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Margarine with a claim seen as ‘better than butter’

American consumers are more likely to choose margarine over butter if it carried a heart healthy claim, found the United Soybean Board’s annual survey on consumer attitudes towards nutrition.

ONC buys into new omega-3 technology

Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) has added a new microencapsulation technology to its offerings buy purchasing a five-year license to the fish oil business and encapsulation technology of Austrian tech firm,...

Probiotics may help fat and weight loss: Study

Daily supplements of Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 (LG2055) may help weight loss in people with obese tendencies, says new science from Japan.

Carbery targets sports drinks with clean whey

Irish dairy ingredients specialist Carbery is marketing a “clean tasting” hydrolysed whey protein range aimed at the sports nutrition market after completing sensory studies in conjunction with the North Carolina...

EFSA gut health workshop will decide Danone’s next claims move

Global probiotics leader Danone says its withdrawn probiotic health claim dossiers will remain untouched on its shelves at least until it attends a gut and immune health claim workshop to...

Danone and Micropharma form $8m partnership to develop heart health products

Danone Research has reached a partnership agreement worth $8m with Canadian biological science firm Micropharma to develop reduced cholesterol products linked to heart health.

Study into benefits of DanActive yoghurt drink delivers 'mixed results'

A randomised clinical study on the health effects of drinking the probiotic yoghurt-like drink DanActive suggests that it may protect children from gastrointestinal illness but have little influence on their...

Study backs immune health benefits of probiotic cheese

Scientists in Finland have highlighted the potential of probiotic cheese to protect and enhance the immune system of elderly people.

Organic lobby defends health value of its milk from study claims

The Soil Association has hit back at claims made in a newly published study that organic milk is similar in “nutritional quality and wholesomeness” to conventional milk.

New TIC stabilisers target healthier dairy drinks

TIC Gums has developed three stabilisers to give a creamier, thicker texture to protein fortified beverages and dairy drinks.

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Spend on science not marketing for a positive health claim: EFSA scientist

Companies should put more money into studies to substantiate the science of probiotics, perhaps at the cost of marketing, a member of EFSA’s evaluating panel has said.

Nestle challenged on baby milk health claims

Food giant Nestle was once more challenged at its AGM in Lausanne last week, as activists again raised the red flag that has been fluttering since the first boycott the...


Groundhog Day for European health claims?

“Many in industry are pinning their hopes on EFSA showing them the light at the meeting, including the likes of Danone, which withdrew three probiotic immunity/digestive health article 13.5 claims...

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CIAA welcomes EFSA's June health claims summit

The Confederation of Food and Drink Industries in Europe (CIAA) thinks the health claims summit called by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on June 1 could not have come...

Danone withdraws marquee probiotic health claims (again)

Almost a year to the day after Danone first withdrew submissions for its best-selling probiotic yoghurts from the European Union health claims system, the French dairy giant has pulled its...

Probiotic milk launched in Michigan

Ohio-based probiotics specialist Ganeden Biotech is benefitting from its newly formed alliance with the National Farmers Organization (NFO) after one of its members launched a probiotic milk in the Michigan...

Dairy and beverages dominate immune-supporting ingredients

Dairy products and beverages dominate equally the immune-supporting ingredients sector both within Europe and globally, according to a new report from Danish-based research group Bio2com.

EFSA to host June health claims summit

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is inviting stakeholders to its Parma, Italy, base for an “open meeting” to discuss health claim developments in the European Union.

Cross-cultural study explores limits of healthy cheese and yoghurt

Manufacturers should be wary about cutting too much fat from cheese and too much sugar from yoghurt, according to new cross-cultural research.

Vitamin D could save Germany €40 billion in health costs

Ensuring the German population gets adequate intakes of vitamin D could save the country about €37.5 billion in health care costs, according to a new review.

Campden reports on health risks from contaminated cheese

Campden BRI has revealed that there could be a problem regarding the health risks posed by Escherichia coli O157 and Mycobacterium bovis in cheeses made from unpasteurised milk.

Scientists claim fat-free milk could relieve constipation

Full-fat milk may be associated with constipation but new research suggests that drinking fat-free milk could be a way of solving irregularity problems.

Omega-3-fortified dairy effective for heart health: Study

Consuming dairy products fortified with omega-3 fatty acids does benefit heart health, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, says a new study from Germany.

Fat types affect women’s womb health

Increased intakes of trans fats may increase a woman’s risk of endometriosis by almost 50 per cent, but omega-3s may slash the risk, says a new study from the US....

Replace saturated fats with omega-3 to boost heart health: Harvard study

Reducing intakes of saturated fats in the diet, and consuming polyunsaturated fats in their place, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 19 per cent, says a new...

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