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Safe and sustainable bio-resin eyes commercialisation

A naturally epoxised oil from Ethiopia's vernonia weed could provide food and drink processors with a safe and sustainable substitute for the resin used to line packaging.

UK food training academy gets green light

A National Skills Academy for workers in Britain's food and drink manufacturing sector will open this April, in the latest attempt to reduce a shortfall of qualified employees.

CIAA lobbies for changes to environmental, trade policies

The Confederation of Food and Drink Industries of the EU (CIAA) has outlined its strategy in lobbying EU legislators in the upcoming year on environmental policies and international trade issues.

Green tea flavonoids: Anti-browning additives for dairy?

Scientists in the US are looking into the potential of green tea polyphenols to stop the Maillard reaction in thermally processed dairy to prevent dark colours and off-flavours.

Greenhouse gas trading data points to problems

Preliminary data from the first year of the EU's greenhouse gas trading scheme has highlighted problems in the allocation of plant outputs and in the tracking of carbon dioxide (CO2)...

Low milk prices unsustainable, say producers

Milk producers have renewed their fierce criticism of low farmgate prices in Britain, as the country's competition watchdog prepares to open an in-depth probe into the market practices of top...

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No avoiding sustainable sourcing

Food companies do not yet face the ethical sourcing equation of the clothing industry, where brands from Nike to Marks & Spencer cannot afford a single claim of sweat-shop production....

Processors slow in cutting greenhouse gas, researchers say

The UK's food processing industry, which has been fingered for being slow to adopt new technologies and business practices, has teamed up with university researchers to cut carbon dioxide (CO2)...

EU's anti-GM stance is unsustainable, says study

Europe's opposition to genetically modified ingredients will significantly increase producers' costs over the next three years as it becomes ever harder to secure GM-free supplies, says a new report.

Sustainable vanilla from India reaches Danisco stocks

Diversifying supplies and managing risk for the world's most expensive, and popular, natural flavour, for the first time ingredients giant Danisco receives a batch of sustainable organic vanilla from an...

Whey-based film promises cost and environmental savings

Scientists in the US have discovered a new way of use dairy byproducts to preserve fresh foods, a discovery that could save money and lead to less packaging waste. Anthony...

Kraft Foods aims for energy and environmental efficiency

Kraft Foods has commissioned an innovative food wastewater treatment facility at a US cheese plant, which it claims will reduce waste by more than 90 per cent, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Danish dairy pumps up the environment

Danish dairy Vellev, part of the Arla Group, has improved its working environment and efficiency by installing Invensys APV's Ws+ self priming pump at its...

Green cows? Pull the udder one!

We reported yesterday on recent research carried out by scientists in Australia on genetically modified sheep capable of producing more milk than their non-GM sisters....

Enzymes support sustainability

Danish enzyme company Novozymes claimed this week that research into local crops in Brazil as a source of inexpensive and nutritious food is part of...

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