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Hong Kong pulls Japanese infant formula from shelves over iodine levels

Authorities in Hong Kong have ordered the recall of two Japanese-manufactured powdered infant formula products after tests found iodine levels in the products were too low.

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Nestlé opens first plant in Angola

Swiss food and beverage giant Nestlé has furthered its presence on the African continent through the opening of a new CHF16m ($16.4m, €13.3m) factory in Angola.

Emerging market sales drive Parmalat H1 profit increase

Italian dairy giant Parmalat has reported a 7.8% increase in net profit for the first half of 2012, with improved emerging market sales and profit boosts from its core markets...

Dairy stalls India-NZ Free Trade talks

Free trade discussions between India and New Zealand have hit an obstacle with the former refusing any concrete move to open its dairy sector to the Kiwis.

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Aflatoxin-tainted infant formula recalled in China

Chinese dairy processor Hunan Ava Dairy Co is recalling five batches of infant formula after a local government study found high levels of cancer-causing aflatoxins.

UAE dairy firm expecting Ramadan sales explosion

Dairy processors in the Islamic world are preparing themselves for the annual Ramadan-driven sales explosion, as Muslims stock-up daily on fresh foods including dairy.

Larger dairy herds will cut Chinese food safety scandals – expert

An explosion in Chinese demand for dairy products in the middle of the last decade led to milk supply shortages that drove suppliers to practices such as diluting milk and...

Bright young things in Brazil spell bright prospects for SIG Combibloc

SIG Combibloc has highlighted the strong growth potential of RTD coffee drinks in Brazil as it launches 250ml cartons there for the first time, with demand led by a 'dynamic,...

Mead Johnson loses certification scrap in India

Infant nutrition giant Mead Johnson has lost a legal battle over formula labelling in India.

China apologises after ‘invalid’ Mead Johnson formula safety reports

Chinese authorities have issued an apology to Mead Johnson Nutrition, admitting that media reports questioning the safety of its infant formula were based on invalid test results.

Mugabe set to challenge Nestlé in Zimbabwean dairy market

The wife of Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has launched a range of fresh milk products in the African country with the aim of challenging Nestlé – a dominant figure in...

India says no to Chinese milk for another year

Chinese milk products still cannot make the hop over the Himalayas to the booming Indian market with the company’s authorities calling for an extension on a ban on them.

Codex regulation ‘bolts the door’ on infant milk melamine contamination

The Codex Alimentarius Commission has set new maximum limits for melamine in liquid infant milk in an effort to ‘bolt-up’ regulations and prevent a repeat of the 2008 Chinese scandal caused by the...

Danone set to acquire majority share in Moroccan dairy giant

French dairy giant Danone has entered into an agreement that, if completed, will see it become the majority shareholder in Morocco’s leading dairy product firm.

Lye-contaminated milk recalled in latest blow to Chinese dairy industry

Hundreds of cartons of milk have been recalled in China after a production line error left some products contaminated with alkaline water.

UAE dairy giant eyes camel milk export explosion

Developed market demand for camel milk products looks set to help drive the export ambitions of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) largest milk producer in coming years.


Arla Foods supply deal secures Chinese product pipeline for infant formula firm

Arla Foods has signed a financing and supply agreement with signficant pediatric nutrition and baby care product producer Biostime International Holdings to supply the Hong Kong-listed company with infant formula. ...

China safety scandals represent advantage for foreign dairy firms – analyst

Western food safety standards represent a definite advantage to foreign firms attempting to enter the growing Chinese dairy market, an industry analyst has told

Arla signs agreement with Mengniu to strengthen China exports

Arla Foods looks set to strengthen its presence in the Chinese dairy market and boost exports after signing a wide-ranging agreement with dairy giant Mengniu.

Mercury-tainted milk powder mires China in new safety scandal

A new food contamination scandal has hit China this week after elevated levels of mercury were detected in infant formula made by the country’s top producer.


Dairy industry answers: Nestlé China begins dairy farmers institute construction

Earlier this week, Nestlé began construction on its new Dairy Farming Institute in Shuangcheng, China. spoke to Nestlé China’s Jonathan Dong about the firm’s efforts to educate Chinese dairy...

South African infant formula purchase boycott lacks ‘merit’ - Nestlé

Nestlé South Africa has shrugged-off threats of a purchasing boycott relating to infant formula among the country’s Hindu community, stating that the encouragement by a religious leader lacks “merit.”

Nestlé condensed milk investment will meet export format demands

Swiss food and beverage giant Nestlé has completed a €6m investment at its Pontecesures, Spain condensed milk plant in an effort to expand its product and packaging formats portfolio to...

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Nestle enter agreement to build Inner Mongolia-based dairy farm

Food and drink giant Nestle has entered into an agreement to build a 2,000-cow dairy farm in north China’s Inner Mongolia region, according to reports from China.

Shanghai innovation centre will tap into Chinese dairy demands - Fonterra

Dairy giant Fonterra has announced the opening of a new Shanghai-based innovation centre, in its latest effort to tap into Chinese demand for new, innovative dairy products.

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