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Automation of Process Control within the Food & Beverage Industry - Burkert

18-Mar-2015 - Within the food & beverage industry, the key to finding the best automation solution is a thorough analysis of each individual part of the plant or installation.
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Innovation in Aseptic Technology for Sensitive Beverages - William Reed Business Media

10-Mar-2015 - Maximum possible product safety and pure taste are the key demands in the dynamic and fast growing markets of dairy products.With more than 20 years of expertise in aseptic design and over 140 years of innovations KHS is currently introducing...
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The ultimate in Dairy Processing from GEA - GEA Process Engineering Inc.

23-Feb-2015 - Today's dairy processing facilities need modern technology that is innovative, efficient and reliable. GEA has the engineering solutions to retrofit an existing system or to develop a completely new plant. With years of technical expertise, GEA works closely with your...
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Tracking global trends: Growth in added-value drinks and liquid dairy - William Reed Business Media

26-Jan-2015 - Where are the high-growth beverage and liquid dairy categories in global terms, and where does Zenith International think the attractive opportunities lie, now and over the next, five, say years?Matt Wilton will also provide us with examples of successful new...
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Becoming an HPP Poster Boy, Putting the Joy Back in US Juice with Aseptic - William Reed Business Media

09-Jan-2015 - Coldpress MD Andrew Gibb is an High Pressure Processing (HPP) pioneer, and here he tells us about his brand’s acceleration in the UK following its late 2013 listing with Tesco and progress in other markets, and shines light on the...
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Beverage & Dairy Treatment: Roundtable discussion - William Reed Business Media

09-Jan-2015 - Industry experts ask to what extent suppliers ‘lead’ consumers or brands in terms of inspiring new drinks trends or are they more reactive? How is process technology driving ‘hot’ new product categories? What are the packaging implications of your process choice? Will ‘premium’...
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Ripen your cheese to huge cost savings - Arla Foods Ingredients

27-Oct-2014 - Ripen your cheese to huge cost savings Nutrilac®FastRipe from Arla Foods Ingredients is a natural milk protein that enables cheese-makers to reduce ripening time and save thousands of euros every year. Unlike other ripening agents – such as cultures and enzymes –...
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GEA Procomac: your product our product - GEA Procomac S.p.A

20-Oct-2014 - The video shows GEA Procomac techniques in dry/wet sterilization and aseptic, ESL, traditional filling. Their expertise in engineering design ensures customers to always stay one-step ahead through continuous product development and process research.
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Better product yield & quality with Inline NIR - Foss

16-Jul-2014 - Dairy producers are embracing inline analysis to save hundreds of thousands of dollars while improving product consistency. Results every 10 seconds make it easy to run production closer to specification.  For greek yogurt, cream cheese, WPC/MPC, butter, powders, mozzarella and...
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Global snapshot: Functional and healthy dairy - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - Think you have a handle on the global functional and healthy dairy market? Congratulations if you do, because the dairy sector is changing so quickly it can be hard to read.This global snapshot from probably the world’s best healthy food...
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Think dairy, to take advantage of the global protein phenomenon - Fonterra

24-May-2014 - Protein, which has been called the ‘next super nutrient’, is expected to continue to play a key role in functional food and beverage new product development for the foreseeable future. This webinar presented by Fonterra will outline why products with...
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Take your products to the next level with high-protein appeal - Arla Foods Ingredients

24-May-2014 - Previously the domain of hardcore sports and workout enthusiasts, the appeal of dairy protein as an ingredient has broadened. High-protein products are seen as a wholesome and nutritious and are actively sought out by mainstream consumers – something the success...
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Meeting today’s COST, TEXTURE and NUTRITION challenge - Roquette

24-May-2014 - Dairy products development is being driven by multiple innovative trends, from taste and texture improvement to health and sustainable development.Cost optimisation is also a major factor. Raw material price volatility requires constant attention – as do nutritional charters. In this...
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How low can you go? Meeting taste and texture reformulation challenges head-on - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - Dairy processors around the world are working relentlessly to cut levels of sugar, fat, salt etc. – the bad stuff – in their products. But with each process to remove these undesirable elements, manufacturers are putting at risk the overall...
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Roundtable discussion: Marketing healthy & functional dairy products. What do consumers want? - William Reed Business Media

24-May-2014 - The Fonterra Everyday Nutrition Innovation Programme Manager,Shelley Smith, The Healthy Marketing Team founder and president, Peter Wennstrom, and Sarah Goldthwait, the Marketing and Communications Director of US Greek yogurt manufacturer Powerful Yogurt join us for our finale – a roundtable...
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High Pressure Processing for Beverages - Avure Technologies

13-Mar-2014 - High Pressure Processing (HPP) offers tremendous safety and shelf-life extension advantages for juices and other beverages – without adding heat or preservatives. HPP has gained worldwide acceptance as a safety step in beverage processing and it’s use is seeing rapid...
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Turn waste into profit - Tetra Pak

13-Jan-2014 - The new Tetra Alcross® RO Lite filtration unit enables small and medium-size cheese producers to turn waste into profit.With Tetra Alcross RO Lite you get: a compact, affordable, easy-to-use, plug-and-play filtration unit triple the concentration of whey a fraction of the transport costs multiplied value of...
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Maximum cost-efficiency with new homogenizer from Tetra Pak - Tetra Pak

18-Nov-2013 - Operating at much lower pressure for any given homogenization effect, the latest Tetra Alex® homogenizers achieve the same efficiency at up to 30% lower energy consumption. Good for the environment. Good for your bottom line.Download the data sheet here...
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Maximum cost-efficiency with new homogenizer from Tetra Pak. - Tetra Pak

15-Oct-2013 - Operating at much lower pressure for any given homogenization effect, the latest Tetra Pak® homogenizer achieves the same efficiency at up to 30% lower energy consumption. Good for the environment. Good for your bottom line. Highlights • Efficient homogenization at low pressure •...
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Testing what varies in Dairy - Stable Micro Systems

17-Jun-2013 - Perfecting texture in dairy foods In dairy, texture is everything. Download this free white paper to learn how objective analysis can help you create the ultimate creamy yoghurt, a perfectly firm cheese, smooth dairy spreads, irresistible ice cream and more....

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