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WHITE PAPER: Simplifying Sweetness - CRA

26-Mar-2015 - “Simplifying Sweetness” is an unprecedented segmentation study of 15,000 consumers. Commissioned by the Corn Refiners Association and completed in part by Nielsen and Mintel Consulting, this study compares consumer sentiment toward sweeteners to actual purchase data, to see if consumer...
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New Ageless solution: Whey proteins for active seniors - Arla Foods Ingredients

23-Mar-2015 - The world’s population is getting older and the growing number of active seniors represents a huge opportunity. The unique whey protein ingredient in Nutrilac® Ageless has been specially developed with this in mind Nutrilac® Ageless from Arla Foods Ingredients is a...
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17-Mar-2015 - Inflammation affects heart health, arthritis and many other health issues – and growing evidence suggests that nutrition is part of the solution. Seize this opportunity with custom nutrient premixes.Any nutrient. Any application. Anywhere in the world.
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Milk products in PET with future potential -

12-Mar-2015 - You want your customers to safely enjoy their favorite milk products and you bear the responsibility for this every day. This trust which is placed in you is as valuable as your products.Download this paper and learn more about how...
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Are You Marketing To Buzz Or Behavior? How Shifting Attitudes Toward Food Ingredients Drive Consumer Behavior - CRA

24-Feb-2015 - The 2015 Sweetener360: Are You Marketing to Buzz or Behavior?With over 15,000 consumers surveyed, we’ve validated our findings from 2014—what consumers say and what they do don’t always align. Take a look at the 2015 Sweetener360 SlideShare deck for these...
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DSM: Global opportunities for local yogurt - DSM Food Specialties

16-Feb-2015 - DSM surveyed consumers from China, Brazil, Turkey, France, Poland and USA about their yogurt preferences and consumption patterns. The results showed how different regional and local traditions can offer an opportunity for future yogurt success. Finding ways to leverage these...
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Get it right with high-protein Greek-style smoothies - Arla Foods Ingredients

16-Feb-2015 - Unique solution for high-protein and high-fruit smoothies for consumerson the goNot only has per capita consumption of Greek yogurt doubled in the past decade but 50% of Americans believe that lack of time is a bigger problem than lack of money.As...
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10-Feb-2015 - Iron deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies in the world. One of the most effective ways for its prevention is food fortification. Being part of the daily diet, dairy products are considered one of the best delivery...
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Beauty From Within - Fortitech® Premixes by DSM

02-Feb-2015 - Nutricosmetics are giving consumers new and exciting ways to achieve healthier-looking skin, hair and nails. Discover how you can drive new sales by fortifying beverages, confectionaries and more with custom nutrient premixes from Fortitech® Premixes.Any nutrient. Any application. Anywhere in the...
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Akomix – healthier & cost efficient solution - AAK

17-Oct-2014 - AAK introduces a new concept for fat in ice cream with improved nutritional profile. Akomix is tailored to give excellent taste and creaminess. It is a cost efficient solution and with very low amount of saturated fats.
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From acid whey to value add - Arla Foods Ingredients

26-Jan-2015 - Acid whey is a well-known controversial waste product when making Greek yoghurt. Actually, for every 100 lbs of milk used in Greek yogurt only 33 lbs end up in the final product. The remaining two-thirds is acid whey. This process...
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Digestibility – key for Chinese yogurt market - DSM Food Specialties

14-Jan-2015 - DSM surveyed consumers from China, among other countries, about their yogurt preferences and consumption patterns. The results showed there is a great demand for easily digestible yogurt containing probiotics. However, going forward, Chinese consumers would increase their yogurt consumption if...
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Akonino ® - The natural choice for healthy development - AAK

17-Dec-2014 - Healthy children, healthy businessAn infant can get all of its nutrition from a single trusted source. With Akonino lipid ingredients, you can also be certain of getting everything you need – simply and securely.The ideal combination AAK is world-leading supplier of...
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Meet the growing cheese demand - Arla Foods Ingredients

24-Nov-2014 - Speciality cheeses are high in demand in a growing market of middle class consumers. In fact the cheese market is expected to increase by 23-25% within the next 10 years. In markets with no or limited access to fresh milk you can...
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New Sports yoghurt solution - Arla Foods Ingredients

14-Nov-2014 - New Sports yoghurt solution The tastiest way to perform your best Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a whey protein for creating ‘Sports yoghurts’ – yoghurt-based sports nutrition products that will appeal to active consumers who take their exercise seriously but prefer...
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Tetra Pak Dairy Index - Tetra Pak

27-Oct-2014 - Global demand is set to overtake the available supply over the next decade. How can producers in both developed and emerging dairy markets manage the careful balancing act required to ensure sustainable business success? 
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Is there always a place for innovation in the yogurt case? - Ganeden Biotech

12-Oct-2014 - Perceived health benefits is a primary reason consumers are suddenly craving yogurt.  And many consumers buy yogurt specifically for the probiotics.  However, many yogurts do not contain adequate amounts of beneficial bacteria at the end of shelf life and others...
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Survey: Consumers demand natural & simple yogurt - DSM

03-Oct-2014 - Consumers demand yogurt prepared with simple and familiar ingredients - according to DSM’s latest Insight Series. The survey reveals that consumers actively look for products made with fewer, more natural ingredients and would consider paying extra for these attributes.The new...
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Battle of the Buzz: Food Fears vs. Fact in the Digital Age - CRA

24-Sep-2014 - Food fears have been dominating consumer news and social media. But what does that really mean for your company? Should you reformulate? Update your product FAQs? When it comes to certain food ingredients, recent research suggests consumer news outlets may...
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ETENIA™: Recognize True Milk Value - AVEBE

19-Sep-2014 - Unleash the full potential of your valuable milk: reinvent fresh cheese using all of your milk. No acid whey, no compromise. Reward your consumers with luxurious taste and texture: embrace and elevate creaminess in fresh fermented dairy and desserts.ETENIA™: Excel. Empower....

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