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Cow's milk and a link to what???

Hello - This research is absolutely flawed! I dare say it's so wrong it appears to be deliberately faked by a shill from the industry! Here are the real facts about how many noble prizes went where:
The United States was awarded 27 of those prizes. Japan received 6 while France received 5. The author of the letter claimed that China received zero, while China actually was awarded 4 Nobel Prizes. Sweden received only one.

Furthermore, Sweden leads the world in per capita consumption of milk, their dairy consumers also top the lists of those diagnosed with heart disease, bone disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and irritable bowls. Most studies these ailments are related to cow's milk consumption. So indeed - Improved mental and physical qualities are sourced from those who've had the sense to research their diet to see that cow's milk IS NOT intended as a "health food" for humans!

Posted by Bea Elliott
18 January 2013 | 14h29

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