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Fonterra firm against removing permeate

New Zealand’s largest dairy cooperative is refusing to join milk producers and marquee retailers that are removing permeate from their milk brands.

Probiotics ban leads to marketing revolution

Probiotic yogurt brands and supermarket own-label equivalents are leading a revolution in marketing of these products in advance of a ban, which comes into effect in December.

EFSA beats off more Lactobacillus probiotic claims

The most researched group of probiotic strains – Lactobacillus – has been delivered yet another blow by the EU’s central science agency, which rejected digestive and vaginal health claims for...

Yakult Light probiotic drink makes US debut

Japanese probiotics pioneer Yakult has launched a light version of its fermented dairy drink in the US.

Lentils promise growth in probiotic yoghurts

Green lentils have been shown to enhance the growth beneficial bacteria in probiotic yoghurt products, and may even offer added shelf life protection, according to new research.

US academic urges Dean Foods to remove omega-3 DHA reference

A US academic has called on Dean Foods to remove a reference to research she conducted on the intake of omega-3 fatty acids from cartons of its DHA-enriched milk range.

Glanbia builds US beverage expertise to ride whey protein wave

Glanbia has acquired US beverage manufacturer and co-packer Aseptic Solutions (ASI) for $60m, and told the move would strengthen its hand in the growing whey protein segment.

Global Alliance for Probiotics takes new tack to win first EU health claim

The Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) that includes Chr Hansen, DuPont-Danisco, Yakult, Valio and Danone, is working with academics and experts with a view to producing systematic reviews of “clusters...

Probiotic cheese provides immuno-support after exercise: rat study

Researchers have found probiotic cheese may be a viable alternative to enhance the immune system and prevent infection after physical overexertion.

PepsiCo and Müller JV yogurts to enter booming US market

Müller Quaker Dairy – the joint venture between PepsiCo and German firm Müller – has set its sights on the booming US yogurt market through the launch of three products never...

Yogurt manufacturers failed to tap into prebiotic demand – analyst

Yogurt manufacturers have failed to tap into huge consumer demand for prebiotic yogurt products, an industry analyst has claimed.

Probiotics begin to flex their muscle in the sports nutrition market

The potential benefits of probiotic ingredients in sports nutrition products may extend beyond immune support, as emerging evidence suggests a potential to enhance protein utilization.

LGG probiotic may protect day care kids from respiratory illness: Study

Long term consumption of milk containing the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG strain may protect children in day care from respiratory illness, says a new study from Finland.

Probiotic health claims find an EU lifeline

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) may have rejected 100% of the probiotic health claim applications that have in recent years appeared in its inbox, leading some to suggest the...

Personal Nutrition: Vitamin B may offer blood pressure benefits to 1 in 10 people

Increased intake of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) could significantly lower blood pressure in around 10 percent of people, according to new research that links a common genetic factor with the vitamin.

Sexier mice eat probiotic yogurt: researcher hints at human implications

The co-author of a research paper that found that mice fed probiotic yogurt displayed 'mouse swagger' and better sexual performance has told that the findings were potentially relevant to...

Breast milk probiotic targets Spanish mammary inflammation

Spanish supplier Biosearch Life is targeting women suffering from mastitis with its human breast milk-derived probiotic strain previously used only in infant formula products.

Global Alliance for Probiotics: There is a “discord” between science and claims

The newly formed Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) has issued its first public statement, affirming that a complete rethink of probiotic health claim rules is required in the European Union,...

Fonterra presents probiotic and dairy lipid research in Moscow

New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra has presented what it claims is significant research showing that its proprietary probiotic strains reduce childhood disease and childhood allergy rates, while the addition of...

Functional foods offer ‘protective matrix’ for probiotic delivery, confirm researchers

A new model to evaluate probiotic survival in the gut has confirmed that many bacteria strains survive better when consumed in a functional food matrix such as fermented milks –...

Lesaffre submits probiotic ‘intestinal comfort’ health claim to EFSA

The human nutrition division of French yeast and probiotic specialist Lesaffre says a new probiotic dossier will win Europe’s first ever probiotic health claim due to the existence of, “3-4...

Danone launches new global probiotics group to “talk with lawmakers”

Danone has formed the Global Alliance for Probiotics (GAP) with other sector giants like Yakult, DuPont-Danisco and Chr Hansen as the frustrated industry seeks to win a first European Union...

News in brief

Probiotic penetration: Yakult takes a shot at Southern India

Yakult Danone India has announced that it has launched probiotic health drink Yakult onto the Southern Indian market, with the product now on sale in the city of Hyderbad.

Scientists claim high omega-3 retention rates in popular cheeses

US based researchers claim that it is possible to cater for the ‘phenomenal’ global interest in omega-3, after fortifying three popular cheese types with the fatty acids, achieving high retention...

New probiotic strains will win health claims (but not for 10-15 years): Prof

Advances in genomics and understanding the human gut microbiota will lead to the discovery of probiotic bacterial strains that will deliver biomarker-measured health benefits – but it may take 10-15...

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