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Uncertainty remains over rejected health claims

After having two of three health claims submitted for European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) assessment rejected, the Irish dairy industry says it is unsure of its next move in...


EFSA health claim rejections 'shock' industry

The European Food Safety Authority has kicked off the eagerly awaited health claim assessment process with a slew of claim rejections signalling a hard line methodology that may see thousands...

Study links dairy to better bones in kids

Long-term dairy consumption, supplemented with other protein-rich foods such as meats can help maintain improved bone health in children, according to a new study.

EFSA to judge almost 3000 health claims by 2010

Pan-European health and nutrition claims moved a step closer to reality after 2870 claims were delivered to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for assessment by January, 2010.

Low-fat dairy again linked to healthier hearts

A healthy lifestyle should include low-fat dairy products to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) associated with poor kidney function, suggests new research from the US.

Danisco pledges research, acquisitions in healthy ingredients

Danisco plans to further strengthen its health and nutrition ingredients offering in areas in which it is not a market leader, as it positions to for a bio-based future.

Healthy and fun drive ice cream innovation at new Unilever centre

Unilever's new global Centre of Excellence Ice Foods is aimed at increasing ice cream innovation by developing healthier products that are more exciting and provide varied sensory experiences.

Tate & Lyle inks 'bran' new gut health deal

UK-based ingredients giant Tate & Lyle has dipped into its independent €30+m venture capital fund to the tune of €3.5m to partner with a Belgian start-up researching the gut health...

Italians, women most interested in prebiotic health claims

Italians and women are the most interested western Europeans in digestive health claims while Dutch are the least, according to new consumer research funded by French fibre specialist Syral.

Gut microflora and obesity - Nestle expands the possibilities

Modifying the population of bacteria in the gut may improve the regulation of glycemic control and reverse the insulin resistance that occurs with obesity, suggests a new study from the...

UK scientists gather to discuss obesity

'Growing up in an obesogenic environment', 'Have we sacrificed our children on the altar of a free market?', 'Endocrine disrupters and obesity - old chemicals, new questions' and other presentations...

FSA rubbishes cheese health-warning rumours

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) has this morning played down claims that dairy processors could face having to include cigarette-style health warnings on products like cheese and butter.

Dairy dental benefits played up in industry health drive

A UK-based nutrition group has this week kicked off a new scheme designed to promote the consumption of dairy products like cheeses and milk as a key element of good...

Deadline for health claims looms

Member states have until tomorrow to pass health claims dossiers submitted by industry to the European Commission to gain approval under new legislation on what can be said about products...

Dairy industry steps up for obesity battle

A number of leading dairy experts believe that the industry is "unfairly" blamed for contributing to the growing worldwide obesity crises, and more must be done to promote the dietary...

Digestion to take over from heart health, report claims

The increasing use of probiotics and antioxidants will continue to develop in 2008 but products positioned at heart health will not perform so well, a report has said.

Lactose intolerant can still eat some cheese

Lactose intolerant Brits may be missing the high calcium health benefits of dairy goods due to the misapprehension that they cannot eat cheese, according to a new survey conducted by...

Organic milk profits on health claims

Sales of organic milk within the UK are up by about 11 per cent to 200m litres a year, boosted by studies linking the product with a number of health...

Friesland ups capacity for healthy whey

Friesland Foods Domo has invested €6M in its whey protein plant in Workum, The Netherlands, allowing it to increase production of infant formula ingredients and produce its new low-fat ingredient...

Health claims research free to all

The Swedish Nutrition Foundation (SNF) has signed a contract allowing free access to scientific research, which will provide much needed evidence for companies wishing to make a health benefit claim.

Weekly Comment

Time to get serious on health claims criteria

The European Food Safety Authority's task to assess thousands of health claims is a headache in anyone's book - and one made worse through vague instructions to industry.

Healthy outlook for Dairy Crest's financial ambitions

Higher pricing and an increasing focus on healthier products continues to ensure that Dairy Crest remains in line to achieve its full year sales targets, the company announced today.

Health focus drives whey and lactose demand

The global market for whey and lactose ingredients will increase by 20 percent as the dairy industry focuses more on healthy and nutritional products, a new report forecasts.

Nestle nourished by health aims

Nestle's drive to be a major health and nutrition player resulted in a strong first half fiscal performance for the company.

Healthy half year for Danone's nutrition ambition

Danone has increased like-for-like sales by 8.2 per cent to €7.5bn during the first half of the year as it continues to refocus its operations towards health and nutrition.