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Whey and lactose will survive private label push - analyst

The use of whey and lactose ingredients in finished products will not be significantly set back by a shifting retailer focus towards budget-priced private label goods, according to one global...

Antibody yoghurt stymies stomach ulcers, say researchers

Yoghurt fortified with antibodies extracted from chicken eggs, can battle bacteria that cause gastritis and stomach ulcers, according to preliminary findings from Japanese researchers.

Protein drinks expanding despite health scepticism - Zenith

Milk and fruit drinks enriched with proteins are growing beyond niche market of exercise junkies by broadening into other functional areas like satiety and clinical nutrition, according to Zenith International.

Health claim dossiers cost €5m, says DSM

DSM’s human nutrition corporate scientist, Wim Saris, spoke with Shane Starling recently after chairing a weight management and satiety conference in Amsterdam. He voiced his concern about spiralling health claim...

EDA claims ‘imitation’ dairy setting back nutrient profiling

Further development of functional and added-value dairy products could be setback by current European proposals for legislating health and nutrition claims within the bloc, claims the European Dairy Association (EDA).

Health and costs head agenda for dairy management meet

Leading international dairy groups have set a date for the Third Global Dairy Congress in an attempt to focus on market trend developments resulting from changing economic, health and environmental...

Study suggests chocolate milk exercise recovery boost

Chocolate milk has taken first place in a post-exercise energy recovery trial in competition alongside both a fluid- and carbohydrate-replacing beverage, according to new clinical research.

Yakult: probiotics may boost brain health

Probiotics pioneer Yakult says preliminary research indicates the interrelationship of the nervous systems of the gut and the brain could confer cognitive benefits when probiotics are consumed.

Enzyme targets profitable lactose application extensions

Testing is underway on global demand for an enzyme claimed by its manufacturers to ensure greater profitability from lactose, both in terms of food and non-food based applications.

Healthy drinks dominate dairy sector

Dairy drinks promoted with a health benefit in tow now account for more than 70 per cent of global launches, according to food market analyst, Innova Food.

Study links higher dairy consumption to teen weight loss

Adolescents eating higher amounts of dairy goods, within the recommended daily guidelines, generally have lower levels of fat to those with a reduced intake, says a new study.

Nutrition mission at heart of UK dairy week

The impacts of dairy consumption on health and nutrition remains the key focus for the UK dairy industry following this month’s inaugural National Dairy Week.

Arla propels permeate, lactose development with new business unit

Arla Food Ingredients is sharpening its focus on the potential of permeates and lactose, with the establishment of a dedicated business unit to develop more products.

Global health fears challenge unpasteurised cheeses

From petite fromageries in France to artisan sellers in Quebec and Kansas, the sale of unpasteurised milk in cheese continues to divide opinion, with recent health scares endangering the entire...

Healthy packed lunch trend drives development

New standards for food in schools is driving innovation in lunchbox-friendly products as parents heed official messages about healthy eating, according to the latest research from Mintel.

Where are missing article 13 health claims? asks EHPM

A major European trade group has chimed in with criticism of the latest version of the European Union health and nutrition claims article 13 list, adding to industry concern that...

Tesco heads to university for dairy innovation drive

One of the UK’s leading retailers is teaming up with a veterinary university to target developments in both animal welfare and product innovation that it says may benefit the country’s...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA approves Danone children’s bone health claim

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has affirmed the importance of calcium and vitamin D for bone health by approving an article 14 children’s health claim submitted under the EU...

EFSA publishes list of functional article 13 health claims

EFSA has published the list of functional health claims it has received from the Commission to be assessed under article 13 of the new health claims regulation; while the publication...

Dairy players look beyond ‘short-term’ private label pressures

As European consumers reportedly flock to own brand products in a bid to offset fears over the global economic downturn, dairy processors are bracing to adapt their operations to meet...


The invincibles – recession proof food and healthy eating

There are fears that in the economic crisis consumers will put on “recession pounds” by eating unhealthily. Rightly or wrongly, food manufacturers may suffer the blame but “unhealthy” and “recession...

Nutritionist says high calcium foods no fix-all for osteoporosis

A diet containing high calcium food products like dairy goods and certain vegetables may not alone serve as an effective means of reducing the risk of osteoporosis, say some nutritionists.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects five probiotic health claims

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued negative opinions on a further five health claims – this time in the area of probiotics.

EU dairy groups look to generic health claims future

A number of recent studies have continued to suggest links between dairy consumption and certain nutrition benefits, though their impact on helping on securing industry-wide European health claim approvals looks...


Coping with health claim hurt

One of the most fiercely debated and amended pieces of European Union food law history is playing out before our eyes, and its effects are beginning to be felt.

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