traceability


Wide-ranging and documented track record

Anhydro has a documented track record from more than 18,000 projects worldwide. These include new equipment solutions, plant retrofitting and upgrades, new processing development, automation upgrading, plant performance optimization, process troubleshooting and environmental applications.

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