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India calls for Indian probiotic studies and strains

India is developing guidelines that may mean probiotic strains will have to be backed by clinical trials conducted on Indian populations if they are to gain market approval.

Probiotics: From clinical trial to health claims success

As a raft of non-positive opinions on probiotics floats down the health claims river, questions have been asked of the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria. Two experts discuss where we...

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Health claim scepticism feeds butter spread

Spreads with added benefits continue to be negatively impacted by consumer confusion and scepticism, argues market researcher Mintel.

FSA proposes promotional drive for low fat dairy

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published draft plans on fat reduction that raise the possibility of legal changes to encourage sales of low fat cheddar and ice cream.

Danone resubmits marquee probiotic gut health claim

Danone has resubmitted an article 13.5 gut health claim for its flagship probiotic product, Activia, to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Oxford study links DASH diet to lower blood pressure

A diet consisting of low fat dairy foods, wholegrains, and fruit and vegetables has been linked to lower blood pressure in the first British study of the DASH diet.

EFSA expands on article 13.1 health claim methods

Health claims backed by studies carried out on non-healthy populations are capable of winning positive opinions according to an EFSA assessment of its own methods sent to the European Commission...

Probiotics intake beneficial against infections in kids: study

Lactobacillus GG (LGG) can decrease the risk of upper respiratory tract infections including rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis, and the common cold in children attending day care centres, claims a new...

Sales success for new Danone bone health yoghurt

Early sales figures for Densia yoghurt suggest that Danone has found a winning niche in the bone health market.


Life in a European health claims wasteland

Ka-CHING! Hear that? No it’s not the sound of overflowing cash registers as consumers throw endless wads of euros at scientifically-backed, healthy foods in greater numbers than ever before.

NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference

Where now for EU health claims? The NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference will unpick the problematic and controversial regulation.

Dairy proteins again linked to blood pressure benefits

A combination of milk proteins may reduce salt-induced increases in blood pressure by about 10 mmHg, according to results of a rat study from Valio.

Costa Rican omega-3 milk irons out UHT problems

Austrian-based microencapsulation specialist, GAT Food Essentials, is supplying latin America’s largest dairy with an omega-3 form that is allowing the dairy to offer a difficult to achieve, non-chilled milk containing...

Five dairy servings a day can trigger weight loss, says study

New research suggests that increasing dairy consumption from three to five servings a day in the context of a reduced calorie diet can help fight obesity.

News in brief

Study makes lower lactose intolerance estimate

A US study published in Nutrition Today suggests that lactose intolerance may be less prevalent than previously thought.

Farmers target ‘regular milk’ for probiotic fortification

Ohio-based probiotics specialist, Ganeden Biotech, has signed an agreement that will see it become the exclusive supplier of probiotics to the National Farmers Organization (NFO), with the aim of boosting...

UK censors Danone probiotic TV ads

The voluntary UK advertising watchdog has told Danone to cease broadcasting TV adverts that stated its one-shot probiotic drinking yoghurt, Actimel, could boost the immune system of children.

New gelatine product for ‘creamy’ fat-free ice cream

Gelita has developed a new gelatine product for fat reduction in ice cream which it claims gives a smoother, creamier mouthfeel than other low fat products on the market.

Yoghurt group unfazed by mass probiotics rejection

The European Food Safety Authority’s mass rejection of probiotic dossiers is not the disaster it appears if ‘technical’ obstacles can be overcome, according to a group that represents the biggest...


Bad day at the EU health claims office

October 1 was not a good day for many in the functional foods and food supplements business in the European Union as the meaning of life under a highly restrictive...

Multicultural market for lactose-free

There is big potential for lactose-free dairy products amongst multicultural groups in the US, suggests a new survey.


Are health claims curbing freedom of speech?

The US FDA is being sued over its health claims regime – actions that are unlikely to succeed according to most pundits – but they raise serious questions about healthy...


Acrylamide: The consumer health scare that isn’t

Consumers love to get their teeth into a good health scare. So how is it that acrylamide has slipped under the radar?

Health claims focus

Timeline of key EU health claim opinions

In the first of a special four-part series, NutraIngredients constructs a timeline of key opinions issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) since it got the ball rolling back...

Sales of one per cent fat milk rocket in the UK

Milk with a fat content of one per cent has quickly gained market share in the UK and its sales are now tipped to overtake those of both full fat...

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