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Star roles for consumers and 'innovation' in new Arla research script

Dairy processing giant Arla has revealed to that it has overhauled its research strategy for 2012, to prioritise product innovation and tailor its portfolio to specific world markets.

New probiotic strains will win health claims (but not for 10-15 years): Prof

Advances in genomics and understanding the human gut microbiota will lead to the discovery of probiotic bacterial strains that will deliver biomarker-measured health benefits – but it may take 10-15...

Report backs dairy to buck bad press, highlights ‘huge’ health opportunity

Recent research backs dairy products in their battle to overcome bad press in established markets, while they have 'huge' opportunities to carry health benefits into regions such as the US,...

Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act hits low-fat flavoured milk

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published regulations governing US school meal programmes that will eliminate low-fat flavoured milk from reimbursable meal options for children.

Does milk make you a brain box? Research links dairy to stronger mental performance...

Eating at least one yogurt or drinking a glass of milk each day could have a positive impact on cognitive function, according to a new US study published in the...

Spanish regulator condemns sterol-cholesterol ads

The Spanish manufacturer of a plant sterol drink has been told to amend cholesterol-lowering claims for being too ambiguous in dosage and making unsubstantiated disease reduction claims.

‘Cheese makes you chubby’ New York billboards scream

The US-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has taken shock tactics to consumers by posting two huge billboards in New York warning of what it claims are the obesity-related...

Academics attempt to bridge probiotic science and marketing gap

“Currently, there is a gap between the point where the biomedical science ends (with the publication of a paper in a scientific journal) and the point where the business begins...

FrieslandCampina told to remove healthy foods logo from pack

Dutch dairy manufacturer FrieslandCampina has been cautioned about the use of a healthy foods logo from packs of its reduced fat ham and cheese.

Europe isn’t ‘squeaky clean’ warns expert, after new claims of Chinese infant formula death

A leading food safety expert has urged people to remember that Europe is not squeaky clean when it comes to scare stories, following the reported death of another Chinese baby...

EFSA should review ’growing up’ milks before regulations change, says EU infant foods group

The European Union should put the brakes on any mooted changes to rules governing milks targeting 1-3 year olds until a scientific review can be conducted, according to the EU...

Groupe Lactalis lift-off looms for Swedish dairy co-op Skånemejerier

Groupe Lactalis’ bid to take over Sweden’s second largest dairy player fits with the French firm’s strategy of reducing its reliance on cheese, and would give it further brands with...

Nothing fishy about this milk: Aussie startup claims world dairy first

Australian firm Progel claims to have created the world’s first non-fermented, multi-strain probiotic drink products – with up to four times the amount of omega-3, and without the fishy taste...

‘Undervalued’ lactose doesn’t deserve bad dairy rap, study

The role milk sugar lactose and its derivatives play in the human diet is often ‘misunderstood, underestimated and undervalued’, according to a new paper in the International Dairy Journal (IDJ).

Row erupts over Fonterra’s plan to ship NZ school milk

The New Zealand Green Party says that Fonterra’s plan to supply free school milk should be undertaken by the New Zealand government rather than ‘profit-driven companies’.

Lactofree success promises cross-category lift for UK dairy, Arla

Arla believes the runaway success of its ‘Lactofree’ lactose-free brand can give the whole UK dairy sector a much-needed lift, and also strengthen its broader product portfolio.

Cargill wins EU novel foods approval for omega-6 form ARA

Cargill is celebrating the European Union approval of a Mortierella alpine, algae fermented arachidonic acid (ARA)-rich oil, to be used in infant formula and formula for older children.

Draft dioxin guidance could ‘cripple’ food sector, warns US industry

The US food industry is lobbying the Obama administration to ease pending federal guidance recommending that consumers severely limit their daily dioxin intake.

MEPs back PARNUTS amendments to prompt EU baby milk law reforms

Pro-breast feeding advocates and Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are throwing their support behind mooted amendments to the European Union PARNUTS Directive they believe can improve the safety, quality...

Disptaches from Microbiota 2011

IPA co-founder: EU probiotic approach is “dirty pool”

Jarrow Rogovin, never a man to mince his words, says it is high time the IPA and other trade groups stepped up to the plate to defend a sector that...

Our 2011 dairy digest: relive the stories that made a milk splash this year...

From killer ice cream to Nestlé and Danone cancelling or suspending local operations in China, 2011 was a roller-coaster ride for the world dairy industry. So fasten your seatbelts and...

Yakult never presented the basic evidence for probiotic health claim, says consultant

Yakult failed to present the most basic evidence and sought a too-complicated immunity claim in the controversially rejected immunity health claim for its probiotic drinks, a UK consultant has said.

Yakult: Health claim rejection doesn’t affect our claims

Japanese probiotics giant Yakult says the writing into law of its rejected EU health claim for upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) benefits won’t alter its core sell in European markets...

Exclusive interview

Beneo board: “Let us not forget that functional food responds to a clear demand of the consumer”

In the first part of this exclusive interview, Beneo Group executive board member, Yves Servotte, explains how European Union health claim rules have informed strategic thinking at one of Europe’s...

Australian study promises sustainable ‘heart-friendly’ milk

Scientists in Australia say they have conducted new research showing that feeding cows winemaking byproducts drastically cuts their methane emissions and leads to healthier milk.

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