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Amcor rejects price fixing estimate for damages

Amcor has dismissed claims that it should pay hundreds of millions of dollars in damages over allegations it took part in a packaging price fixing cartel.

Danone improves sales on "reset" yoghurt prices

Price cuts have helped Danone recover from a dip in dairy sales at the start of the year to report a healthy increase in fourth quarter sales.

Beneo backs functional price premiums

The recession has not dented the will of consumers to pay price premiums for products that deliver digestive, bone and other benefits, according to European consumer research conducted by global...

Dairy prices shoot up from February trough

International dairy prices are up 82 per cent from the lows of February, sparking speculation about another big price spike, according to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

Chocolate flavors help cushion cocoa price impact

Synergy has released a range of chocolate flavors intended to help manufacturers sidestep the impact of volatile cocoa prices.

Locust bean gum plagued by low prices

Low prices for locust bean gum could lead to future supply issues, says a hydrocolloids expert, as present returns on pods do not make the harvest worthwhile for growers.


Food prices face a welcome perfect storm

There’s a perfect storm building for food prices. You don’t have to scan the horizon to see the signs; the clouds are developing all around us - at a faster...

Lower selling prices hit FrieslandCampina’s ingredients business

The newly merged dairy co-op Royal FrieslandCampina has reported a sharp decline in the profitability of its ingredients business, as selling prices plummet.

France to intensify supermarket milk price scrutiny - report

As protests continue around Europe from dairy farmers concerned about covering their costs in the current market, French producers appear to have succeeded in speeding up government scrutiny of supermarket...

Dairy Farmers of Britain succumbs to price pressures

A UK cooperative representing 10 per cent of the country’s supply chain has fallen victim to wider uncertainty gripping the European market after going into receivership this week.

Retailers still under pressure over milk price-role

British retailers are facing calls to increase support for the country’s dairy farming sector amidst wider European concerns about the role of stores in maintaining a profitable milk supply.

Fonterra optimistic over milk price rises

Fonterra says it has recorded a second consecutive monthly rise in the prices being paid to its member farmers for their milk, reflecting possible stabilisation in the supply chain.

Functionality belying whey commodity concerns - analyst

Demand for whey-derived functional food and drinks claiming nutritional benefits remains undimmed despite an overall fall in sales last year for the dairy commodity, says an industry analyst.

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New FAO food price database launched

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization has launched a new online tool to track food prices in 55 developing countries, as part of its food price spike response.

Report stresses price importance for Danone sales strategy

Danone’s financial outlook implies tough times may be ahead for dairy producers, with the company facing stagnant organic sales value growth despite some resurgent demand, suggest analysts.

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Fonterra issues milk price warning

Fonterra warns that current prices on the global market are not sustainable for suppliers at their current level.

Arla faces farmer wrath over new year price chop

A leading European dairy cooperative has announced it will return prices paid to its farmer members to rates similar to before surging values recorded in mid-2007, risking further wrath from...

US coop settles over 'price fixing' amidst market turmoil

A leading US dairy cooperative hopes to close the book on allegations of price fixing by agreeing a multi million-dollar settlement that it says is not an admission of guilt...

Global dairy price rises back on the horizon: Rabobank

Despite an expected recovery in the price of dairy ingredients, significant price swings are still expected, according to a new report from Rabobank.

Dairy price won’t settle soon, says Fonterra

Volatile dairy prices are likely to continue in the mid term at least, New Zealand Fonterra has warned, signaling a need for on-going margin vigilance for food makers using dairy...

EDA suggests time is right for milk price rethink

‘Significant changes’ are required in the approach of European politicians and dairy industries to milk pricing, says the head of the European Dairy Association (EDA).

Price volatility setting back lactose and whey value - report

While the availability of whey and lactose products continue to climb during 2008, price volatility has managed to hamper hikes in profitability of the segment as manufacturers hunt for cheaper...

Milk price alternative sought in EU tractor protest

A barrage of tractors have descended upon the latest meeting of EU agriculture ministers to drive home dairy farmers’ calls for what they claim are the basic conditions required to...

Scottish dairies cleared in global price fix clampdown

UK competition authority, the Office of Fair Trading, says it will not be taking action against six Scotland-based dairy companies accused of engaging in price fixing.

Dairy price wars kicking-off in UK and France

Price cuts by British supermarkets and French cheese makers may be driving dairy industries in their respective countries towards a milk war.

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