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Latex used in one-third of food packaging, study finds

About one-third of the UK's food packaging has been found to contain hidden latex, leading to calls for processors to note the presence of the known allergen on their products.

Plastic recycling boosted by legislative targets

Driven by tougher waste legislation and set EU targets, the recovery of plastics in the bloc is growing steadily, according to a new report by Applied Market Information (AMI).

Online tool calculates gas mix for food packaging

An online tool is designed to help food processors select the best gas for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

Liquid dairy packaging uses gas additive

A packaging method that uses a gas additive could help prolong the shelf life of liquid dairy products, its developer claims.

iCone adds twist to carton packaging

The 'iCone' is the big new idea in carton packaging from Elopak, intended to fend off competition from plastics and provide a new vehicle for premium soft drinks.

Aseptic bottle combines advantages of carton and plastic

COLOGNE, Germany: Tetra Pak yesterday launched what it claims is the world's first aseptic carton bottle, a container with a plastic transparent top.

Graham Packaging moves in with Royal Numico

In a move that brings it closer to a key customer, Graham Packaging has opened a new bottle-making plant in Zoetemeer, the Netherlands, on site with Royal Numico.

Biodegradable packaging moving into the mainstream

Corn is the operative word in packaging today, with more and more processors turning to biodegradable materials made from the crop and other plants for packing their food products.

Parliament adopts legislation deregulating packaging sizes

The European Parliament yesterday approved legislation deregulating package sizes for most pre-packed products, but excluding staple beverages and foods.

MEPs expected to pass EU packaging laws

The British pint of milk is unlikely to be at risk when the European Parliament votes on proposals to change EU packaging laws for consumer goods this week, says a...

EU experts meet to discuss problems with packaging chemical

A EU food safety committee is meeting in Brussels today to discuss the contamination of milk and other products with a chemical used by Tetra Pak in its packaging process.

Gas packaging extends Russian cheese shelf-life

Russian packager and food producer Nevskie Syry has launched a new line of cheese packaging using inert gases that it says can significantly extend products' shelf-life.

Numico and SMA Nutrition's products affected by packaging chemical

While Nestlé's chief executive continues to query the motives behind the Italian government's seizure of million of litres of its baby milk, details are emerging that infant formula from Royal...

Nestlé baby milk recall begins due to concerns over packaging ink

As Nestlé recalls two million litres of baby milk in four European countries due to a packaging problem, the company is attempting to calm consumer fears that their children were...

Rising plastic costs hit Wiseman profits

Dairy processor Robert Wiseman warned farmgate milk prices would have to fall after profits tumbled 22 per cent in the first half due to rising oil and energy costs.

Food makers hurt by packaging, energy costs

Announcements by Danone, Kraft and Cadbury indicate how much the rise of oil prices is affecting packaging and energy costs for food processors.

Graham Packaging buys Tetra Pak HDPE plants

US-based Graham Packaging is to acquire four Tetra Pak plants that make HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic bottles for nutritional beverages and value-added dairy beverages supplying markets in Belgium, Brazil, Turkey,...

Single-serve society to drive dairy packaging demand in 2005

The recent unparalleled consumer trend for dairy-based beverages and probiotic drinks, together with the emergence of a so-called single-serve society, are two factors that are continuing to buoy polyethylene terephthalate...

Arla Foods puts packaging division up for sale

Arla Foods' proposed sale of its packaging company, Danapak, reflects a growing trend within the European dairy sector of companies focussing exclusively on their core operations.

Alcan invests in growing Russian packaging market

Aluminium packaging giant Alcan is investing $55 million to build and equip two new Russian plants - a clear indication that foreign firms are beginning to take notice of the...

Virtual labelling solves dairy packaging problem

A UK company claims it has found a solution which eliminates the need for costly, adhesive labelling on dairy product packaging, Tom Armitage reports.

Alcas adopts corn-based ice cream packaging

Italian packaging firm Alcas has developed natural ice cream cups made from Dow Cargill's corn-based plastic NatureWorks PLA.

Alcan launches opaque yoghurt packaging

Alcan Packaging is supplying yoghurt manufacturer Müller with packs for the launch of the latest product in its Yogz brand portfolio.

Flexible packaging guide outlines good practice

A new study designed to help packaging firms appreciate the key factors influencing the integrity of heat processed rigid and flexible containers has been published.

Oxygen scavenging packaging cuts spoilage

A new range of oxygen absorbents promises to help dairy processors and cheese manufacturers better protect their products from spoilage.

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