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Farmers target ‘regular milk’ for probiotic fortification

Ohio-based probiotics specialist, Ganeden Biotech, has signed an agreement that will see it become the exclusive supplier of probiotics to the National Farmers Organization (NFO), with the aim of boosting...

UK censors Danone probiotic TV ads

The voluntary UK advertising watchdog has told Danone to cease broadcasting TV adverts that stated its one-shot probiotic drinking yoghurt, Actimel, could boost the immune system of children.

Lallemand puts spotlight on immune-benefits for probiotics

Immune health from gut health is not too obscure for consumers, but work needs to be done on identifying the mechanisms involved, said the conclusions from a two-day meeting in...

Scientists question EFSA probiotic logic

Three University of Reading scientists wrote to the European Commission in July expressing concern about EFSA’s approach to evaluating probiotic article 13.1 dossiers.

Yoghurt group unfazed by mass probiotics rejection

The European Food Safety Authority’s mass rejection of probiotic dossiers is not the disaster it appears if ‘technical’ obstacles can be overcome, according to a group that represents the biggest...

Omega-3 cheese: All the benefits of fish without the smell

Encapsulating omega-3 fatty acids in milk proteins may protect the fish-derived ingredients from oxidation, and cover the ‘fishy’ flavour in cheese, says a new study.


The benefits of a probiotic witch hunt

Get your pitchforks ready! There are evil-doers out there! We’ve been conned: Probiotics don’t work. Dannon’s settling out of court, EFSA’s rejecting health claims, and the media is starting a...

Exclusive interview

Inside Yakult's probiotic science culture

In HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds it is not the almighty weapons of humanity that defeated the invading Martians. It is a lack of immunity to the earth’s...

Danisco develops heat-resistant probiotics

Ingredients giant, Danisco, has developed a processing technology it says “toughens up” probiotic cultures to extend high bioavailability shelf-life beyond five months.

More vitamin D for mothers, less for infants?

A new study at the University of British Columbia will examine whether increasing the recommended dose of vitamin D for pregnant women will increase levels of the vitamin delivered...

News in brief

Danisco pushes probiotic ice cream

Danisco Bio Actives is upping its commitment to developing probiotic ice cream products globally by developing a kit to assist dessert manufacturers.

Danone: Everyday gut problems eased by probiotics

Daily consumption of a probiotic fermented milk product may improve gut health and well-being in women with everyday digestive problems, says a new study from Danone.

News in brief

Martek signs omega-6 deals in Europe and Asia

Martek Biosciences has signed two new deals to supply its omega-6 ARA (arachidonic acid) ingredients to infant food makers in Australia and Spain.

Could probiotics protect us from gut parasites?

The gut health boosting effects of probiotics may also extend to preventing and eradicating parasitic infections, according to ‘early data’ from the US.

Danisco boosts cultures capacity as probiotics market swells

Danisco has said that it is investing €60m ($85m) to boost capacity for its frozen and freeze dried direct vat inoculants (DVI) in Europe and the US, primarily to feed...

Danisco pushes probiotic straw range

Danisco is using major trade shows in Europe and Asia to boost exposure of the probiotic straws it launched last year in conjunction Australian firm, Unistraw.

Regulatory approval to boost EU vitamin K2 market

The formal European Union approval of vitamin K2 as a safe food ingredient in foods and food supplements will benefit Norwegian supplier, Natto Pharma, both in Europe and abroad, the...

ASA censors ads for prebiotic-fortified infant formula

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that an advertisement for Aptamil Follow On infant formula may not continue to be broadcast because it implies it can stop children...

Glanbia opens new US vitamin, mineral premix facility

Glanbia Nutritionals has opened a new vitamin and mineral premix facility in Missouri, increasing its production capacity for the US market and cutting lead times for customers, said the firm.

Omega-3 milk maker turns record H1 profits

Spanish food company, Ebro Puleva, has bucked the recession by registering a record first half result, with net profits surging 25 per cent to €98 million on turnover of €1.12 billion.

Probiotics may reduce cold and 'flu symptoms for children

A daily supplement of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains may reduce the incidence of cold and 'flu-like symptoms in children by 50 per cent, says a new study from Danisco.

Danone to resubmit EU probiotic health claims

Danone, the French dairy giant, will resubmit withdrawn gut and immunity probiotic health claims to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), after receiving guidance from the European Union’s head science...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects probiotic immunity health claim

The string of probiotic health claim rejections has continued with the European Food Safety Authority rejecting another emerging science dossier for failing to demonstrate its proposed health benefit.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA opinion against four probiotic and prebiotic health claims

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected three article 13.5 probiotic and prebiotic health claims and one article 14 claim linking prebiotics with a range of benefits from immunity...

Pre-, probiotics combo may reduce food allergy: Danone study

A supplement combining a prebiotic fibre and a probiotic strain may reduce allergic responses to cow’s milk, when used in conjunction with small amounts of whey, says a new...

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