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Indian demand for reduced lactose on the rise, says Novozymes

Indian awareness of lactose intolerance is growing rapidly, leading consumers to seek reduced reduced lactose and lactose-free products without compromising on taste, according to a Novozymes South Asia executive.

EC prefers corporate profits to baby health: pressure group

The European Commission (EC) has surrendered consumer production to business gain in discussions ahead of a key meeting today on revising the EC directive on baby milks and foods.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA on Valio peptide claim: “No convincing evidence for a mechanism”

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected a peptide-blood pressure health claim submitted by Finnish dairy group, Valio, saying the dossier containing 21 intervention studies failed to demonstrate an effect.

EC expects "smooth adoption" of article 13 health claims list in Q1 2012

The European Commission’s directorate for health and consumer affairs, DG Sanco, has said it is close to finalising the 2758 claim-strong list of generic claims for publication in the European...

Increased dietary potassium reduces stroke risk, study suggests

Increased intake of dietary potassium sources such as dairy foods, fruit and vegetables can reduce one’s risk of suffering a stroke, according to a new study by scientists in Sweden....

Probiotic intake linked to fewer birth complications

Regular consumption of dairy-based probiotic formulations are associated with a 20% reduction in the risk of pre-eclampsia, suggests new data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Dairy foods linked to better brain function: Study

Frequent intake of dairy foods are linked to better mental performance, suggests data from a study of about 1,000 people in the US.

New Biocatalysts enzyme opens lactose-free doors for Kosher/Halal applications

Britain’s Biocatalysts has released a new lactase product suitable for use in Kosher and Halal applications, thereby offering opportunities for new development in dairy.

EFSA stands by probiotic cheese rejection

The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) health claims panel says there are no grounds for it to alter its rejection of a claim that sought to link probiotic cheese consumption...

UK yoghurt mislabelled as gluten-free but not recalled

Emmi-owned yoghurt brand Onken is altering packaging on some of its yoghurt products that were mislabelled as gluten-free in the UK.

Australian government backs infant formula research

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) will continue a 15-year collaborative period with Australian food company Clover Corporation, by engaging in a new initiative to develop encapsulation techniques...

“Milk drinks for infants are not necessary“: German agency

Infant milks for over-1s are not better than regular cow’s milk, a German government agency has found after analysing their nutritional properties.

How to win yoghurt health claims: “Keep it simple”

“Keeping it simple and straightforward” is the takeaway message from a new report targeting yoghurt makers in search of health claim success within the European Union’s strict new claims regime....

Analysts predict 6-7% sucralose growth for Tate & Lyle

UK analysts are forecasting 6-7% growth in sucralose for Tate & Lyle Splenda version of the sweetener which leads the segment globally.

Cautious Kaneka welcomes Novel Foods win for slimming liquorice extract

After several years and several “dialogues” with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Japanese supplier Kaneka has won a positive Novel Foods opinion for its weight management liquorice extract.

Ingredia on rejected peptide claims: “Nothing to do with us”

French supplier Ingredia has distanced itself from recently rejected casein tryptic hydrolysate (peptide) stress reduction health claims.

Omega-3s may reduce diabetes risk: 3 studies compare plant & marine sources

Increased blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids from plant or marine sources are associated with reduced risk of type-2 diabetes, according to three new studies in the American Journal of...

Whey protein shows body weight benefits without energy restriction

Supplements of whey protein, but not soy protein, may improve body weight without restricting energy intakes or habitual diets in obese and overweight adults, suggests a new study by scientists...

New satiety foods will contain 'cocktail of components'

The next generation of weight management ingredients will contain a “cocktail of components” that address multiple factors around hunger and reward, according to the boss of Food for Health Ireland...

Review highlights uses of inulin in dairy products

Inulin may act as a useful fat replacer and texture enhancer in dairy products, says a new review from ingredient company Sensus and CSIC in Spain.

Natural colours drive Chr Hansen Q3 results; probiotic uncertainty continues

The newly renamed Natural Colors Division was the star performer in Danish ingredients supplier Chr Hansen’s Q3 results, showing 34% organic sales growth for the quarter, compared to 5% for...


EU researchers revolted as EFSA clears health claims vault

The European Food Safety Authority last week delivered the fifth batch of article 13, general function health claim opinions bringing the total issued to 2723. There are just 35 to...

Highest-dose calcium milk launched in Israel

Israeli dairy Tnuva has launched a calcium and vitamin D-fortified milk targeting children’s bone health.

Dairy industry takes joined up approach to health research

Against the backdrop of a difficult financial climate and more stringent health claims regulation, the dairy industry is taking a coordinated approach to nutrition and health research with the formation...

EFSA rejects Danone and Yakult probiotic appeals

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims panel says there are no grounds for alteration of its rejection last year of probiotic health claim dossiers submitted by Danone and...

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