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Dairy industry takes joined up approach to health research

Against the backdrop of a difficult financial climate and more stringent health claims regulation, the dairy industry is taking a coordinated approach to nutrition and health research with the formation...

EFSA rejects Danone and Yakult probiotic appeals

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims panel says there are no grounds for alteration of its rejection last year of probiotic health claim dossiers submitted by Danone and...


Heart health dairy suffers high product failure rate

Yoghurts and milks made with heart health ingredients are filling up chilled cabinets but high launch numbers are failing to translate into healthy sales growth, according to Leatherhead.

Whey protein may aid low-fat yoghurt formulation: Study

The addition of whey protein may boost the textural properties of low-fat yoghurt to levels comparable with its full-fat counterpart, according to new research.

Nestlé defends infant formula marketing policies

Nestlé says its infant and follow-on formula marketing policies are compliant with international guidelines, after the food giant was criticised by a baby milk lobby group.

IDF puts the spotlight on potential of niche milks

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) is supporting research into camel, buffalo and other unusual dairy products as they slowly eat into the cow-held monopoly of the global market.

Probiotic start-ups pushing new research to please EFSA

Spanish and British probiotics companies are driving funds into strain and product-specific studies as they attempt to build scientific backing that will survive in the European Union health claims clampdown.

Dairy consumption could reduce type 2 diabetes risk, study

New research suggests the consumption of dairy products could reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS), a heart condition which encompasses disorders such as type 2 diabetes.

Danone debuts probiotic yoghurt Activia in 69th country: Australia

French dairy Danone has built on its 2010 joint venture with Australian co-op Murray Goulburn by belatedly launching its €4bn global selling probiotic yoghurt Activia on the market there.

Probiotic milk may alleviate fever: Yakult study

Milk fermented with Lactobacillus casei may help to alleviate fever caused by norovirus gastroenteritis by correcting imbalances of intestinal microflora, according to a new study.

Denmark backs vitamin D fortification

Major milk suppliers in Denmark are fortifying products with vitamin D after government advice urged them to do so.

MEP takes DHA omega-3 claim complaint back to the Commission

British Labour Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Glenis Willmott, is writing to the European Commission to block a DHA eye development claim being used on infant follow-on formula products,...

MEPs authorise omega-3 infant eye health claim

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have today narrowly rejected a motion to prohibit a European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and European Commission (EC)-approved DHA omega-3 eye health claim on...

'Eye' or 'nay': For or against the DHA infant eye claim?

Just as with the 2006 nutrition and health claim regulation (NHCR) itself, next week's European Parliament (EP) vote on whether to allow products aimed at 6-12 month old infants to...

Breast may be best but don’t block omega-3 infant formula claims, says practitioner

The late move by a European Parliament committee to block the addition of DHA omega-3 claims to baby milk products across the EU bloc, would be a triumph of politics...

Saturated fat and heart disease risk: Expert panel perspective

Whole food guidelines should be used to explain the role of saturated fat in heart disease risk, says a global expert panel assessing the evidence linking saturated fat with cardiovascular...

Whey protein may cut metabolic risk of high-fat diet: Mouse study

Whey protein isolate may slow weight gain and the accumulation of body fat when added to a high fat, suggest new findings from a study with mice.

Arla and DMK form new €44m whey joint venture

Arla Foods is to establish a whey processing joint venture with the merged Nordmilch-Humana company DMK to produce whey protein concentrate (WPC) and lactose for the food industry.

China-Biotics expands probiotics deal with Bright Dairy

Leading Chinese probiotics supplier, China-Biotics, has pressed a deal with the country’s third biggest dairy to expand the number of probiotic strains it uses in yoghurt products.

MEPs move to block baby milk health claim

A committee of MEPs has voted narrowly in favour of blocking an EFSA-approved health claim that the fatty acid DHA in baby milk is beneficial to children’s eyes.

EFSA health claims panellist edits probiotic claims book

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claim panellist, professor Seppo Salminen, has co-edited a book investigating probiotic science and health claims, with a focus on regional differences.

Kefir maker latest target in FDA claims crackdown

Major kefir manufacturer Lifeway Foods is the latest company to feel the wrath of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for making unsubstantiated drug claims.

Probiotic academics turn up political health claim heat

A recently established group of global gut health academics is sending letters to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) as well as national government politicians as the group attempts to...

Dannon probiotic yogurt sales up 16% despite claims crackdown

US probiotics leader Dannon appears to have weathered recent class action and Federal Trade Commission (FTC)-led storms that forced it to alter gut health claims for its spoonable and drinkable...

Lipid Nutrition withdraws Oz/NZ CLA Novel Foods application

Dutch-based Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) player, Lipid Nutrition, has withdrawn its CLA Novel Foods application in Australia and New Zealand due to the two countries’ policy to reduce all trans...

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