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General Mills taps into health trend with 2010 reformulation efforts

General Mills has reformulated products representing a quarter of its US retail sales during the 2010 fiscal year to improve their health profiles, the company has said.

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Dept of Health to deliver keynote at Food Manufacture's Reformulate 2011 conference

With the Food Standards Agency (FSA) now focusing on food safety, and nutrition falling under the Department of Health’s (DoH’s) umbrella, where does this leave the FSA’s controversial salt, saturated...

Growing demand for whey and lactose ingredients

Demand for whey and lactose ingredients is showing strong growth after a significant fall in demand in 2008/2009 following big price rises the year before, according to a new report...

Omega-3 baby brain food ads pulled in UK

Magazine adverts for follow-on formula containing prebiotics and omega-3s have been rapped in the UK for making brain health claims unauthorised by the European Union nutrition and health claims regulation...

Paper outlines how to lure lactose intolerant consumers back to dairy

Support from independent sources and targeted marketing campaigns are the keys to convincing lactose intolerant consumers to come back to dairy, according to a new report from the Innovation Center...

Danone develops framework for optimizing probiotic-based functional foods

Mapping how the gut microbiota respond to probiotic strains may help produce a framework for “evaluating and optimizing probiotic-based functional foods”, say researchers from Danone and Harvard.

No common lactose tolerability limit, concludes EFSA

Most people with a lactose intolerance can cope with up to 12g in a single sitting and more if spread throughout the day, but the huge variation between individuals means...

Food for Health Ireland turns in 1st birthday milk mining report

A year after Food for Health Ireland (FHI) was launched CEO Jens Bleiel explains what has been achieved and what prospects and challenges lie ahead.

Bone health still niche, but sharp rise in NPD

The UK market for functional foods on a bone health platform grew 6.8% in the year to March 2010, but at just £38M, it still represents a niche part of...


Why cavemen could hold the key to healthy eating

There’s something incongruous about the hi-tech modern food industry sniffing around the Palaeolithic era for the next big consumer trend. But hold the side order of cynicism. There might just...

Research project aims to replace saturated fats in milk

The University of Reading in the UK has been awarded a grant of almost £300,000 to research ways of reducing the saturated fat content of milk without increasing trans fat production.

Danone rejects high-dose bone yoghurt launch in France

Danone has decided not to roll out its high-dose, calcium-fortified bone health yoghurt Densia in France after a disappointing trial in a small French town.

Whey proteins show blood pressure lowering powers

Beverages formulated with whey proteins may offer a dietary approach to reducing blood pressure in people at risk of hypertension, suggests a new study.

Dairy UK: Gov’t must take more science-based approach to nutrition

Trade body Dairy UK has urged the UK government to take a more science-based approach to nutrition policy when staff from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) join the Department of...

Milk could stop garlic breath, says study

Consuming food or beverages with a high water and fat content like milk reduces ‘garlic breath’ odour, according to a new study.

Soybean polysaccharides boost fibre content in dairy, study

Scientists claim to have developed three prototype dairy products capable of delivering significant quantities of dietary fibre.

Fortified milk linked to healthier child development

A Fonterra funded study suggests that milk fortified with micronutrients, especially zinc and iron, can be an effective tool to alleviate nutrition deficiencies among young children.


‘MacStatins’ are not the answer to unhealthy food

Do you want a statin with that cheeseburger and milkshake? Touting pharmaceuticals as the neutralisers of fast food is not the answer to unhealthy diets and even the suggestion sends...

Danone: Health claim uncertainty not to blame for share price shake

As Danone’s share price continues to fall three days after its half year results were released, the company cites several potential reasons for the dip but insists that health claims...

Danone backs probiotic juice with ProViva investment

Global probiotics leader Danone has paid an undisclosed sum to Swedish dairy Skånemejerier for a 51 per cent stake in its probiotic juice brand, ProViva.

EFSA health claims chief offers rejected dossier hope

In this third and final part of this exclusive NutraIngredients podcast with Professor Albert Flynn, chair of European Food Safety Authority’s Scientific Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA),...

Sargento targets cheesemaking process to reduce sodium

Sargento says it has invented a process for making cheese with 25 percent less sodium and minimal impact on taste and texture, without added ingredients.

Claims on food benefits outweigh risk messages, finds study

Messages of potential risk or scientific uncertainty of functional food products has little impact on peoples’ willingness to purchase them, according to a study conducted using Danone’s Danacol cholesterol-reducing yoghurt....

Margarine with a claim seen as ‘better than butter’

American consumers are more likely to choose margarine over butter if it carried a heart healthy claim, found the United Soybean Board’s annual survey on consumer attitudes towards nutrition.

ONC buys into new omega-3 technology

Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) has added a new microencapsulation technology to its offerings buy purchasing a five-year license to the fish oil business and encapsulation technology of Austrian tech firm,...

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