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Danone to resubmit EU probiotic health claims

Danone, the French dairy giant, will resubmit withdrawn gut and immunity probiotic health claims to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), after receiving guidance from the European Union’s head science...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects probiotic immunity health claim

The string of probiotic health claim rejections has continued with the European Food Safety Authority rejecting another emerging science dossier for failing to demonstrate its proposed health benefit.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA opinion against four probiotic and prebiotic health claims

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has rejected three article 13.5 probiotic and prebiotic health claims and one article 14 claim linking prebiotics with a range of benefits from immunity...

Pre-, probiotics combo may reduce food allergy: Danone study

A supplement combining a prebiotic fibre and a probiotic strain may reduce allergic responses to cow’s milk, when used in conjunction with small amounts of whey, says a new...

YoCream makes clinically-backed probiotic frozen yogurt

Danisco and YoCream are claiming a US first with the launch of a frozen yoghurt product containing Howaru Dophilus probiotic cultures, which have been clinically researched for digestive health benefits.

EFSA says ‘no’ to probiotic health claims guidance

The European Food Safety Authority is unlikely to consider setting guidance for probiotic health claims, despite mounting pressure from industry and the scientific community stressing the need for a clear...

Probiotics to boom despite trust issues, says researcher

Brits are responding to successful marketing from the likes of Danone and Yakult and embracing digestive health products such as probiotic yoghurts and drinks, but the market has plenty of...

Americans warming to probiotics, says Datamonitor

Probiotics are picking up in the US market as consumers become more aware of their role in maintaining digestive health, says Datamonitor.

Could probiotics affect behaviour?

Increasing knowledge of how the gut and brain is opening up the possibilities for probiotics. At the 5th International Yakult Symposium in Amsterdam, Stephen Daniells met Professor John Bienenstock from...

Vitamin D linked to successful weight loss with dieting

Increased intakes of vitamin D may improve weight loss while following a calorie-restricted diet, according to new findings from the US.

Symposium details Calcium-Vitamin D fracture potential

As research continues into the role of calcium and vitamin D in maintaining bone health, a new study suggests a possible link between their combined supplementation and reduced hip fracture...

Prebiotics may boost teenage magnesium absorption

Daily supplements of prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) may enhance a teenage girl’s absorption of magnesium, according to a new study from Cargill and TNO Quality of LIfe.

Vitamin D good for brains and lungs, say new studies

Increased intakes of the sunshine vitamin may slow age-related losses in mental function, and ease breathing in asthma sufferers, according to two new studies.

Health Canada’s probiotics monograph ‘insufficient’: Expert

A recently published monograph by Health Canada is ‘insufficient’ and could lead to a ‘fooling of the consumer’ according to a leading probiotics researcher.

Swedish partnership debuts probiotic beverage

Probi, a Swedish probiotic specialist and major functional dairy, Skånemejerier, are teaming up to debut a probiotic beverage to complement a probiotic juice, ProViva, they have had on-market since 1994.

Probiotics under the microscope

In this round-table discussion, leading figures in the global probiotics industry examine the state of play in the category, and what we should expect in the coming years.

Probiotics may reduce eczema risk by 60 per cent

Daily supplements of a multi-bacterial strain food may reduce the risk of eczema by 58 per cent during the first three months of life, according to a new study from...

Dairy probiotic dominance not threatened by diversification

The probiotic dairy market is not yet under threat from developments of the use of similar strains in vegetable and soy-based functional products, though the industry is bracing for challenges...

Chr Hansen launches probiotic satiety program

Danish probiotics supplier, Chr Hansen, is investigating the satiety potential of a version of the probiotic strain, Lactobacillus casei, under a new programme called ProSat.

Danone bins EU probiotic gut health claim submissions

French dairy giant Danone has withdrawn the EU health claim applications for its market leading probiotic yoghurt products Activia and Actimel.

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Kid’s omega-3/probiotic supplement launched in Europe

Israeli firm, Anlit Ltd, has launched a children’s probiotic and omega-3 supplement in European markets after notching success with the product in Israel.

Probiotics may ease anxiety: Pilot study

Supplements of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota may ease symptoms of anxiety in people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), according to new research funded by Yakult.

‘Great potential’ of probiotic ice-cream

Ice-cream as a vehicle for delivering probiotic strains has ‘great potential’, giving a health boost without affecting the sensory profile of ice-cream, say Brazilian scientists.

Martek joins pregnancy group to promote DHA omega-3

Omega-3 supplier Martek Biosciences has teamed up with a leading US pregnancy and infant health organization to educate consumers about the importance of DHA for infant development.

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GTC Nutrition to distribute omega-3 in US and EU

Australian omega-3 supplier, Nu-Mega has appointed Colorado-based GTC Nutrition as distributor for its fatty acid powders and liquids portfolio in the Americas and Europe.

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