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In an increasingly health conscious age, dairy processors are looking to reduce the fat content of their products and make the most of the healthy components of milk. Adding further value to dairy products are functional ingredients like probiotics but health claim legislation is making it hard for companies to know how best to communicate health messages.

Unilever, Provexis collaborate for healthy products

The identity of the mystery multinational with which Provexis has been exploring new formats of its Fruitflow technology is unveiled as Unilever; and the two companies also plan to collaborate...

Healthy dairy drinks target UK school children

A new range of reduced sugar and probiotic dairy drinks will target UK school children as health trends continue to help the market expand.

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GM: A healthy debate

The development of genetically modified crops to improve human health could be the golden ticket for advocates to persuade the wary public that GM is not a wholly nefarious idea...

More support for prebiotic, probiotics for colon health

Daily intake of prebiotics and probiotics may reduce the production of potentially toxic or carcinogenic compounds by suppressing the activity of certain enzymes, says new research from Belgium.

France launches 'healthy' advert rules

All adverts for food and drink in France must now carry healthy eating messages or companies will face fines, under rules launched by the government to tackle obesity.

Lactose tolerance linked to early dairy farming

For the first time, researchers say they have direct evidence that Europeans' bodies evolved to digest milk much later and more rapidly than previously thought.

Nestlé profits from health focus

Sales at the group rose to CHF98.5 billion (€60.5bn) while organic growth was 6.2 per cent and net profit was up 13.8 per cent to a record CHF9.2 billion (€5.6bn).

Healthy products breed healthy sales for Danone

Danone gave a bullish account of its 2006 performance, citing strong growth for blockbuster dairy brands and an 'outstanding' performance in beverage markets.

GDAs 'fundamentally flawed', claims health group

Food industry-backed front-of-pack nutritional signposting is 'fundamentally flawed', according to the National Heart Forum (NHF).

Healthy promise prompts Danone Japan buyout

French dairy group Danone has bought complete control of its Japanese joint venture, lured by the promise of riches from rapidly growing consumer demand for healthy dairy products.

Probiotics and health can revitalise US yoghurt

A mature US yoghurt market does not mean there is no room for growth, according to a new report, which identifies huge expansion possibilities particularly in the area of probiotic...

Member States start compiling health claims lists

European food companies are already being asked to submit health claims for approval to agencies at national level, following the adoption of the new EU regulation on nutrition and health...

Dairy targets kids with healthy ingredients

A new report examining how dairy companies are successfully targeting healthy products to children underlines the growing importance of this particular food category.

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Is a trans fat ban a healthy solution?

Sometimes I just love eating fatty, greasy, unquestionably hazardous foods. But I don't like trans fats, that come as a by-product in some processed foods, and have been linked to...

UK merges milk watchdog with animal health body

Efforts to save money and make farm inspections more efficient in the UK have seen the Dairy Hygiene Inspectorate merge with the country's veterinary service this week.

Organic milk is not healthier, says UK food watchdog

Organic milk producers took a blow Tuesday after UK food authorities said their milk was not healthier than conventional varieties just because it contained more omega-3.

Health claims adoption blocked by 11th hour hitch

The new European Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation hit an unexpected barrier to its adoption yesterday, since it was found to contain the wrong comitology procedure. Rectifying the oversight could...

Lactose intolerant kids shouldn't ignore dairy, say experts

Children with lactose intolerance are missing out on essential nutrients by avoiding dairy, and could benefit from probiotics and aged cheeses, say a review from the American Academy of Pediatrics...

US dairy fights to halt lactose warning labels

A group of American consumers are set to appeal against a court ruling that said dairy products did not have to carry labels warning about the dangers of lactose intolerance.

Omega-3, heart health evidence is strong, says review

Omega-3s from oily fish and supplements can reduce the risk of cardiac and sudden death, and possibly stroke, says a new review from the US.

JHCI review aims to inform EFSA on health claims

The UK's Joint Health Claims Initiative (JHCI) has conducted a review of its own guidance on health claims submissions, with the aim of helping the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)...

Low-fat dairy may cut diabetes risk for women

A diet rich in low fat dairy could cut the risk of type-2 diabetes for women by over 20 per cent, says a new study from Harvard.

Unilever's Flora health claims unproven

Unilever must change its British television advert for Flora pro.activ margarine as it contains unsubstantiated health claims, said the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Omega-3 milk ads dropped in health claims row

Dairy Crest has criticised Britain's advert watchdog for telling the company to drop claims that its omega-3 milk could improve children's ability to learn.

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Healthy food and the World Cup of missed opportunity

Beer, bakery, confectionery, sweet drinks, pizzas, snacks galore, and even dog food. The list of products with World Cup tie-ins is dominated by junk food, while healthy food makers seem...

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