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With heightened pressure to meet stricter environmental controls in manufacturing operations, the dairy industry must find ways to balance demands across the supply chain with consistent production.

Reusable pack focus requires further supply efficiency

As UK dairy processors continue to push ahead with developments in reusable packaging schemes like bagged milk, further work is required within the supply chain for wider long-term success, claims...

Green goals key to euro pack development - report

Traditional packaging development drivers such as creating brand identity, high speed filling, convenience and even protection have fallen in importance compared to environmental issues, suggests new findings.

Bioplastics show potential but some hurdles remain

New developments could help bioplastics emerge from its early infancy in the coming years, according to a report from Environmental Data Services, but some obstacles still remain.

Info-share key to new green dairy scheme

Anonymity could be a secret weapon in green dairy production through a new scheme to publish and compare the environmental outputs and emissions from processors.

Recycling logo for consumer packaging launched in UK

Major UK supermarkets have signed up to a new recycling logo for consumer packaging, aiming to present how much of the packaging can be recycled and where.

The cost and carbon savings of solar installation for food firms

Food and supplement manufacturing firms in the US are set to benefit more than ever before by installing solar panel energy systems at their facilities, as the benefits of...

Roundtable to unite green food assessment methods

The food industry’s new sustainability roundtable will seek to unify all the green assessment methods now in use and under development, says the CIAA’s environmental director, rather than developing yet...

Sustainability Roundtable to reduce green label overload

The priority of the new Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Roundtable is to reduce the confusing array of different labels and statements appearing on food packages but fostering agreement on...

EC funds energy efficiency programme for dairy

The European Commission has funded a project that provides information to dairy farmers on achieving energy efficiency – which could ultimately also bring down costs for dairy product manufacturers.

Commission says dairy may gain from sustainable commitments

While no one sector should bare the brunt of European initiatives to drive sustainable energy, the Commission suggests that the dairy industry could be one area to benefit in the...

Manure a costly option for dairy’s uncertain green future

Manure and other waste products like leftover whey are heralding a new era for powering cheese production at one US dairy, however the jury is out on the cost and...

Emmi gets steamy with new eco-commitments

European processor Emmi has become the latest dairy group to attempt to play up its environmental credentials after announcing a new scheme to make greater use of what it calls...

Future for green pack design may lie in the past

With a seemingly endless number of halls pushing greener solutions at this year’s Emballage trade show, one possible future for packaging could be in looking to the past and getting...

Additive boosts green potential of PET, says BioSmart

A new additive renders polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles biodegradable over time, particularly if they are inadvertently disposed of or littered outdoors, claims the developer.

Certificate system enables more support for sustainable palm oil

The first shipment of sustainable palm oil is set to arrive in Europe next week; but even if manufacturers do not use the oil directly they can still buy into...

Protestor wrath halts dairy land conversion

Some New Zealand-based environmental groups are getting confrontational amidst claims that the country’s dairy industry remains ‘generally very unwilling’ to take action over its potential impacts on climate change.

UK carbon scheme targets dairy gas solutions

Amidst calls to tighten monitoring of how dairy affects greenhouse gas emissions, a new UK-based scheme hopes to provide manufacturers with a means of tracking and controlling their carbon footprint.

Rethink called for in dairy greenhouse gas emissions monitoring

With dairy farming now accounting for 1.2 per cent of total global greenhouse gas emissions, more critical research is needed by European stakeholders to improve environmental sustainability, says a new report.

Enzymes enable greener value-added products, review claims

Enzyme technology can be a more economical and environmentally friendly way of converting low value agricultural produce and transgenic plants into high-value industrial products like health foods and sweeteners, says...

Carbon footprint falls highlight greener-milk success - industry

A new US study charting a 64-year fall in the carbon footprint of producing milk in the country, reflects wider global success in adopting sustainable milk production, according to one...

News briefs: Milk Link, Danone and sustainable dairy

This week, Milk Link mulls selling its Fresh dairy operations, Danone is fined over its deal for Numico, and Dairy UK highlights its focus on sustainability.

Sustainability should guide innovation, says Symrise VP

It is no longer enough for ingredients firms to look at their water and carbon footprint, says Symrise’s innovation chief, but sustainability should be a primary consideration for new...

UK dairy bid to keep regulators aware of green initiatives

A new Dairy UK booklet, aimed at informing future regulation, highlights the initiatives taking place in the dairy chain to make milk ‘greener’.

Paper bottle maker targets wider dairy eco-concerns

The manufacturer of a paperboard and plastic hybrid milk bottle says it is looking to extend the use of the product to dairies across the UK, amidst growing global pressure...

Dairy farmers commit to greenhouse gas studies

The global dairy industry is continuing to focus on reducing its perceived impact on climate change through new UK-based research initiatives into how exactly it affects the environment.

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