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Sealed Air in deal for Alcan packaging?

Sealed Air Corp. is close to a deal to buy the packaging arm of Alcan Inc. for between $4bn to $5bn in cash, according to Reuters News Agency.

Amcor launches monolayer plastic packaging for milk

Amcor recently announced the launch of its single layer plastic bottles, meeting demands for quality products that are also good for the environment.

Big names commit to cutting packaging, food waste

Britvic, Cadbury Schweppes, Coca-Cola, and Nestle are among the companies joining Unilever and others in signing a commitment to cut down on packaging and food waste under a UK programme.

Bioactive paper packaging under development

A new bioactive packaging paper under development is designed to detect and kill any pathogens that are present in a food product.

EU approves packaging size liberalisation

Companies will have the freedom to choose the size of packaging they use for most of their products under a new directive passed yesterday by EU member states.

Arla poised to sell packaging venture

Dairy group Arla Foods and packaging firm Constantia Packaging are looking to sell off their joint venture on the Danish market to focus on their core businesses.

Project aims to tear strips off packaging problems

The effectiveness of tear strips used in cardboard packaging is being tested as part of a new project, which aims to market the findings later this year.

New easy open seals close packaging dilemma

Two different packaging seals offer easier opening with security -- while one is designed for industrial and commercial use, the other meets increasing consumer demand, the manufacturer claims.

Nano project aims to reduce packaging waste

Danone, the French food and beverage giant, is taking part in a research project into nanotechnology that could result in stronger plastic packing that also reduces waste.

Cryovac breaths new life into cheese packaging

A new range of vacuum cheese packaging allows the curing process to continue while extending product shelf life, its manufacturer claims.

Chilled foods embrace thin-walled packaging

The use of thin-walled packaging for food products is growing in Europe, with demand in the chilled sector for the format increasing at the fastest rate, according to a new...

Tax on packaging proposal slammed by industry body

An influential industry body has hit back at a call by environmental and consumer advocacy groups to put a tax on disposable and 'hard-to-recycle' packaging.

Draft law focuses on packaging contaminants

Proposed EU legislation would define the manufacturing practices the bloc's processors would have to take in ensuring that packaging materials do not migrate into foods.

Edible packaging seen as next wave of innovation

Edible coatings based on various mixes of milk serum proteins, starch, and mesquite gum could be the basis for the next innovative wave in food packaging, says a researcher in...

Trial supports recycled plastic milk bottles in UK

Work on the UK's first factory able to recycle HDPE resin from plastic milk bottles for re-use in food packaging could start within a year, according to a government-funded recycling...

House moves to ban carbon monoxide packaging

Policy makers within the US House Committee on Agriculture are mulling over a proposal to ban carbon monoxide from meat packaging in the US, potentially ending the controversy surrounding the...

Latex used in one-third of food packaging, study finds

About one-third of the UK's food packaging has been found to contain hidden latex, leading to calls for processors to note the presence of the known allergen on their products.

Plastic recycling boosted by legislative targets

Driven by tougher waste legislation and set EU targets, the recovery of plastics in the bloc is growing steadily, according to a new report by Applied Market Information (AMI).

Online tool calculates gas mix for food packaging

An online tool is designed to help food processors select the best gas for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Liquid dairy packaging uses gas additive

A packaging method that uses a gas additive could help prolong the shelf life of liquid dairy products, its developer claims.

iCone adds twist to carton packaging

The 'iCone' is the big new idea in carton packaging from Elopak, intended to fend off competition from plastics and provide a new vehicle for premium soft drinks.

Aseptic bottle combines advantages of carton and plastic

COLOGNE, Germany: Tetra Pak yesterday launched what it claims is the world's first aseptic carton bottle, a container with a plastic transparent top.

Graham Packaging moves in with Royal Numico

In a move that brings it closer to a key customer, Graham Packaging has opened a new bottle-making plant in Zoetemeer, the Netherlands, on site with Royal Numico.

Biodegradable packaging moving into the mainstream

Corn is the operative word in packaging today, with more and more processors turning to biodegradable materials made from the crop and other plants for packing their food products.

Parliament adopts legislation deregulating packaging sizes

The European Parliament yesterday approved legislation deregulating package sizes for most pre-packed products, but excluding staple beverages and foods.

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