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DMK aims to ‘express sustainability' within corporate culture

German dairy processing giant Deutsches Milchkontor (DMK) has published its first sustainability report and says it aims to express sustainability ‘more as a part of our corporate culture’.

Special Edition: Sustainable Supply Chain

Asda exceed sustainability targets through supply chain reduction

Asda has exceeded a 10% carbon emission reduction target for 2015 through the elimination of 17 million miles from its supply chain to date, according to figures released by the UK retailer.

Special Edition: Sustainable Supply Chain

Ambitious sustainability goals are a ‘real challenge’, Arla

As part of our special edition newsletter examining supply chain sustainability, spoke to Jan Dalsgaard Johannesen, corporate environmental director at Arla Foods, about specific challenges facing the dairy sector....

Special Edition: Sustainable Supply Chain

Challenges and benefits of implementing a sustainable supply chain

The incorporation of sustainability throughout the supply chain involves constant innovation, commitment from company leadership and a realization that it is an indefinite process, said Datamonitor.

HDPE milk bottle report shows UK recycling rates up

A new report into UK High-density polyethylene (HPDE) recycling rates has revealed that milk bottle recycling rates hit a high of 76 per cent during 2010, but 20,000 tonnes of...

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Developing world dairy boom is sustainable: Fonterra chairman

Fonterra chairman Henry van der Heyden believes that the current dairy boom in China and India that has underpinned rising prices for products worldwide will continue.

New Welsh dairy reveals added-value ambition

The operators of the first dairy to be built in Wales for 75 years say they have earmarked the sales potential of added-value ingredients in addition to cow’s milk.

Dairy sector reveals greenhouse gas progress

The results of collaborative efforts across the worldwide dairy sector to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions have been revealed during the International Dairy Federation (IDF) World Dairy Summit in Italy.

IDF summit targets negative perceptions of dairy products

It is vital to counter negative public perceptions of dairy products amidst world consumers, according to the International Dairy Federation’s (IDF’s) scientific programme chair.

Exclusive interview

We didn’t raise UK recycling awareness early enough: Tetra Pak CEO

Tetra Pak president and CEO Dennis Jönsson has admitted that his company didn’t do enough to raise awareness of the recycling potential of cartons during their crucial formative years in...

‘Welsh milk’ miles dominate dairy processing report

49 per cent of milk produced within Wales is shipped to England for processing before it is returned to its country of origin for sale by retailers and wholesalers as...

Industry hails first global measurement system for packaging sustainability

New global guidelines on packaging sustainability will help companies reduce their carbon footprint while boosting efficiency and spur more effective communication between players throughout the supply chain, said Unilever’s Nigel...

Danone launches ‘green plastic’ packaging for its drinking yoghurt brand

Following the launch of Danone’s ‘green plastic’ plant-based bottle for its drinking yoghurt brand, the firm said it plans to roll out the packaging in other European countries.

Dairy industry source slams Arla for CO2 ‘greenwash’

A well-placed dairy industry source has attacked Arla for publishing what he describes as ‘greenwash’ in its 2011 report detailing progress on environmental targets.

Testing and lab work can help green the dairy industry, IDF

Testing and laboratory initiatives can significantly advance the cause of sustainability in the dairy sector, the International Dairy Federation (IDF) has concluded following an event it held last week.

Special Edition: alternatives to carbon heavy processes

Stoving eco project flounders but dairy and bakery go green

Little industry interest in scaling up alternatives to the energy intensive conventional stoving method for jellies parked a UK agency’s bid to develop a microwave based method but low carbon...

Special Edition: Alternatives to carbon heavy processes

Ardagh highlights greener processes as crucial for sustainable growth

In recent years there has been an ongoing war of words between industry players from different packaging formats over which has the lightest carbon footprint.

IDF puts the spotlight on potential of niche milks

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) is supporting research into camel, buffalo and other unusual dairy products as they slowly eat into the cow-held monopoly of the global market.

Danone leads yoghurt packaging towards bioplastics

Danone is taking a lead in the use of bioplastics for yoghurt packaging as higher volumes promise to make prices more attractive, according to European Bioplastics.

Tetra Pak publishes new environmental targets

Tetra Pak has unveiled a new set of environmental targets, including a goal to keep carbon emissions from increasing beyond 2010 levels through to 2020.

Special Edition: Food Factory Careers

Sustainability skills can give you an edge in the job market

Specific sustainability jobs may be rare in the food industry but gaining environmental expertise can give professionals an edge in an increasingly competitive job market.

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Dairy UK prepares for nutrition and sustainability conference

Dairy UK is hosting a conference next week with speakers from inside and outside the industry to explore the impact of dairy on sustainability, nutrition and the environment.

Unilever to create “green energy” at ice cream factory

Unilever is to create “green energy” at its Ben and Jerry’s ice cream factory in Holland by installing a bio-digester which converts natural waste products into gas.

Packaging lobbyist warns that green policy divisions in Europe could damage trade

European policy makers need to be aware that taking conflicting approaches on sustainability could affect the free flow of packaged goods, according to the managing director of Europen.

Rexam defends green credentials of beverage can

Talking from the Brau Beviale trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Rexam executive John Revess outlined the lobbying and marketing work needed to improve the environmental image of the beverage can.

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