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SIG relishes aseptic supply chain challenges

SIG Combibloc has outlined the challenges in attaining full supply chain sustainability of the major raw material for its Europe-made aseptic cartons and hailed the environmental and commercial benefits secured.

Sustainable packing an emerging consumer trend - study

The increasing importance of sustainable packaging as a consumer issue means companies need to constantly reassess the amount of packing they use, according to a new report.

US consumers think natural is greener than organic, says survey

American consumers believe that a ‘natural’ label claim is a better indicator of an eco-friendly product than ‘organic’, according to a new survey from advertising firm the Shelton Group.

Dispatches from IFT

Greening dairy and the 'cow of the future'

Leaders in the quest to make the dairy industry greener discuss an ambitious new plan to reduce greenhouse gases by 25 per cent, and how the industry members should collaborate...

Compostability sought in yoghurt group’s greener pot pledge

As a major organic dairy continues with attempts to slash packaging material waste from its yoghurt pots, compostability is being seen a major area for the next stage of product...

Questions and confusion as “best before” label debate intensifies

Industry experts and the UK food safety watchdog have been assessing and clarifying the implications of the government’s much-discussed announcement to overhaul the food labelling date system.

Burps and pack waste inform dairy giants’ eco-plans

Fonterra and Stonyfield Farm are this month outlining eco-commitments they claim can, or are already, improving their operational sustainability through focuses such a cutting packaging waste or cow burps respectively.

Call to shun degradable additives in food packaging

Food and beverage companies should avoid using degradable additives in PET packaging until four key questions can be answered, warns the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR).


Different shades of green: Looking beyond carbon footprints

You can try your best to avoid it, but when it comes to measuring carbon footprint, almost everything we do these days, either as a business or individuals, is likely...

Asda not pushing wider wax-free cheese rollout

One leading British retailer is defying tradition by selling Edam cheese without its trademark red wax coating or skin as part of efforts to cut down on waste and costs,...

Dairy market will find route to sustainability, Carbery chief

As the depressed dairy demand, falling commodity prices and less support from Europe take their toll, it will be down to the dairy market to find its way to sustainability,...

Machine range targets water use and whey for greener cheese

An ongoing focus on efficient water use by Tetra Pak has led to the development of more cost effective, environmentally friendly cheese production equipment, claims the manufacturer.

Greener dairy cow drive going global to aid national breakthroughs

US researchers are taking an increasingly global approach in meeting national commitments to cut down on the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by dairy farming to aid an...

Diet change may be greener option than local sourcing

As consumers seek out food with a reduced carbon footprint, some experts believe a dietary shift from red meat and dairy consumption may be more effective than turning to locally...

Consumer perception part of dairy’s cow methane battle

As stakeholders across the dairy supply chain look to put cows’ backsides at the forefront of efforts to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, researchers suggest consumer acceptance will be a...

Reusable pack focus requires further supply efficiency

As UK dairy processors continue to push ahead with developments in reusable packaging schemes like bagged milk, further work is required within the supply chain for wider long-term success, claims...

Green goals key to euro pack development - report

Traditional packaging development drivers such as creating brand identity, high speed filling, convenience and even protection have fallen in importance compared to environmental issues, suggests new findings.

Bioplastics show potential but some hurdles remain

New developments could help bioplastics emerge from its early infancy in the coming years, according to a report from Environmental Data Services, but some obstacles still remain.

Info-share key to new green dairy scheme

Anonymity could be a secret weapon in green dairy production through a new scheme to publish and compare the environmental outputs and emissions from processors.

Recycling logo for consumer packaging launched in UK

Major UK supermarkets have signed up to a new recycling logo for consumer packaging, aiming to present how much of the packaging can be recycled and where.

The cost and carbon savings of solar installation for food firms

Food and supplement manufacturing firms in the US are set to benefit more than ever before by installing solar panel energy systems at their facilities, as the benefits of...

Roundtable to unite green food assessment methods

The food industry’s new sustainability roundtable will seek to unify all the green assessment methods now in use and under development, says the CIAA’s environmental director, rather than developing yet...

Sustainability Roundtable to reduce green label overload

The priority of the new Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Roundtable is to reduce the confusing array of different labels and statements appearing on food packages but fostering agreement on...

EC funds energy efficiency programme for dairy

The European Commission has funded a project that provides information to dairy farmers on achieving energy efficiency – which could ultimately also bring down costs for dairy product manufacturers.

Commission says dairy may gain from sustainable commitments

While no one sector should bare the brunt of European initiatives to drive sustainable energy, the Commission suggests that the dairy industry could be one area to benefit in the...

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